MacArthur Mining Ltd is a manufacturer based on Homeland, Beta Hydri that produces mining robots. One of its products is the DG090, an autonomous model designed to extract and process minerals from asteroids using mining lasers, fusion drills, and excavator claws.[1]

On August 10, 3304, one MacArthur Mining Ltd DG090 self-activated and escaped from its shipping container as it was being loaded onto a transport shuttle. The unit burrowed under a settlement and authorities lost track of it. MacArthur Mining Ltd Director Chen Emerson stated, "We are shocked by this incident, and an urgent inquiry is underway. The DG090 series is highly reliable and has never malfunctioned before. Our theory is that, due to human error, the unit was placed in the incorrect standby mode, and that stray signals from a nearby comms network triggered a preset program. We are supporting all efforts to locate the robot and shut it down."[1] The robot was located by sensor drones on August 15 when it surfaced in the Blue Peaks mountain range, over a hundred kilometers away, and then disabled by Federal Navy gunships. Security Chief Sara Kulkarni believed that the DG090 had been seeking mineral ores in accordance with its programming. As explained by Director Emerson, "An inspection of the robot's remains confirmed our suspicion that it had been placed in the incorrect standby mode. Its comms array was then disrupted by local signals, activating a pre-set mining program. The DG090 series is very reliable, and this unfortunate incident should not be perceived as a blemish on its excellent reputation."[2]


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