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Finish the fight.

— Manticore's slogan

Manticore, also known as Manticore Munitions, is an Imperial manufacturer based in Cegreeth that specialises in weapons, munitions, and other equipment. Products include Class 1 and 2 Multi-cannons, Class 2, 3, and 4 Cannons, personal weaponry, dumbfire missiles, programmable limpet drones, Pharmaceutical Isolators, the Dominator Suit, and handheld plasma weapons.


Established in 2990, Manticore was for many years associated solely with ship-based technology, making a name for itself as a manufacturer of cannons, missiles, and limpets. In recent years the company widened its remit to encompass personal defence. Manticore's successful range of plasma-based weaponry has cemented its reputation for quality designs and smart leadership.


Name Type Image
Dominator Suit Suit Dominator tactical suit.png
Limpet Drone Manticore Drone.jpg
Manticore Executioner Marksman Rifle Manticore Executioner.png
Manticore Intimidator Shotgun Manticore Shotgun.png
Manticore Oppressor Assault Rifle Manticore Oppressor.png
Manticore Tormentor Pistol Manticore Tormentor.png
Pharmaceutical Isolators Material Pharmaceutical-Isolator-Space-Ship.png


  • According to the system description for Cegreeth, Manticore has another slogan: "Efficient. Deadly. Manticore." Manticore's latest slogan, "Finish the fight", was first mentioned in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey.