Lycan Moon Mining is a liberal leaning Federal mining corporation. It operates in many systems.[1]


The system LHS 1573 was mined-out by Lycan and it was relegated as a dumping ground for waste materials and personnel. The authorities are very bureaucratic. LHS 1573 still has warehousing, data storage, and waste 'treatment' facilities. Little export remains other than some metals, minerals and unsanctioned free trade.[2]

Lycan briefly conducted operations in the asteroid belt of the Howard system during the 3260s. The Federation abandoned the system in 3290 and it has since suffered under short-lived regimes.[3]

Nijotec is a small system with a permanent residence of just 21,500 people. Lycan strip-mined Nijotec's formerly rich mineral deposits. Afterward Lycan abandoned its two outposts and the criminal group Nijotec Syndicate grew in the region. On February 20, 3301 President Halsey of the Federation ordered an attack on the Nijotec Syndicate to liberate the people from the criminal, self-serving states.[4] 


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