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The Marlinist Colonies are an association of eight independent colonies on the fringe of the Core Systems. The colonies were constructed by Sirius Corporation and completed on January 14, 3307. Establishing the Marlinist Colonies was proposed by Sirius Corporation CEO Li Yong-Rui on December 10, 3306, as a permanent solution to the ongoing Marlinist refugee crisis brought on by NMLA terrorism, a situation that had raised tensions between the Empire and the Federation to the boiling point. The former Imperial citizens who relocated to the colonies created a representative democracy in accordance with the republican ideals of Marlinism, and established an elected Marlinist Parliament led by a First Minister on January 21, 3307. The Marlinist Colonies' de facto capital is the Coriolis starport Stillman Hub in Concordia, the most populous of the eight systems.


Born from a crisis[]

On December 10, 3306, as the Marlinist refugee crisis worsened, Sirius Corporation decided to intervene to prevent a major conflict between the Empire and the Federation. CEO Li Yong-Rui presented a practical solution: resettle the Marlinist refugees in up to ten new colonies in unclaimed systems. Both Federal Congress and the Imperial Senate approved the plan after a period of debate, but added the caveat that any identified Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army members among the refugees had to be turned over to the Empire. Marlinist community leader Dr. Jenna Fairfax also voiced her approval of the plan, as it would end the uncertain predicament in which her people had been mired for weeks. The ten uninhabited systems targeted for the project were HIP 22550, Hyades Sector RO-P b6-6, LP 659-31, Hyades Sector LX-T c3-30, Hyades Sector SU-C a14-1, Hyades Sector RO-P b6-2, Hyades Sector VP-N b7-4, Hyades Sector AB-M b8-2, Hyades Sector YA-M b8-1, and Hyades Sector TJ-P b6-6. The success of a campaign to collect construction supplies would determine how many colonies would be built.[1]

Enough supplies were collected by the campaign's deadline on December 17 to colonize the first eight of the reserved systems. Construction of the Marlinist colonies was expected to be completed in early 3307, after which the Marlinist refugees would be transported to their new homes.[2] By December 21, the Marlinist refugees began preparing to move to the new Marlinist Colonies. The transportation logistics were to be managed by humanitarian organisation Safeguard Interstellar, which had previously supplied aid to the refugees soon after their arrival in the Federation. Marlinist community leaders Dr. Jenna Fairfax, Aaron Whyte, and Amrita Ross were selected to head a transitional parliament that would lead the colonies until democratic elections could be held.[3] A second, smaller wave of Marlinist refugees had also taken shelter in the Alliance in recent weeks, but it was unclear when the new colonies would be able to support them. The flow of Marlinists fleeing the Empire remained steady as of December 24.[4]

Building a new society[]

The Marlinist Colonies were officially completed on January 14, 3307, by which time over 800 million Marlinist refugees had already been relocated to the new settlements. Universal Cartographics was asked to delay a census of the systems' new populations while the refugees organised their new societies. As the eight Marlinist factions began democratic elections to determine their leaders, the transitional parliament declared a state of emergency due to a shortage of food stocks. Dr. Jenna Fairfax issued a request for deliveries of food commodities to Stillman Hub in HIP 22550 to build a stockpile that would feed the Marlinists until they could become self-sufficient. A larger stockpile would allow the Marlinist Colonies to offer steeper discounts on locally-produced commodities, bolstering the development of trade routes with neighboring systems. Furthermore, as the Marlinist Colonies had yet to form system defence forces, the Free Marlinists of Carinae faction issued bounties on all criminal and anti-Marlinist ships in the area. To encourage support from independent pilots, the Marlinist factions promoted a special Point Defence Turret with lightweight and focused modifications as a reward for the top 75% participants in either campaign.[5]

The election period concluded on January 21, the same day as the end of the request for aid. The transitional parliament was replaced by a formally-elected Marlinist Parliament, and Dr. Jenna Fairfax won a majority vote to become First Minister of the Marlinist Colonies. First Minister Fairfax promptly offered participating pilots their rewards and enacted a 20% discount on commodities for a two-week period beginning on January 22 to start stimulating trade. In a public address, Fairfax congratulated the Marlinists on creating a functioning republican society and thanked pilots for their assistance.[6]

The Galactic Summit and Nine Martyrs[]

The Marlinist Colonies announced on February 12 that they would send a delegation to attend the Galactic Summit. The members of the delegation would include First Minister Jenna Fairfax and Minister Aaron Whyte, who hoped to engage with the Empire diplomatically and establish ties with other governments during the conference.[7] On February 26, the first full day of the Galactic Summit at Patterson Enterprise in Sirius, the Marlinist delegation was openly snubbed by Imperial Senator Denton Patreus, but received more cordially by Federal Shadow President Felicia Winters and her guest, Jasmina Halsey.[8]

First Minister Fairfax invited Princess Aisling Duval to a private ceremony on March 3 to honour the princess's late father, Prince Harold Duval, who had been assassinated by the Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army in September 3306. Fairfax formally apologised for Prince Harold's death and condemned the NMLA's actions. The gesture was accepted by Princess Aisling, but it was too early to tell if it would pave the way for reconciliation between the Marlinist Colonies and the Empire.[9]

On March 9, the Marlinist delegation committed to signing the proposed Sirius Treaty, which would increase international cooperation against the Thargoids and greatly expand the remit of the xenological research organisation Aegis.[10] Before the treaty could be finalised, the NMLA launched a coordinated attack on starports in nine major systems on March 11. The Galactic Summit was cancelled over fears that Patterson Enterprise would be the NMLA's next target, and the Marlinist delegation returned home. The Marlinist Parliament issued an official statement that it had no connection to the attacks would cooperate fully with security and emergency services.[11] The Marlinist Colonies repeated this message on March 12, as followers of Marlinism experienced a sharp rise in criticism from the public over the attacks.[12]

In response to suggestions from various political and military leaders that the Marlinist Colonies be occupied or destroyed in retaliation for the Nine Martyrs attacks, despite the continuing lack of evidence that the NMLA had any direct connection to the NMLA, First Minister Fairfax announced on March 23 that a team from the Marlinist Constabulary led by Captain Milo Castile would be joining the Affiliated Counter-Terrorism unit (ACT), which had been formed by the three superpowers to investigate the NMLA.[13]

As pressure mounted on the Empire to take the lead on eradicating the NMLA due to the terrorist group's Imperial origin, Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval instructed Chancellor Anders Blaine to present a range of solutions on March 29. Senator Lorcan Scordato volunteered to travel to the Marlinist Colonies on a fact-finding mission to learn more about Neo-Marlinist sympathisers. Scordato's suggestion appeared to be a departure from prevailing public opinion, which overwhelmingly favoured launching a military strike on the Marlinist Colonies over a diplomatic mission according to an Eye on Achenar poll.[14] Nonetheless, Senator Scordato began his tour of the Marlinist Colonies and submitted a preliminary report on April 9, observing that the Marlinists were well-organised, retained their Imperial culture, and mostly opposed to the NMLA, but were homesick and facing power grabs from neighboring systems. The senator concluded that the Marlinists were unlikely to be a threat to the Empire.[15]

The Mudhrid debate[]

The Marlinist Colonies declined to officially recognise the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid when the latter renamed itself from the Order of Mudhrid and became the first faction to openly adopt Neo-Marlinism on April 1, 3307. An ACT investigation had found that the Order had provided logistical support to the NMLA in the Mudhrid system to help it carry out Nine Martyrs, and the Order's leader, Landgrave Arastin Delacroix, declared a revolution against the Imperial Family after being exposed, in turn provoking a military response from the Empire. Minister Aaron Whyte implied that the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid might have been accepted by the Marlinist community had it chosen to act as a peaceful political platform for Neo-Marlinists rather than resort to violent extremism.[16]

Following the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid's defeat by the Empire, Landgrave Delacroix and what remained of his faction fled to the Marlinist Colony of Hyades Sector RO-P b6-2 to request asylum on April 16. The system was controlled by the Marlinism Reformation Party, of which Minister Whyte was the elected leader, and Whyte appeared inclined to grant the request when he pointed out that not all members of the Order were NMLA activists and the Marlinist Colonies had the right to offer sanctuary. The Empire, Federation, and Alliance demanded that Delacroix and his supporters be apprehended, but could not legally compel the Marlinist Colonies to do so. The Marlinist Parliament declared a state of emergency and opened a debate on the matter, with First Minister Fairfax seeking to discuss options while Ministers Amrita Ross and Tamsin Taylor urged cooperation with the Empire.[17]

The powderkeg situation was settled peacefully on April 20 thanks to Senator Lorcan Scordato, who negotiated an agreement between the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid and the Marlinist Parliament that also placated the superpowers. In exchange for identifying the NMLA's senior leadership to ACT, the Landgrave and his inner circle would receive a sentence of life imprisonment at a local detention facility for their role in Nine Martyrs, while the remaining members of the Order would be allowed to apply for citizenship in the Marlinist Colonies after submitting to a screening by the Marlinist Constabulary to weed out extremists. Minister Whyte thanked Senator Scordato for his help.[18]

Diplomacy and devastation[]

Whyte's decision to grant asylum to Neo-Marlinists proved unpopular among the residents of Hyades Sector RO-P b6-2, and by June 7 the Marlinism Reformation Party had been voted out of power there and replaced by the Exiled Marlinist Assembly of Baltah'Sine, led by Minister Octavia Volkov, who supported keeping the Marlinist Colonies an independent democracy and repelling the foreign factions that had gained control of three Marlinist systems. Also on June 7, Whyte controversially announced to the Marlinist Parliament that his faction would provide a political platform for Neo-Marlinists. Although Whyte believed that Neo-Marlinism could be reformed to give up violence and peacefully advocate for democratic reforms in the Empire, international observers expressed concern that the Marlinism Reformation Party could turn into the political wing of the NMLA.[19]

These concerns were proven true on June 22, when Minister Whyte unveiled a peace proposal from the NMLA, which had reached out to the Marlinism Reformation Party and sought to use it as an intermediary. The NMLA offered to cease its terror attacks and even deliver reparations to the families of its victims, and requested in return that it be granted permanent representation in the Imperial Senate. The proposal caused an uproar, with Minister Volkov condemning Whyte for entertaining it and First Minister Fairfax formally asking the Marlinism Reformation Party to cease all negotiations with the NMLA.[20] Amid this tension, Senator Lorcan Scordato returned to the Empire on June 28 and argued before the Imperial Senate that official diplomatic relations be established with the Marlinist Colonies. Scordato framed the NMLA's relationship with the Marlinism Reformation Party and Minister Whyte as a possible diplomatic foundation for bringing an end to the terrorist group's attacks. While Scordato's plan was dismissed by numerous senators including Denton Patreus, it was reported by several newsfeeds that the Alliance and Federation were already debating similar measures. First Minister Fairfax reiterated her calls for the Marlinism Reformation Party to sever ties with the NMLA, but also announced plans to create a diplomatic corps that would take on ambassadorial duties for the Marlinist Colonies.[21]

On July 5, the NMLA solidified its ties with the Marlinism Reformation Party and endorsed Minister Whyte as its political representative, but emphasized that its goals of implementing democratic elections in the Empire and removing the Imperial Family from power remained unchanged. The Marlin Standard, the Marlinist Colonies' main newsfeed, reported that the NMLA's move to use the Marlinist Parliament as its platform had divided Marlinist society and caused widespread unrest, stoking concerns about the possibility of a civil war between pro-NMLA and anti-NMLA factions.[22]

The establishment of the Marlinist Consulate, the Marlinist Colonies' official diplomatic body, was announced on July 13. As the prime consul of the department was an elected position, several candidates announced they were running, foremost among them being Verity Dexter of the Marlinism Reformation Party and Kayode Tau of the Free Marlinist Movement. Dexter was openly in favor of representing the Neo-Marlinist fringe, despite criticism that she would be legitimising the NMLA, and even had the support of Senator Scordato, who promised to grant her the Imperial rank of patron if she won and thus allow Marlinists to finally obtain a voice in the Imperial Senate. Tau was directly opposed to Dexter's stances and advocated keeping the Marlinist Colonies independent, but had no Imperial backers. The upcoming election widened rifts in Marlinist society. First Minister Fairfax again demanded Minister Whyte cut ties with the NMLA and cooperate with ACT, but Whyte retorted that his diplomatic breakthroughs and Dexter's victory would soon render ACT redundant.[23] The election period for prime consul began on July 15. Both candidates requested deliveries of data to their respective headquarters, Stillman Hub in HIP 22550 for Dexter and Tilman Point in Hyades Sector RO-P b6-6 for Tau, to support their campaigns.[24] On July 22, Kayode Tau was named the winner of the election, drawing protests from Minister Whyte, who labeled the outcome a potentially provocative act that might enflame further violence from the NMLA.[25]

The NMLA retaliated for Dexter's rejection at the polls by bombing Stillman Hub in HIP 22550 and Tilman Point in Hyades Sector RO-P b6-6 on July 29, 3307. In a propaganda broadcast, Theta Seven, the NMLA's de facto leader, labeled the citizens of the Marlinist Colonies traitors to the cause of restoring the Republic of Achenar. Tens of thousands were killed in the bombings, and First Minister Jenna Fairfax was believed, but not confirmed, to be among the fatalities. Prime Consul Kayode Tau issued an urgent plea to the galactic community for humanitarian aid.[26]

Civil war[]

On August 2, 3307, it was announced that the civilian death toll from the attacks had surpassed 35,000. First Minister Fairfax's death was officially confirmed. Minister Amrita Ross temporarily assumed Fairfax's duties, but the Marlinist Parliament had devolved into squabbling over who was to blame for the bombings. The Marlinist Constabulary tightened security and was assisted by ACT in the investigation into the attacks, which Captain Milo Castile stated had been carried out with assistance from pro-NMLA Marlinist citizens. Prime Consul Tau coordinated relief efforts with the Alliance and Federation, but the Empire appeared reluctant to get involved as opinion there was divided between those who sympathised with the Marlinists' suffering and those who felt the tragedy was a natural consequence of Marlinism giving rise to the NMLA.[27] Order deteriorated by August 9, as mass panic was stoked by fears of another attack, and Marlinist citizens targeted known Neo-Marlinists with violence. Minister Whyte stated in Parliament that the Marlinist Colonies had brought the NMLA's wrath on themselves by rejecting Verity Dexter at the polls, causing a disgusted Minister Volkov to call for his arrest as "an accessory to mass murder".[28]

Despite Acting First Minister Ross's best efforts, the rhetoric escalated into a full-blown civil war on August 12, when Minister Volkov's Exiled Marlinist Assembly of Baltah'Sine faction declared war against the Marlinism Reformation Party, which Volkov accused of being directly responsible for the NMLA's actions. Whyte took refuge aboard his private vessel and called for assistance against Volkov's forces in the Hyades Sector RO-P b6-2 system. The Marlinism Reformation Party commandeered the Steel Majesty megaship as its military headquarters, while the Exiled Marlinist Assembly of Baltah'Sine deployed its own megaship, Freedom's Voice, to the system as its forward operating base. The three superpowers informed the Marlinist Consulate that they would not interfere in the conflict and viewed it as an internal matter.[29]

The war ended on August 19, when Minister Volkov announced in Parliament that her faction was victorious. The Marlinism Reformation Party's entire leadership was arrested and replaced with moderates; it was also reported that Minister Aaron Whyte was among those who had been killed during the fighting. With Neo-Marlinism effectively excised from the Marlinist Colonies, Prime Consul Kayode Tau informed the superpowers that his people were resolved to help them defeat the NMLA. Furthermore, ACT opened an investigation into the Marlinism Reformation Party's connections to the NMLA's Theta Group and the Marlinist starport bombings. The political climate in the Marlinist Colonies stabilised, giving Acting First Minister Ross the opportunity to call a snap election to decide on a long-term replacement for the late Dr. Fairfax.[30] Minister Volkov, buoyed by her decisive actions against Whyte, won the election in a landslide on August 27, and vowed to lead the Marlinist Colonies on a path of independence with the eventual goal of building a full-fledged Marlinist Republic. It was also reported that Marlinist factions had regained control of all eight of their original systems and even expanded to others nearby, and the Federal Diplomatic Corps and Alliance Office of Diplomatic Relations had both established formal channels with the Marlinist Consulate. The Empire recognised the Marlinist Consulate, but refrained from thawing relations further, although Princess Aisling Duval notably attended the funeral for Dr. Jenna Fairfax virtually.[31]

Meanwhile, the Marlinism Reformation Party under its new leader, Minister Jean-Christophe Lyon, proceeded to give its full cooperation to ACT, and on September 6, Captain Milo Castile reported that ACT had arrested thousands of Marlinist citizens with ties to the NMLA, and also obtained intelligence on multiple hidden NMLA assets. The investigation confirmed that Theta Seven had personally directed the Marlinist starport bombings, but he and the rest of Theta Group remained at large. ACT noted that the outcome of the Marlinist civil war and the prime consul election had significantly weakened and isolated the NMLA.[32]

Stranded brethren in the Alliance[]

On October 26, 3307, Prime Consul Tau met with Alliance Ambassador Elijah Beck to discuss the fate of over a million Marlinist refugees who still resided in Alliance space and faced ongoing hardships due to their uncertain status. The issue had come to a head since many of the refugees were considered illegal immigrants in certain Alliance systems, and were threatened with possible repatriation to the Empire. Tau hoped to arrange for the refugees to be safely transported to the Marlinist Colonies. The Imperial Diplomatic Corps refused to participate in the meeting.[33]

The Steel Majesty crisis[]

In November 3307, ACT captured almost all of the NMLA's Theta Group bombmakers and began to close in on Theta Seven, who had been hiding among the Far God cult since July 31. This apparently prompted surviving Neo-Marlinist groups to take a final stand. On November 17, a coalition assembled from former members of the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid, hardliner members of the Marlinism Reformation Party who were loyal to the late Aaron Whyte, and a majority of the NMLA's remaining fighters assaulted and breached the Steel Majesty megaship in Hyades Sector RO-P b6-2. The Marlinist Constabulary succeeded in evacuating only half of the megaship's civilian personnel before the Neo-Marlinists seized operational control, and was powerless to free the rest. ACT requested additional support from all security services to manage the crisis.[34] The Steel Majesty was relocated to the Mudhrid system on November 19, where the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid and its new leader, Margrave Corentin Delacroix, officially reclaimed the vessel. The Margrave threatened to kill the hundreds of hostage crewmembers if the Steel Majesty was ever boarded or attacked. ACT voiced concern about the NMLA renewing its terrorism campaign should the Steel Majesty reach Theta Seven.[35]

The following month, after the Empire had defeated the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid for the second time and taken possession of the Steel Majesty, the Marlinist Colonies negotiated the return of the megaship. On December 16, 3307, the vessel arrived in HIP 22550, was turned over to the Free Marlinists of Carinae, and received a new name: Fairfax Vision, in honour of the late Dr. Jenna Fairfax. In a statement to the Marlin Standard, First Minister Octavia Volkov proclaimed that the Fairfax Vision would represent the Marlinist Colonies' diplomatic interests abroad.[36]


Marlinist Charter[]

The Marlinist Charter is presumably the constitution of the Marlinist Colonies. Aside from likely outlining the structure of the Marlinist Colonies' democratic government, the Charter also codifies the colonies' right to consider asylum for non-citizens who request it, and prohibits any military conflicts between signatory factions.[17][29]

Marlinist Parliament[]

The Marlinist Colonies are governed by a democratically-elected Marlinist Parliament. At the head of this Parliament is the First Minister, who serves as both head of government and head of state.[6] Currently, the position of First Minister is held by Octavia Volkov of the Exiled Marlinist Assembly of Baltah'Sine, who succeeded the late Dr. Jenna Fairfax.[31] Beneath the First Minister are a series of other ministers who are the elected leaders of the eight Marlinist factions and represent them in Parliament.[5][7][17]

Known members of the Marlinist Parliament include:

  • Former
    • First Minister Jenna Fairfax of the Free Marlinists of Carinae (deceased)
    • Minister Aaron Whyte of the Marlinism Reformation Party (deceased)

The Parliament is small but efficient, and allows a spectrum of viewpoints to be represented. It was observed that Fairfax was focused on cohesion and survival, Ross believed that the Marlinists could and should eventually reintegrate with the Empire, Whyte considered Neo-Marlinism a valid political movement and voice of democratic reform if it could set aside violence, and Volkov wanted to maintain the Marlinist Colonies as an independent democracy rather than work to change the Empire.[15][19]

Marlinist Constabulary[]

The Marlinist Constabulary is the primary security force for the Marlinist Colonies. One constable is Captain Milo Castile, who was seconded to the Affiliated Counter-Terrorism unit (ACT).[13]

Marlinist Consulate[]

The Marlinist Consulate is the diplomatic body of the Marlinist Colonies. It consists of a number of consuls who are led by a prime consul, which is an elected position. The prime consul serves as the official Marlinist representative to the Federation, Empire, and Alliance, and has the authority to establish foreign embassies and make major diplomatic decisions. The current prime consul is Kayode Tau of the Free Marlinist Movement, the first person elected to the office.[23][24][25]

List of colonies[]

System Allegiance Stations and Surface Ports
Concordia (HIP 22550) Independent Elwood's Vision
Fairfax Vision
Stillman Hub
Bedrock (Hyades Sector AB-M b8-2) Independent Yano's Prospect
Beatis Secundus (Hyades Sector LX-T c3-30) Independent Ackwada Monument
Burkin's Reach
Valdes' Pride
Aventine (Hyades Sector RO-P b6-2) Independent Freedom's Voice
Fremont Colony
New Chana (Hyades Sector RO-P b6-6) Independent Kippax Foundation
Tilman Point
Haven (Hyades Sector SU-C a14-1) Independent Coblentz Orbital
Fairfax Legacy
Hartog Settlement
Eudora (Hyades Sector VP-N b7-4) Independent Ballard's Destiny
San Baltah'Sine (LP 659-31) Independent Reed Colony

Minor Factions[]

The following minor factions are unique to the Marlinist Colonies, and were each formed principally by Marlinist refugees from eight Imperial systems:

Minor Faction Home System Origin System Allegiance Government
Beatis Collective of Marlinists Beatis Secundus Beatis Independent Patronage
Exiled Marlinist Assembly of Baltah'Sine San Baltah'Sine Baltah'Sine Independent Patronage
Free Marlinist Movement Eudora HIP 39470 Independent Patronage
Free Marlinists of Carinae Concordia 234 G. Carinae Independent Patronage
Liberated Mazahuanese Marlinist League Bedrock Mazahuanses Independent Patronage
Marlinism Reformation Party Aventine CD-39 3269 Independent Patronage
Marlinist Society of Nahuatl Haven Nahuatl Independent Patronage
Marlinists of New Chana New Chana Chana Independent Patronage


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