The Empire has always gone for opulence, style and quality with no expense spared. Their capital ships are not just warships, but also serve as roving embassies or giant yachts for their wealthy and powerful owners. Internally they are luxurious, at least in those parts used for entertaining, with the internal rotating ring providing comfortable artificial gravity for ambassadorial dinner parties. Guests would have little indication they were in space, let alone aboard a powerful warship.

The Art of Elite Dangerous[1]

The Majestic Class Interdictor is a battlecruiser manufactured by Gutamaya exclusively for the Empire. As a capital ship, the Majestic serves as the backbone of the Imperial Navy and the core of each of its fleets. In contrast with its Federal Navy counterpart, the Farragut Battle Cruiser, the Majestic Class prioritizes opulence over firepower, as seen in its prominent artificial gravity centrifuge which houses the crew barracks, as well as luxurious quarters and amenities for officials and guests. Nonetheless, it is still a fearsome warship that enemies of the Empire provoke at their peril.


I know there are some who would question the need for this vessel. To those individuals, I say this: just how safe do you feel? We live in an age in which even Emperors can be murdered. An age in which our enemies' faces are not known to us, and betrayal and deceit are encountered at every turn. The need for a strong, battle-ready navy has never been greater.

— Lieutenant Severin of the Imperial Navy, urging support for the construction of a new Majestic Class Interdictor[2]

The Majestic Class Interdictor is almost two kilometers long, armed with an array of 3 beam lasers and 14 dual-mounted modular interceptor railguns, and equipped with hangars capable of transporting multiple smaller Imperial ships and Gu-97 squadrons. It is equipped with a capital-class Frame Shift Drive[3] with an undisclosed jump range. The latest of the Imperial Navy's long-running line of Interdictors, the Majestic Class was introduced in the late 3200s and continues the Imperial tradition of capital ships serving as luxurious and technologically-advanced mobile embassies. The Empire is proud of its navy, and fleets accompany most colonial missions or important events.[4]

Since the outbreak of the Second Thargoid War in 3303, multiple Majestic Class Interdictors have been destroyed by Thargoid Interceptors due to the former's vulnerability to Thargoid shutdown fields. Since the anti-xeno countermeasures developed for smaller ships have proven prohibitively difficult to scale-up for capital ships, the international research and defence organisation Aegis has declared that capital ships are ineffective at protecting outposts, planets, and shipping lanes from Thargoid attacks at present. Instead, anti-Thargoid efforts have been spearheaded by militias of personal-scale craft.[5][6]

Known ships

Name Last known location Date of sighting Notes
INV Achenar's Courage Ehlanda A 4 Mar. 18, 3302
INV Achenar's Might Siksikas Nov. 4, 3302
INV Achenar's Pride Jul. 6, 3305
INV Achenar's Valour Jan. 11, 3304
INV Achenar's Will Facece Jan. 1, 3305
INV Aisling Duval Napia Jul. 29, 3304 Named for Princess Aisling Duval
INV Aisling's Hope Carthage Dec. 2, 3302 One of three vessels constructed by Lavigny's Legion to strengthen Imperial forces[7][8]
INV Anders Blaine Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-16 Named for Chancellor Anders Blaine
INV Anders Duval Ch'eng Apr. 24, 3304 Named for Emperor Anders Duval
INV Artemesia LTT 9810
INV Atticus Duval Yaqui Named for Emperor Atticus Obellan Duval
INV Boudica Sorbago Part of Senator Zemina Torval's personal fleet
INV Cleopatra Ongkuma Part of Senator Zemina Torval's personal fleet
INV Credo Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-16
INV Dreadnought Pleiades Sector AB-W b2-4 Sept. 28, 3302 Stationed above the Alien Crash Site on planet 9 A
INV Duval Itzamnets Named for the Empire's ruling dynasty, the Duval family
INV Duval's Creed
INV Duval's Decree
INV Duval's Justice Findja Dec. 30, 3302
INV Duval's Judgment Facece
INV Duval's Might Orom Djugua
INV Duval's Pride
INV Duval's Shield
INV Duval's Sight
INV Emperor's Creed Facece
INV Elizabeth Sorbago Part of Senator Zemina Torval's personal fleet
INV Emperor's Fame Facece Jan. 1, 3305
INV Emperor's Fortitude Achenar May 31, 3306
INV Emperor's Lance Fidenef Sept. 15, 3304
INV Emperor's Might Ngalinn Sept. 18, 3304
INV Emperor's Trust
INV Excalibur Yupini Jul. 16, 3305
INV Faveol 40 Ceti Named for the Faveol family, which runs the Empire-aligned organization Patron's Principles and controls the Liaedin system
INV Gábor Rénes Yupini Jul. 19, 3305
INV Glory Potriti Sept. 28, 3303
INV Goliath Ribhniugo Feb. 25, 3303
INV Hall's Memory Facece Jan. 1, 3305
INV Hall of Martyrs Facece Jan. 1, 3305 Named for the Hall of Martyrs memorial beneath the Imperial Palace on Capitol
INV Hengist Duval Neits Named for Emperor Hengist Duval
INV Imperial Freedom Eotienses Jan. 7, 3304 The flagship of Fleet Admiral Denton Patreus
INV Implacable Belobog Dec. 30, 3303
INV Invincible Huokang May 26, 3303
INV Marlin Ongkuma Part of Senator Zemina Torval's personal fleet
INV Maximillian Wrekcht Wu Guinagi May 20, 3303 Named for the privateer Maximillian Wrekcht, a retired Commander of the Fifth Imperial Fleet who died in 2913 while raiding the Andceeth system[9]
INV Replicator Mundjiga Named after CMDR Replicator_ for contributing the most resources to the CG to construct the ship
INV Shield of the Empire Wu Guinagi April 18, 3303
INV Shield of Martyrs Facece Nov. 5, 3302
INV Sid "Duster" Ashe Yupini Jul. 19, 3305
INV Succession
INV Thunderer Wu Guinagi July 12, 3303
INV Trasken Duval Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-16 Dec. 29, 3302 Named for Emperor Trasken Duval
INV Trasken Duval III Named for Emperor Trasken Duval III
INV Valiant Gliese 3371 May 30, 3304
INV Watcher Facece Jan. 1, 3305
INV Xanadu Synteini The flagship of Senator Zemina Torval
Baconneggs Arevakimos Jan. 6, 3306
LLV Charybdis Carthage Dec. 2, 3302 One of three vessels constructed by Lavigny's Legion to strengthen Imperial forces[7][8]
Orion Potriti Sept. 27, 3303 Believed captured and operated by pirates
RZS Cerberus Carthage Dec. 2, 3302 One of three vessels constructed by Lavigny's Legion to strengthen Imperial forces[7][8]
Vanguard Potriti Sept. 27, 3303 Believed captured and operated by pirates
Warrior Regulus Dec. 10, 3303 Believed captured and operated by pirates


  • David Braben describes the Majestic Class Interdictor: "Where luxury comes is where you actually got gravity. That's why this thing is spinning using the centripetal force to actually give you the sensation of gravity as you move around. This ship is huge and that round section is also huge. The point is even a low level of gravity is very comfortable, you know water settles. The contrast with the Empire is for the senior people at least on this ship they get gravity for their sleeping quarters, for where they eat and all that sort of thing."[10]
  • After destroying all of its Heat Relays it will be forced to retreat and FSD from the battlefield.
  • Capital Ships have an exclusion zone. Flying too close to a Capital Ship is considered a threat and will make you a target, even if you are friendly. The Capital Ship will often inform you when you are getting close, telling you to back off.


  • The Majestic Class Interdictor length (1904m) is nearly 6 Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carriers (337 m).[11]




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