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This semi-automatic plasma pistol boasts high damage output, offset by high recoil and a low fire rate.

— In-Game Description

The Manticore Tormentor is a plasma pistol manufactured by Manticore.



Grade Modification Cost DPS Engineer
Mod Slots
1 N/A 12.75 0
2 1x Weapon Schematic
1x Ionised Gas
1x Manufacturing Instructions
5x Chemical Superbase
5x Microelectrode
500,000 CR
16.66 1
3 5x Weapon Schematic
5x Ionised Gas
5x Manufacturing Instructions
15x Chemical Superbase
15x Microelectrode
750,000 CR
22.1 2
4 10x Weapon Schematic
10x Ionised Gas
10x Manufacturing Instructions
25x Chemical Superbase
25x Microelectrode
1,500,000 CR
28.9 3
5 15x Weapon Schematic
15x Ionised Gas
15x Manufacturing Instructions
35x Chemical Superbase
35x Microelectrode
? CR
38.08 4


This weapon can be modified by Engineers to enhance its abilities. Pioneer Supplies may also occasionally offer this weapon with a modification pre-installed. Modifications include: