Not to be confused with Onion Head, Onionhead Alpha Strain, or Onionhead Beta Strain.

A genetically altered strain of the Onion Head flower, chemically changed to circumvent federal laws. This strain has been designed to survive in harsher climates, but its seeds contain the same well-known psychedelic narcotic. Federal lawmakers are working fast to legislate against this new breed.

— In-Game Description

Lucan Onion Head is a Legal Drug in the world of Elite Dangerous.

It is a rare commodity, so increases in value the further it is taken from point of purchase.

ALERT: Lucan Onion Head is illegal in most or all Federation systems.


24 JAN 3301

  • The farmers of Kappa Fornacis helped farmers in Tanmark develop Lucan Onion Head, a genetically altered strain that could grow in harsher environments, in an attempt to fill the demand after the near-destruction of the original strain of Onion Head.[1]

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  1. Lucan Onionhead Now Cultivated in the Tanmark System
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