Lori Jameson is one of the great granddaughters of John Jameson, the most famous Pilots Federation member ever. She is an accomplished explorer in her own right and has developed various techniques for improved automated systems. Her facility is popular with those seeking to prepare their ships for extended operations in deep space, and she makes sure they have pleasant surroundings while they await their upgrades.

— In-game description

Lori Jameson is an engineer who specialises in scanners and utilities. She offers her services to independent pilots, and can modify ship modules beyond their standard levels at her facility, Jameson Base in the Shinrarta Dezhra system. She is a member of the Jameson family and the great-granddaughter of CMDR John Jameson.

Access Requirements

Achieve Grade 3 access plus at least 1/3 progress towards Grade 4 with Marco Qwent.
Meeting Requirements
Gain a Combat rank of Dangerous or higher.
Note: Jameson Base is located in Shinrarta Dezhra, which requires a Founders World Permit to access. Most pilots will only receive a Founders World Permit after gaining a rank of Elite in Combat, Trade, or Exploration.
Unlock Requirements
Provide 25 units of Kongga Ale.
Reputation Gain
Craft modules, or sell exploration data at Jameson Base.

Modifications Offered

The following modifications to modules are available from this engineer:

Auto Field-Maintenance Unit (Grade 4)

Cargo Scanner (Grade 3)

Detailed Surface Scanner (Grade 5)

Frame Shift Wake Scanner (Grade 3)

Fuel Scoop (Grade 4)

Kill Warrant Scanner (Grade 3)

Life Support (Grade 4)

Refinery (Grade 4)

Sensors (Grade 5)

Shield Cell Bank (Grade 3)


15 JUN 3304

  • Lori Jameson, a descendant of CMDR John Jameson, publicly condemns the actions of the League of Reparation and pleads for "Nexus" to cease the attacks on the descendants of Intergalactic Naval Reserve Arm personnel. Senior Agent Tanya Ramirez confirms that Lori Jameson is cooperating with the tri-superpower taskforce's ongoing investigation.[1]



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