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Manufactured material models

Manufactured Materials are salvaged materials used in Engineer Blueprints.

Manufactured Material Sources

Manufactured materials can be obtained from several sources:

Ship Salvage

When you destroy a ship, it will drop components that you can collect with your cargo scoop. Some components are only available from certain types of ships:

In all cases, the highest grade materials will usually be dropped by bigger, more powerful, ships e.g. Type-9 Heavy, Anaconda, Imperial Cutter, and so on. The faction/origin of the ship does not seem to determine which manufactured resources a ship can drop, only the type and rarity; an Anaconda can drop Imperial Shielding and Core Dynamics Composites despite being a DeLacy design, for instance.

Degraded Emissions

The most common type of signal source, found almost anywhere in populated space.

Encoded Emissions

A common signal source type, found almost anywhere in populated space. Also a source of Encoded Materials.

High Grade Emissions

A signal source type found in deep space, and the only source for some Very Rare manufactured materials.

Combat Aftermath

A signal type found in Shipping Lanes and sphere of influence.

Mission Reward

Some missions offer manufactured materials as part of the mission rewards. It is difficult to predict what missions are available at starports, let alone predict what material will be provided as a reward, so it is not recommended that you rely on these. Nevertheless, they are a useful way to acquire materials when not looking for specific material types.

NOTE: Some manufactured materials are only available as mission rewards.

List of Manufactured Materials

Name Grade
Basic Conductors Very Common
Biotech Conductors Very Rare
Chemical Distillery Standard
Chemical Manipulators Rare
Chemical Processors Common
Chemical Storage Units Very Common
Compact Composites Very Common
Compound Shielding Rare
Conductive Ceramics Standard
Conductive Components Common
Conductive Polymers Rare
Configurable Components Rare
Core Dynamics Composites Very Rare
Crystal Shards Very Common
Electrochemical Arrays Standard
Exquisite Focus Crystals Very Rare
Filament Composites Common
Flawed Focus Crystals Common
Focus Crystals Standard
Galvanising Alloys Common
Grid Resistors Very Common
Heat Conduction Wiring Very Common
Heat Dispersion Plate Common
Heat Exchangers Standard
Heat Resistant Ceramics Common
Heat Vanes Rare
High Density Composites Standard
Hybrid Capacitors Common
Imperial Shielding Very Rare
Improvised Components Very Rare
Mechanical Components Standard
Mechanical Equipment Common
Mechanical Scrap Very Common
Military Grade Alloys Very Rare
Military Supercapacitors Very Rare
Pharmaceutical Isolators Very Rare
Phase Alloys Standard
Polymer Capacitors Rare
Precipitated Alloys Standard
Proprietary Composites Rare
Proto Heat Radiators Very Rare
Proto Light Alloys Rare
Proto Radiolic Alloys Very Rare
Refined Focus Crystals Rare
Salvaged Alloys Very Common
Sensor Fragment Very Rare
Shield Emitters Common
Shielding Sensors Standard
Tempered Alloys Very Common
Thargoid Carapace Common
Thargoid Energy Cell Standard
Thargoid Organic Circuitry Very Rare
Thargoid Technology Components Rare
Thermic Alloys Rare
Worn Shield Emitters Very Common