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The Marlinist refugee crisis of 3306 was a period during which Imperial citizens who advocated Marlinism, a political ideology named after Marlin Duval that supported peacefully reforming the Empire from a monarchy into a democracy to restore the Republic of Achenar, sought sanctuary in the Federation and some independent systems to avoid persecution. The crisis was brought about by the Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army, a terrorist group that adhered to a radical offshoot of Marlinism that encouraged violence against the Imperial Family and other monarchist institutions to achieve its goals. On September 10, 3306, the NMLA bombed four Imperial starports, and followed this with the assassination of Prince Harold Duval four days later. In response, the Imperial Internal Security Service and Imperial Navy launched a major crackdown operation and began mass arrests of Marlinists throughout the Empire on suspicion of supporting terrorism.

Millions of Marlinists fled their homes in a matter of weeks to avoid being arrested, with most arriving in Federal systems aboard megaships; a second wave numbering in the tens of thousands eventually reached the Alliance. When Federal Congress voted to grant the Marlinist refugees temporary asylum, it set off a significant diplomatic row between the Federation and the Empire, as the latter insisted on the immediate return of all Marlinists for interrogation in order to root out NMLA members. As tensions mounted, both sides severed a number of diplomatic channels, began bolstering their military strength, and withdrew funding from the international anti-Thargoid research group Aegis. Open warfare appeared to have been averted in December 3306, when Sirius Corporation CEO Li Yong-Rui suggested resettling the Marlinists in new, independent colonies in unclaimed systems a compromise which Federal Congress and the Imperial Senate approved. The Marlinist Colonies were completed and elected their first government in January 3307.


Imperial crackdown on Marlinists

On September 28, 3306, the Duduseklis Empire League in Ackwada, the Beatis Citizens' Forum in Beatis, the Hrymonada Imperial Society in Chana, and the Nahuatl Guardians of Tradition in Nahuatl all confirmed that they had adopted the Marlinist philosophy in the wake of the September 10 starport bombings and the assassination of Prince Harold Duval carried out by the Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army (NMLA). While these four minor factions took care to condemn the NMLA and clarify they opposed violence, they also asserted that their constituents were reasonably demanding that the Empire adopt democratic representation.[1] In response, on September 30, Senator Denton Patreus deployed the Imperial Navy to all four systems and implemented martial law to quash NMLA sympathisers.[2] An Imperial blockade was established in Ackwada on October 14, resulting in the detainment of thousands of Marlinist supporters whom the Imperial Internal Security Service believed had been radicalized by the NMLA. Ackwada's controlling faction, the Dudeseklis Empire League, attempted to evacuate thousands of Marlinist political refugees using ten megaships, but these were captured and boarded. Only smaller vessels managed to slip through the Empire's cordon.[3][4]

By October 16, 3306, Vox Galactica reported that millions of Marlinists had fled their home systems en masse to avoid being arrested by the Imperial Navy. A number of ships carrying Marlinists were believed to have reached Federation space. Meanwhile, the Imperial Navy imposed additional lockdowns on five other Marlinist systems: 234 G. Carinae, Baltah'Sine, CD-39 3269, HIP 39470, and Mazahuanses. Amid outcry from Marlinist leaders and concerns being raised in the Imperial Senate that Imperial citizens were being mistreated, Denton Patreus declared that the security of the Empire came first and Neo-Marlinism would be eradicated.[5] By October 20, hundreds of thousands of refugees had arrived in the Federal systems of Charunder, Ennead, HIP 36081, LTT 1935, LTT 3607, and Thetis. Imperial Ambassador Imogen Luciana formally demanded on the Empire's behalf that the Federation immediately extradite all Marlinists, but this was rebuffed by Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester, who pointed out that there was no extradition treaty for unconvicted individuals between the two superpowers and the refugees had requested asylum, a request that Rochester had asked Federal Congress to grant. Despite no reports of Marlinists traveling to the Alliance, Prime Minister Edmund Mahon announced that they would be welcomed, and a number of independent systems also pledged to offer aid.[6] Independent pilots confirmed sightings of six Bulk Cruisers bearing Marlinist refugees from Imperial systems under lockdown:

  • Freedom's Chance in LTT 1935, carrying refugees from Beatis and Nahuatl
  • Future Dreams in Thetis, carrying refugees from Beatis, CD-39 3269, and Chana
  • Hope's Santuary in HIP 36081, carrying refugees from CD-39 3269 and HIP 39470
  • Liberty's Horizon in Charunder, carrying refugees from 234 G. Carinae and Mazahuanses
  • Spirit of Solidarity in LTT 3607, carrying refugees from 234 G. Carinae, Baltah'Sine, and Mazahuanses
  • Wings of Peace in Ennead, carrying refugees from Baltah'Sine and Mazahuanses

The humanitarian aid organisation Safeguard Interstellar started a campaign to collect supplies for the Marlinist refugees in the six Federal systems on October 22, 3306, in response to the authorities in those systems warning that the influx of people would strain their infrastructure and could lead to unrest and shortages.[7] The campaign received a strong response, securing enough supplies to meet the needs of Marlinist populations in LTT 3607, Charunder, and Ennead until the support promised by Federal Congress arrived.[8]

Federal Congress approved a proposal from Shadow President Felicia Winters to grant safe haven and temporary citizenship to the Marlinist refugees in Federal space on October 26. The proposal overrode President Zachary Hudson's stated intention to deport the Marlinists back to the Empire, demonstrating how Hudson's authority had recently been undermined by his refusal to comment on the arrest of his friend, former Fleet Admiral Lucas Vincent, for the latter's alleged role in the destruction of Starship One.[9]

International standoff

Imperial Ambassador Imogen Luciana repeated her demand that the Federation relinquish any Marlinist immigrants on October 30, 3306. Tensions between the Empire and the Federation had escalated significantly, with reports emerging that both sides had cut off a number of diplomatic channels. Luciana was roundly rejected by Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester, who dismissed Luciana's concern that the NMLA could potentially strike within the Federation as a poor cover for an apparent purge of supporters of democracy. Some commentators put forward the possibility that the Empire could go to war with the Federation under the pretext that the Federation had conducted a mass kidnapping of Imperial citizens.[10] On November 3, 3306, the Empire revealed that an investigation of the NMLA's bomb-making facility had produced evidence that the NMLA was operating a second facility in a Federal system. Ambassador Luciana warned that there would be dire consequences if the Federation was found to be supporting the NMLA to destabilize the Empire, while Ambassador Rochester dismissed this as posturing from the Empire to hide its inability to eliminate the NMLA.[11]

A flashpoint emerged in the LTT 1935 system, one of the locations where Marlinist refugees had taken up residence. On November 5, the Imperial Internal Security Service investigation into the NMLA led them to LTT 1935, a Federal system in neutral space, where they believed the NMLA had multiple concealed bomb-making facilities. Upon entering LTT 1935, the IISS summoned military reinforcements from the Empire-aligned L.Y.S Corp and was met with armed resistance from the Federal controlling faction, the LTT 1935 Confederacy, igniting a battle over control of the system. Both sides enlisted the aid of independent pilots and offered Federal and Imperial Navy rank promotions as additional rewards.[12] The conflict ended on November 12, with the LTT 1935 Confederacy securing a decisive victory and preventing an Imperial occupation.[13]

The Federal Times reported on November 6, 3306 that worsening tensions between the Federation and the Empire had led to more diplomatic channels being severed, and it was possible the LTT 1935 skirmish could be precursor to all-out war. It was also observed that while the Marlinists' democratic principles aligned with the Federation's own, and Shadow President Winters' efforts in Congress had undoubtedly saved many refugees' lives, whether or not Federal citizens would accept Imperial outcasts after centuries of feuding between the two superpowers remained a looming issue.[14]

The Kepler Orbital bombing

Federal Vice President Brad Mitchell appeared before Congress on November 18, 3306 to report that a Federal Security Service screening operation he had initiated had identified nine NMLA members hiding among Marlinist refugees in Federal space. The suspected terrorists were detained for questioning prior to being turned over to Imperial authorities. Mitchell criticized the Liberal Party over the incident, claiming that their rush to welcome Marlinists into the Federation had endangered Federal citizens. Marlinist community leader Dr. Jenna Fairfax expressed her dismay at the discovery of NMLA infiltrators, reiterating that they did not represent Marlinism and affirming that her fellow Marlinists were more than happy to cooperate in removing them. Meanwhile, protests and counter-protests broke out on several Federal worlds over the Marlinist refugee issue.[15]

The arrest of the NMLA members had unintended consequences. The Federal starport Kepler Orbital in the Atropos system was bombed on November 19 with explosives that bore the hallmarks of the Liz Ryder design, including Thargoid enzyme payloads. The blasts completely destroyed the secure facilities on the starport where the nine NMLA members had been imprisoned. The NMLA took credit for the attack, calling the nine "martyrs" and threatening the Federation to stay out of its affairs. It was assumed that the purpose of the attack was to silence the prisoners before they could be interrogated.[16] Political fallout from the attack became evident the next day, as Imperial Ambassador Imogen Luciana reissued the Empire's demand for the Marlinist refugees, and the Federation closed several embassies in Imperial systems in response to violent anti-Marlinist protests threatening the lives of their staff. Vice President Mitchell laid the blame for the attack squarely on Shadow President Felicia Winters for granting the Marlinists sanctuary, and there were signs that Winters' recent upswing in influence had taken a hit.[17]

By November 27, relations between the Federation and the Empire had reached their lowest point since the proxy conflict for control of Meta-Alloys in the Pleiades Nebula. Both superpowers pushed through increases to military funding. President Zachary Hudson recaptured much of the support he had lost the previous month by reasserting his role as the Federation's strongman, while Senator Denton Patreus ordered the withdrawal of Imperial funding from Aegis to refocus the Empire's resources on countering the Federation and the NMLA. Commentators noted that the NMLA's attempt to ignite revolutionary change in the Empire had produced unforeseen consequences.[18]

Federal Congress found itself deadlocked on December 8 as President Hudson and Shadow President Winters clashed over whether or not to grant the Marlinist refugees permanent citizenship. Meanwhile, the Federal Security Service reported that Marlinists had come forward of their own accord to expose NMLA members hiding in their midst, and the risk that the Marlinist population would commit terrorist attacks was reevaluated as low.[19]

Advent of the Marlinist Colonies

On December 10, 3306, as the Marlinist refugee crisis worsened, Sirius Corporation decided to intervene to prevent a major conflict between the superpowers. CEO Li Yong-Rui presented a practical solution: resettle the Marlinist refugees in up to ten new colonies in unclaimed systems. Both Federal Congress and the Imperial Senate approved the plan after a period of debate, but added the caveat that any identified NMLA members among the refugees had to be turned over to the Empire. Marlinist community leader Dr. Jenna Fairfax also voiced her approval of the plan, as it would end the uncertain predicament in which her people had been mired for weeks. The ten uninhabited systems targeted for the project were HIP 22550, Hyades Sector RO-P b6-6, LP 659-31, Hyades Sector LX-T c3-30, Hyades Sector SU-C a14-1, Hyades Sector RO-P b6-2, Hyades Sector VP-N b7-4, Hyades Sector AB-M b8-2, Hyades Sector YA-M b8-1, and Hyades Sector TJ-P b6-6. The success of a campaign to collect construction supplies would determine how many colonies would be built.[20]

Enough supplies were collected by the campaign's deadline on December 17 to colonize the first eight of the proposed systems. Construction of the Marlinist Colonies was expected to be completed in early 3307, after which the Marlinist refugees would be transported to their new homes. Marlinist community leader Aaron Whyte expressed his gratitude, but also remarked that the Marlinists' distant goal of peacefully reforming the Empire into a democracy remained unchanged.[21] By December 21, the Marlinist refugees began preparing to move to the new Marlinist Colonies. The transportation logistics were to be managed by humanitarian organisation Safeguard Interstellar. Dr. Jenna Fairfax and fellow Marlinist community leaders Aaron Whyte and Amrita Ross were selected to head a transitional parliament that would lead the colonies until democratic elections could be held. Relations between the Empire and the Federation also appeared to be on the mend, as the Federal Security Service was cooperating with Imperial Internal Security Service to turn over captured NMLA members, resulting in the shut down of multiple NMLA cells in Imperial space.[22]

The Marlinist Colonies were officially completed on January 14, 3307, by which time over 800 million Marlinist refugees had already been relocated to the new settlements. As the eight Marlinist factions began democratic elections to determine their leaders, the transitional parliament declared a state of emergency due to a shortage of food stocks, and Dr. Jenna Fairfax issued a request for deliveries of food commodities to Stillman Hub in HIP 22550. Furthermore, as the Marlinist Colonies had yet to form system defence forces, the Free Marlinists of Carinae faction issued bounties on all criminal and anti-Marlinist ships in the area.[23] On January 21, elections for the first Marlinist Parliament were completed, and Dr. Fairfax garnered a majority vote for the leadership position of First Minister. Thanks to a robust response to the call for food, Fairfax announced that local commodities would be offered at a 20% discount for a two-week period starting on the 22nd to stimulate trade with neighboring systems.[24]

Second wave

Just as it seemed the Marlinist refugee crisis was coming to an end, a second wave had been arriving in Alliance space for weeks. First reported on December 24, 3306, the second wave of Marlinists was smaller, only tens of thousands. Basic necessities were provided for them by Safeguard Interstellar, while Alliance Interpol established strict security checks to weed out NMLA members. While Prime Minister Edmund Mahon readily welcomed the refugees to the Alliance, however, the Alliance Assembly exhibited some dissent. Councillor Nakato Kaine, likely to be Mahon's opponent in the Alliance's upcoming 3307 election, garnered widespread support for declaring that while the Alliance would provide aid to the refugees, it could not be made responsible for dealing with the fallout from the domestic issues of the Empire and Federation.[25]

The Galactic Summit

Amid the turbulence caused by the refugee crisis, a Thargoid resurgence, tensions between the Empire and Federation, and widespread economic instability, Simguru Pranav Antal proposed the Galactic Summit on January 1, 3307. It would be the first ever diplomatic conference between the three superpowers, and its purpose was to allow the Alliance, Empire, and Federation to peacefully debate their differences and agree on solutions to the most significant threats facing humanity.[26] On January 18, Li Yong-Rui presented a counterproposal to hold the Galactic Summit in Sirius, as Sirius Corporation could bring more resources to bear and had demonstrated its impartiality in dealings with the superpowers by creating the Marlinist Colonies.[27] This led both organisations to arrange competing initiatives on January 21 to gather data for use in planning security operations for the conference. The superpowers all agreed to send delegations to the group that demonstrated they were the most suitable host by amassing the most data.[28]

The Marlinist Colonies confirmed on February 12 that they would send their own delegation, which included First Minister Jenna Fairfax and Minister Aaron Whyte, to the the conference, which was scheduled to begin on February 12. The Marlinists hoped to establish formal diplomatic ties with the Empire and other governments during the event.[29] The Galactic Summit was cancelled on March 11 amid the NMLA's coordinated attack on starports in nine major systems. The Marlinist delegation returned home and denied any connection to the NMLA. Commentators in the media speculated that the attacks had been carried out by NMLA activists who had hidden themselves among Marlinist refugees in the Federation and Alliance.[30]

Negotiations with the Alliance

By October 3307, it was believed that over a million Marlinist refugees still resided in Alliance space, living in small enclaves. These Marlinists not only lacked basic supplies and faced extreme deprivation, but a number of Alliance systems considered them illegal immigrants and were attempting to expel them. To protect these refugees from potential repatriation to the Empire, Prime Consul Kayode Tau of the Marlinist Consulate met with Ambassador Elijah Beck of the Alliance Office of Diplomatic Relations on October 26, 3307 to discuss the refugees' relocation to the Marlinist Colonies. The Imperial Diplomatic Corps declined to participate in the meeting.[31]


28 DEC 3307

  • The noted historian Sima Kalhana takes a look back at the turbulent events of the last year in a four-part series of articles.
    "The start of 3307 was a time of crisis. The rise of the Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army (NMLA), the Marlinist refugee crisis and increased Empire-Federation tensions had brought a full-scale superpower war closer, with renewed attacks from the Thargoids increasing the pressure. All of this led to Pranav Antal's proposal of a diplomatic conference for all three superpower governments to work through their problems – the very first Galactic Summit. Within weeks, Sirius Corporation was selected as the neutral host for the conference. Li Yong-Rui scored another triumph by establishing the Marlinist Colonies for millions of political refugees who had fled from the Empire. In February came the trial of Fleet Admiral Vincent, accused of arranging Starship One's destruction back in 3301. His paymaster was revealed as Core Dynamics CEO Jupiter Rochester, who wanted to replace Federal democracy with direct corporate rule. His breakaway faction Jupiter Division was defeated in battle and Rochester himself jailed for life. This also led to Core Dynamics's acquisition of Lakon Spaceways being cancelled, leaving the Alliance to purchase a majority sharehold in the company. Key players on the political stage finally gathered when the Galactic Summit began in late February. The Sirius system hosted leaders from the Alliance, Empire, Federation and independent systems. Even pirate warlord Archon Delaine gatecrashed the event, causing controversy with his 'crown of bones' speech. It seemed for a while that the bickering between so many strong personalities might trigger a war rather than avert one. But gradually there was progress, with the possibility of a treaty to increase unity against the Thargoid threat. But before reaching this conclusion, the Galactic Summit was derailed by a threat from another source. Nine Martyrs – as named by the NMLA leader Theta Seven – was the largest terrorist attack in history. Hundreds of thousands were killed by starport bombings in nine systems, including the superpower capitals of Alioth, Achenar and Sol. This horrific tragedy ended the conference abruptly, but did give rise to some inter-power cooperation. A new agreement signed at the Galactic Summit allowed the Affiliated Counter-Terrorism unit (ACT) to be formed rapidly. Drawing on the superpowers' security services and other organisations, its sole purpose was to hunt down and eliminate the NMLA, a task that would dominate the headlines for the rest of the year."[32]

26 OCT 3307

  • The Marlinist Colonies have offered to provide help for political refugees who sought sanctuary in Alliance space. In 3306, the Empire's security forces began arresting followers of Marlinism, suspecting them of being linked to the NMLA. Many pro-republican Imperial citizens fled to the Federation, but some set course for the Alliance instead. The situation has been highlighted by Prime Consul Kayode Tau of the Marlinist Consulate: "Having made a desperate journey for survival, over a million Marlinists are now dispersed across Alliance territory. Most are clustered in small groups, lacking basic supplies and facing extreme deprivation. Some Alliance systems have offered citizenship, but others are attempting to expel them as illegal immigrants. The Empire wishes to repatriate these people, which means harsh interrogation for some and lifelong persecution for others. I hope to negotiate with the Alliance to arrange an alternative – transportation to the Marlinist Colonies. There they will be welcomed into the democratic society established by their brethren." Ambassador Elijah Beck, head of the Alliance Office of Diplomatic Relations, has agreed to meet with Prime Consul Tau to examine solutions. The Imperial Diplomatic Corps officially refused an invitation to join this discussion.[31]

10 SEP 3307

  • A day of mourning has been declared across the Empire to mark the first anniversary of the NMLA's Imperial starport bombings. On Thursday the 10th of September 3306, Imperial stations in the Cemiess, Gabjaujis, LHS 4031 and Rabh systems were attacked without warning. Over sixty thousand people were killed and twice as many wounded by powerful explosives that delivered a caustic enzyme payload. The Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army is an extremist paramilitary group that is dedicated to reforming Marlin Duval's original republican government. Prior to these bombings, it had only performed minor strikes with low casualties. The NMLA's terror campaign grew to encompass all three superpowers with the Nine Martyrs attacks in March 3307. It also led to supporters of Marlinism fleeing from the Empire as refugees, eventually resettling in the Marlinist Colonies. Princess Aisling Duval paid respects to the victims during a memorial ceremony at her palace on Emerald. She also spoke of her father Prince Harold Duval, who was assassinated by the NMLA shortly after the bombings. Messages of condolence have been sent by President Zachary Hudson, Prime Minister Edmund Mahon, Imperator Hadrian Augustus Duval and First Minister Octavia Volkov. All vowed to continue contributing resources to ACT, which recently shut down many terrorist cells. Coupled with the loss of its political wing, the NMLA threat may finally be diminishing.[33]

15 JUN 3307

  • The galaxy's largest megacorporation is continuing to influence the political arena and affect billions of lives. A review was published by Marlon Royce, business analyst for Vox Galactica: "With its own government, laws and naval fleet, it's not surprising that Sirius Corporation is occasionally referred to as 'the fourth superpower'. That now seems to be its actual goal, as its impact upon interstellar politics increases. When Sirius Corporation resettled the Marlinist refugees in their own colony systems, it averted war between the Empire and the Federation. But this seemingly altruistic move enabled CEO Li Yong-Rui to claim political neutrality, gaining public support to host the Galactic Summit in the Sirius system. That success was undermined by the controversy of granting diplomatic status to pirate warlord Archon Delaine. Rumours of secret business dealings were reinforced when Sirius subsidiaries appeared alongside the Kumo Crew's new starports. High-level agreements were also made with the Alliance, with Sirius Atmospherics aiding colonisation of the Coalsack Nebula. But some believe that its project to terraform ammonia worlds brought retaliatory strikes from the Thargoids and enormous casualties. The latest news is of a collaboration with technology brokers to make a previously limited ship module commercially available. Is this a shrewd business decision, or part of Sirius Corporation's strategy of political dominance?"[34]

11 MAR 3307

  • The conference in the Sirius system has ended prematurely after terrorist bombings against nine starports across the Alliance, Empire and Federation. Sirius Corporation confirmed that the cancellation was due to fears that Patterson Enterprise station may be the next target. All scheduled business, including finalising the Sirius Treaty, has been halted. The delegations are returning to their home systems under high security. Temporary permits for the Sirius system will remain in place for one week. Pilots who contributed to the security and trade initiatives held in partnership with the Empire can collect their rewards at the Spirit of Laelaps. Core Dynamics, Gutamaya and Lakon Spaceways will continue to offer a 10% discount on all their ships for one more week. The Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army has claimed responsibility for the simultaneous attacks in nine systems, including superpower capitals Achenar, Alioth and Sol. The following message was broadcast on NMLA propaganda channels: "I no longer have a name. Nor a family. Nor a future. Each taken by the Empire. Now all I have is the dehumanising number printed on my uniform in their torture chambers. Now all I am is Theta Seven. The Alliance and Federation's rulers have revealed themselves as imperialist supporters of the Duval dynasty, which has crushed our ideals for a thousand years. Peoples of the galaxy – you can change this. We give you your own Nine Martyrs. Use them to retake control and regain your power." Media newsfeeds are detailing the impact and implications of the attacks. There is speculation that NMLA activists were concealed among Marlinist refugees that fled to Alliance and Federation space to escape Imperial persecution. The Marlinist Parliament has officially stated it has "no connection to Neo-Marlinist extremists", and that it will cooperate with security and emergency services during this crisis.[30]

12 FEB 3307

  • Delegations have been formed by the Empire and the Marlinist Colonies to take part in the forthcoming diplomatic conference. Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval will not attend in person, but will be directly represented by Chancellor Anders Blaine. During the conference, Senator Zemina Torval will temporarily assume chancellor duties and act as head of the Senate. In addition, Princess Aisling Duval and Senator Denton Patreus will be in attendance. They will be accompanied by experienced ambassadors from the Imperial Diplomatic Corps. The Marlinist Colonies have also finalised their delegation, which includes First Minister Jenna Fairfax and Minister Aaron Whyte. A spokesperson for the Marlinist Parliament said: "The Galactic Summit offers us an opportunity to engage with the Empire diplomatically, and we sincerely hope our voices will be heard. We also aim to establish mutually beneficial relations with other governments." There is widespread speculation on how the Empire will respond to political overtures from its own ex-citizens, who were persecuted for following the democratic ideology of Marlinism. However, most societies within the Marlinist Colonies still remain culturally Imperial in nature, despite their republican governance. The Galactic Summit is being hosted by Sirius Corporation and will officially commence on Thursday the 25th of February 3307.[29]

21 JAN 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    Large amounts of food commodities have been delivered to the Marlinist Colonies. Multiple shipments of animal meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, and grain were transported to Stillman Hub. Messages of gratitude were broadcast from all the Marlinist factions, which have distributed these vital supplies across the eight colony systems. The Free Marlinists of Carinae also issued bounty vouchers for wanted ships, in order to protect the deliveries. Contributing pilots can now collect their rewards from Stillman Hub in the HIP 22550 system. In related news, the first Marlinist Parliament has been democratically elected. The respected community leader Dr Jenna Fairfax was chosen by a majority public vote to be First Minister. In a public address, she said: "This path was not chosen by us, but our people have turned Marlin Duval's ideology into a functioning republican society. Now that we are fully independent members of the galactic community, we can repay those who aided our survival by offering discounts on commodities and establishing regular trading."[24]

19 JAN 3307

  • Edmund Mahon has launched a political campaign to be elected as the Alliance's leader for a second term. The incumbent prime minister is undertaking a whistle-stop tour across Alliance space to rouse support. Only members of the Assembly can cast votes in this election, but they will be heavily influenced by public opinion within their systems. Mahon's campaign has focused on the Alliance's huge expansion during his six-year premiership, with reminders of triumphs such as the Alliance Festival of Culture. His ability to handle a crisis has also been highlighted, including President Kincaid's attempted coup and the League of Reparation's crusade. More recent examples of his leadership are welcoming Marlinist refugees from the Empire and exploiting the Coalsack Nebula to boost economic prosperity. However, Mahon's critics have pointed out that both strategies increased the risk of attack from Neo-Marlinist terrorists and the Thargoids. Addressing a packed conference hall on Birmingham in his home system of Diso, Mahon proclaimed: "We live in an increasingly turbulent galaxy, making it important to maintain a steady hand at the wheel. I will be honoured to continue representing the diverse peoples of the Alliance."[35]

18 JAN 3307

  • Utopia's ability to host a diplomatic conference for all three superpowers has been challenged by the Sirius Corporation. The megacorp's counter-proposal was announced by CEO Li Yong-Rui: "With all due respect to Simguru Antal, his commune cannot match our level of resources. Sirius is far better placed in terms of logistics and security, and our navy will be able to ensure the safe transportation of all delegates. Furthermore, we already have excellent commercial relationships with the Alliance, Empire and Federation, and can therefore guarantee neutrality. Our recent philanthropic gesture at creating the Marlinist Colonies proves that we are an impartial, stabilising force for the whole galaxy." Discussions regarding the conference have been ongoing in superpower and independent systems alike. Some leaders have decried it as a pointless exercise, while others view it as a rare opportunity for political cohesion. Sirius Corporation and Utopia's propositions for a Galactic Summit are now being compared by potential attendees. However, Zachary Rackham's offer to host the conference at the actual galactic summit of Rackham's Peak is not being seriously considered.[27]

14 JAN 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    The newly settled Marlinist Colonies have asked for urgent deliveries of foodstuffs. Millions of Marlinists have relocated to eight systems colonised for them by the Sirius Corporation, thereby reducing tension between the Empire and the Federation. They have asked Universal Cartographics to delay a census of the systems' populations, while the refugees lay the infrastructure for their new societies. The Marlinist factions are holding democratic elections to select their leaders. However, the transitional parliament has declared an emergency due to the shortage of food stocks. Community spokesperson Dr Jenna Fairfax announced: "We are grateful to the galactic community and Sirius Corporation for providing homes. However, we need further help to feed our people in the short term, until we can become self-sufficient. The more supplies we can stockpile, the faster our economies will develop. This in turn will allow us to offer greater commodity discounts, to encourage the establishment of regular trade routes." Pilots are asked to deliver animal meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, and grain to Stillman Hub in the HIP 22550 system. As this system's defence forces are still being formed, the Free Marlinists of Carinae have offered bounties on all wanted ships to secure these initial trade runs to the Marlinist Colonies.[23]

01 JAN 3307

  • Simguru Pranav Antal, leader of the Utopia commune, has proposed hosting a diplomatic conference for the governments of all three superpowers. The intention is to provide a neutral location to discuss key issues such as the renewed Thargoid attacks, the Marlinist refugee crisis, and hostilities between the Empire and the Federation. Details have been sent to the Alliance Assembly, Federal Congress and Imperial Senate. Pranav Antal has also broadcast his invitation across all media channels: "It is not Utopia's tradition to become involved with politics, but recent events are of great concern to us all. Interstellar war, terrorism, alien incursion and economic collapse are the new four dark horsemen that threaten humanity's future. We therefore offer to host a Galactic Summit where the Alliance, Empire and Federation may debate these problems peacefully. My sincere hope is that the heads of state grasp this opportunity to resolve their differences and create solutions that benefit their peoples." Utopia is an independent society with a focus on using highly advanced technology to increase quality of life. Should this Galactic Summit take place, it would be the first diplomatic meeting of all three superpower governments.[26]

24 DEC 3306

  • Tens of thousands of Marlinist refugees have claimed sanctuary in Alliance space, after emigrating from the Empire to avoid political persecution. In recent weeks, there has been a steady stream of ex-Imperial citizens arriving at Alliance systems, mostly travelling aboard small private vessels or in the holds of cargo ships. The humanitarian aid organisation Safeguard Interstellar reported that accommodation and basic necessities are being provided. Alliance Interpol is running stringent security checks for evidence that members of the NMLA terrorist group are present. The initial wave of refugees, which fled to the Federation, are currently preparing to populate a number of independent colonies established by the Sirius Corporation. However, these systems cannot yet provide harbour to the continuing exodus of Marlinists from the Empire. Prime Minister Edmund Mahon publicly welcomed the refugees, but there has been some dissent in the Alliance Assembly. Councillor Nakato Kaine, who is expected to be Mahon's main rival in next year's election, received widespread support for her views: "Naturally, we must provide these poor people with emergency aid, but there are practical limits to our resources. It is not our responsibility to solve the Empire's domestic issues, and we have seen the Federation pay the price for sheltering terrorists. The Alliance cannot end up as the dumping ground for other superpowers' problems."[25]

21 DEC 3306

  • As independent colonies are set up for Marlinist refugees, there has been a lull in terrorist strikes from the Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army (NMLA). In recent months, the paramilitary group launched multiple attacks across the Empire. Starports and administrative buildings were bombed and dozens of individuals assassinated, including Prince Harold and more distant members of the Duval family. However, the number of incidents has fallen drastically following successful operations by the Imperial Internal Security Service: "After the Federal Security Service identified NMLA members aboard the emigrants' megaships, these were transferred to us for interrogation. We obtained information that enabled us to shut down many terrorist cells, although there is evidence that the NMLA's network remains widespread." In related news, hundreds of thousands of Marlinist refugees are preparing to occupy new colony systems established by the Sirius Corporation. Mass transportation will take place early next year, overseen by Safeguard Interstellar. The Empire, Federation and Sirius Gov have all agreed that the settlements will remain fully independent. The refugee population has already begun to determine its future social structure, based on the principles of Marlinism. A transitional parliament has been formed by community leaders such as Dr Jenna Fairfax, Aaron Whyte and Amrita Ross. Democratic elections for a representative government will take place once the Marlinist Colonies are operational.[22]

17 DEC 3306

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    Sirius Corporation has successfully gathered materials to construct new independent settlements for Marlinist emigrants. Both the Empire and the Federation accepted the proposal from Sirius Corporation to establish colonies for the political refugees, who have been the cause of increased tension between the superpowers. CEO Li Yong-Rui made this announcement: "As always, the galactic community's immense contribution has made this achievement possible. The shipments of atmospheric processors, auto-fabricators, structural regulators and water purifiers will be used to construct new outposts and settlements in 8 uninhabited systems." The Omega Merchant Command is now offering rewards at Ellis Gateway in the Bd+05 1146 system to all pilots who delivered commodities. Aaron Whyte, a community leader among the refugees, commented on Vox Galactica: "I suppose we should be grateful that these colonies give us a chance of survival. But none of us wanted to set up our own kingdoms – only to remove the kings. And one day, we will." The Marlinist population is expected to be transferred from Federal space to the new colonies in early 3307.[21]

10 DEC 3306

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    Commodities are requested to create new settlements for Marlinist refugees who fled from the Empire to the Federation.
    Sirius Corporation has offered to resolve the current standoff between superpowers by establishing colonies where the refugees can live independently. Li Yong-Rui, CEO of Sirius Corporation, summarised his proposal: "It is clear that the Marlinists cannot return to the Empire, and are a destabilising presence within the Federation. We offer an alternative by constructing permanent habitats for their population. These will be self-governed and may freely trade with the galactic community. Sirius cannot stand by while the risk of interstellar war increases. I sincerely hope this leads to a more stable and profitable period for us all." After intense debate, both Congress and the Senate accepted the proposal, with the proviso that any refugees identified as NMLA members will be returned to the Empire. Dr Jenna Fairfax, a Marlinist community leader, also offered her approval: "We were forced to abandon our entire lives because of our political beliefs. This at least gives us a chance to have homes again." Traders are asked to deliver atmospheric processors, auto-fabricators, structural regulators and water purifiers to Ellis Gateway in the Bd+05 1146 system. From there, the Omega Merchant Command will distribute resources for the colonisation of up to ten uninhabited systems.[20]

08 DEC 3306

  • Hundreds of thousands of political refugees who fled from the Empire to the Federation have brought both superpowers to the brink of conflict. The Marlinists, who believe in restructuring the Empire into a republic, escaped crackdowns in several Imperial systems during a hunt for Neo-Marlinist terrorists. The Federation has provided temporary safe haven for the refugees. However, security concerns proved to be justified when the NMLA bombed a Federal starport where captured members were being held. The Federal Security Service provided this update: "The Marlinists themselves have informed us of more individuals among them with NMLA connections. The risk of terrorism from this population is now low, although it's impossible to know exactly how many have been radicalised." There have been heated debates in Congress over granting citizenship to the Marlinists. President Hudson insisted that "all illegal aliens must be deported", and has strengthened the Federal Navy as a defensive measure in light of the Empire's warnings. Conversely, Shadow President Winters argued that "turning away starving refugees to face imprisonment and discrimination would be immoral". She also noted that the same principles of democratic representation found in Marlinism are enshrined in the Federal Accord. This disagreement between the Republican and Liberal Parties has led to stalemate, with the fate of the Marlinists hanging in the balance.[19]

27 NOV 3306

  • NMLA terrorist attacks and the Marlinist refugee crisis have driven an increase in military spending from both the Empire and the Federation. The Federal Times has reported on President Zachary Hudson's actions: "Building on the public outcry following the Neo-Marlinist bombing of a Federal starport, President Hudson has positioned himself once again as the Federation's strongman. This is clearly a calculated effort to regain political power after negative associations from the Starship One trial. Shadow President Felicia Winters's acceptance of Marlinist refugees has lost popularity, now that terrorists concealed among them have murdered thousands. However, cooler heads in Congress agree that provoking the Empire could lead to a far greater death toll." The Empire's response mirrored its counterpart, as observed by The Imperial Herald: "As well as the construction of new capital ships, Senator Denton Patreus has also ordered the withdrawal of funding for Aegis. The Senate's consensus is that since Thargoid activity has reduced, the focus should now be on the Federation as well as the internal threat of the NMLA. Cooperation between the superpowers is rapidly coming to an end, leading to a state of interstellar brinkmanship. There is a real possibility that the Neo-Marlinists' demand for revolutionary change may have broader repercussions than they intended."[18]

20 NOV 3306

  • Relations between the Empire and the Federation have deteriorated following a terror attack by Neo-Marlinists against a Federal starport. Kepler Orbital in the Atropos system was bombed by the NMLA to eliminate several of its captured members, before they could reveal anything under interrogation by the Federal Security Service. Imperial Ambassador Imogen Luciana made this statement: "The NMLA was obviously able to make use of its bomb-making factories within the LTT 1935 system. If the Federation had not resisted our investigation, we would have shut these down and prevented the attack. Our warning about the extremist threat went unheeded, and the Federation is now paying the price. We once again insist that all Marlinists are repatriated to the Empire." Ambassador Jordan Rochester has not responded, but did confirm that Federal embassies in several Imperial systems have closed after violent anti-Marlinist protests placed diplomatic staff's lives at risk. In Congress, Vice President Brad Mitchell directly blamed Shadow President Felicia Winters for the recent attack. He accused her of "laying out the welcome mat for terrorists" by offering sanctuary to the Marlinists. Other congressmen argued that she had prioritised aid for Imperial rather than Federal citizens. There is evidence that Winters is now losing some of her recently gained political capital. However, the Liberal Party's popularity remains high in the wake of President Hudson's alleged association with the destruction of Starship One.[17]

19 NOV 3306

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    Multiple explosions have struck Kepler Orbital in the Atropos system, causing huge damage and loss of life.
    Witnesses have observed signs of corrosion damage to the starport. This is characteristic of an explosive designed by the engineer Liz Ryder that deploys Thargoid caustic enzymes, and which was used in the bombings of Imperial starports in September. The NMLA has claimed responsibility for the attack. Its propaganda channels praised "the nine martyrs", a reference to the terrorist suspects recently arrested by the Federal Security Service. There were also warnings of "further reprisals if the Federation impedes our cause". The FSS has since confirmed that the captive NMLA members were being held in secure facilities at Kepler Orbital, which have been completely destroyed by the blasts. It is assumed that they were specifically targeted to prevent the prisoners revealing information about the paramilitary group under interrogation. Federal authorities are urgently requesting support from the galactic community, to assist with repair efforts and to rescue survivors still trapped at the damaged station.[16]

18 NOV 3306

  • A screening process for Marlinist asylum-seekers arriving in the Federation has located several members of the NMLA terrorist group. Vice President Brad Mitchell personally initiated a Federal Security Service operation to uncover any Neo-Marlinist extremists concealed among the refugee population. The Vice President delivered this report to Congress: "After standard ID scans flagged up some potential suspects, FSS officers employed more vigorous checks and interview techniques. They found nine individuals who were active members of the NMLA. The terrorists have been transported to secure facilities for further interrogation, after which they will be handed over to Imperial authorities. Our security services remain vigilant against this danger that the Liberal Party has invited into our communities." Vox Galactica featured a statement by Marlinist community leader Dr Jenna Fairfax: "I am horrified to learn of NMLA hiding among us. These killers do not represent the principles of Marlinism, and we are happy to cooperate in expelling them." In related news, protestors on several Federal worlds have warned of increased crime, terrorism and economic damage unless all refugees are sent back to the Empire. Counter-protests have called for the Marlinists to be welcomed as fellow believers in democratic government.[15]

12 NOV 3306

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    The Federation has successfully maintained control of the LTT 1935 system, following a battle against local Imperial forces. The conflict was caused by an Imperial investigation that traced deliveries of bomb-making materials from this system to an NMLA workshop. Colonel Ernest Harris of the LTT 1935 Confederacy stated: "The LTT 1935 system remains part of the Federation, now that we have defended against the Empire's attempt to take control. Our citizens have been saved from the indignities of Imperial interrogation. In gratitude to the Federal auxiliaries and independent pilots who helped support our freedom, rewards are now available at Wolf Port. There was also a message from Captain Axel Cyprian of the L.Y.S Corp: "This is a serious setback in our war against the NMLA terrorists, who the Federation seem eager to protect. Nevertheless, for all those courageous pilots who flew on our behalf, we can offer generous payments from Strength of Purpose."[13]

06 NOV 3306

  • Neo-Marlinist extremists are continuing their campaign of terror, while the Empire and Federation clash over issues caused by Marlinist refugees. The Imperial Herald has featured updates on terrorist activity across the Empire: "The NMLA has claimed responsibility for over fifty bomb attacks during the last three weeks. These mostly targeted local authority buildings and security forces, killing hundreds. Hit squads have also assassinated several high-profile individuals connected to the Duvals, including the Emperor's relative Baron Cesare Lavigny. Senior IISS leaders have admitted to being unprepared for how organised and well-equipped the paramilitary group is. Critics suggest that the mass arrest of Marlinists may have radicalised many people who were already sympathetic to the republican ideology." The Federal Times has focused on the tensions between superpowers: "With diplomatic channels closing down, the possibility that the confrontation in LTT 1935 might escalate into all-out war cannot be ignored. There is added pressure from the exodus of millions of Marlinists, whose beliefs align with the Federation's democratic principles. President Hudson is still suffering from reduced congressional support, and many have said that it feels like Felicia Winters is running the show. But although her humanitarian efforts undoubtedly saved many refugees' lives, the acceptance of Imperial outcasts into Federal society remains in question."[14]

05 NOV 3306

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    The Empire's counter-terrorism operation in the LTT 1935 system has triggered armed resistance from the Federation.
    The Imperial Internal Security Service's investigation into the NMLA terrorist group led its agents to LTT 1935, a Federation-controlled system in neutral space. Military vessels were called in for support, only to be met in combat by Federal forces. A declaration was made by Colonel Ernest Harris of the LTT 1935 Confederacy: "The Empire cannot dominate and arrest our citizens as it did with the Marlinists. We claim the right to defend the Federation's territory from such aggressive tactics." Captain Axel Cyprian of the L.Y.S Corp responded: "The IISS has confirmed that the Neo-Marlinists have secret bomb-making factories concealed within LTT 1935. To prevent future atrocities, it is vital that we take control of this system and shut down the NMLA's source of weapons." The LTT 1935 Confederacy has requested help from independent pilots to defend LTT 1935 from occupation by the Empire. The L.Y.S Corp has also asked for auxiliaries to assist in gaining control of the system.[12]

03 NOV 3306

  • The Empire has revealed new evidence that suggests the NMLA terrorist group may be receiving help from elements within the Federation. A report from the Imperial Internal Security Service stated: "With information provided by the engineer Liz Ryder, we located an abandoned workshop where explosives had been constructed using her blueprints. Traces were found of Thargoid caustic enzymes, matching the payloads delivered during the starport bombings. Micro-signage on cargo containers identified bulk deliveries of equipment from a Federal system in neutral space, where we believe the NMLA has a second bomb-making facility. IISS agents are currently investigating to confirm these findings." Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester refuted these allegations: "The suggestion that we're responsible for the Empire's home-grown extremists is laughable. As with their persecution of Marlinists, this is another excuse for an inability to solve their own problems." Imperial Ambassador Imogen Luciana responded: "There have long been rumours that the NMLA has the Federation's support, to destabilise the Empire and promote republican propaganda. If true, there will be severe consequences." In related news, some Federal systems are struggling to cope with an influx of Marlinist refugees. Public disobedience, food shortages and epidemics have been reported in the Thetis, LTT 1935 and HIP 36081 systems, due to a lack of additional resources.[11]

30 OCT 3306

  • The Empire has repeated its demand for the Federation to deport all Marlinist emigrants, as tensions increase between the two superpowers. Hundreds of thousands of political refugees reached Federal space after fleeing to escape the Empire's hunt for Neo-Marlinist terrorists. Congress has agreed to provide sanctuary, along with offers of permanent residency. Imperial Ambassador Imogen Luciana stated: "Our people must be safely returned so we can identify dangerous NMLA activists, before they gain the opportunity to inflict further harm. We have no desire for the Federation to suffer the same horrific attacks." A response was given by Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester: "As always, the Empire promises one thing and does another. This is not an altruistic effort to spare us from terrorists – it is a totalitarian purge of believers in democracy." There are reports that both superpowers have suspended many official channels of communication. Political commentators have observed that the Federation's actions could be construed as the mass kidnapping of Imperial citizens, which would be an act of war.[10]

29 OCT 3306

  • A Federal charity initiative to deliver vital supplies for Marlinist refugees from the Empire has concluded. Safeguard Interstellar, a humanitarian aid organisation, received an impressive response to its request to provide basic necessities to Marlinist immigrants claiming asylum in the Federation. CEO Noel Beaumont announced: "These much-needed shipments of basic medicines, clothing, food cartridges, fruit and vegetables, and evacuation shelters will be used to sustain the Marlinist populations in the LTT 3607, Charunder and Ennead systems, at least until they can receive the state support granted by Congress. Our affiliate, the Fionn Liberals, will be pleased to reward contributing pilots at Fox Enterprise in the LFT 625 system." The charity shared a message from Dr Jenna Fairfax, a Marlinist community leader: "To all the pilots who brought these life-saving supplies – thank you. Leaving our homes has been incredibly difficult, but you and Safeguard Interstellar have provided ports in the storm. Many of us hope to start afresh in the Federation, where we know our democratic ideals will be nourished."[8]

26 OCT 3306

  • The Federation will grant sanctuary to Marlinist political refugees from the Empire, following a congressional vote in favour of Felicia Winters. President Zachary Hudson had stated that illegal immigrants in the Federal systems Charunder, Ennead, HIP 36081, LTT 1935, LTT 3607 and Thetis would be detained and returned to Imperial space. This was challenged by Shadow President Felicia Winters, who argued that they deserved a more compassionate response. Congress debated and then voted on her proposal, which received majority support. Government funding will soon be released to provide resources and accommodation for the refugee population. Shadow President Winters told the media: "Charities such as Safeguard Interstellar are already doing excellent work, but now we can officially offer safe haven and temporary citizenship to all Marlinists. These innocent people only seek what we in the Federation take for granted – democracy, fairness and political representation. Their values are closer to ours than the Empire's, and we have an obligation to protect them." Several newsfeeds, including The Federal Times and Sol Today, commented that President Hudson's authority has been undermined by his refusal to comment on the charges against Fleet Admiral Vincent. The accompanying rumours of corruption and conspiracy have had a demoralising effect on his supporters, and increased the Liberal Party's popularity.[9]

22 OCT 3306

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    An aid charity is requesting deliveries of vital supplies to help Marlinist refugees that fled from the Empire to the Federation.
    Safeguard Interstellar, a humanitarian aid organisation, has announced a campaign to help refugees requesting political asylum in the Federation. Several Imperial factions sympathetic to Marlinism were placed under martial law, leading to civilians emigrating in huge numbers to the Federal systems Charunder, Ennead, HIP 36081, LTT 1935, LTT 3607 and Thetis. Local authorities have warned that without additional support, these refugees may trigger public unrest or food shortages. There is also a risk of unfamiliar contagions reaching the population. Noel Beaumont, the CEO of Safeguard Interstellar, made this statement: "These ex-citizens of the Empire have suffered at the hands of their own government, and now seek freedom from persecution. Shelter, food and other necessities must be provided to satisfy their basic human rights. We urgently require shipments of basic medicines, clothing, food cartridges, fruit and vegetables, and evacuation shelters to Fox Enterprise in the LFT 625 system. From there, they will be distributed to the Marlinists. The more supplies we receive, the more systems can offer sanctuary without strain on their infrastructure." Safeguard Interstellar's affiliate, the Fionn Liberals, has offered to pay handsomely for all bounty vouchers collected from wanted vessels in the LFT 625 system. The initiative begins on the 22nd of October 3306 and will run for one week. If the final target is met earlier than planned, the campaign will end immediately.[7]

20 OCT 3306

  • The Empire has formally demanded that the Federation extradites all Marlinist political refugees that have fled into their space. Hundreds of thousands of believers in the republican ideology evacuated their homes following anti-terrorism lockdowns. The Imperial blockade in Ackwada prevented ten megaships from escaping, but others carrying huge numbers of Marlinists have appeared in the Federal systems Charunder, Ennead, HIP 36081, LTT 1935, LTT 3607 and Thetis. Many smaller vessels are also thought to have spread far and wide. Imperial Ambassador Imogen Luciana sent the formal request: "The Federation is harbouring potential criminals who are connected to the NMLA terrorists. We insist that they are detained and returned to us to face justice." Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester, who was once engaged to Princess Aisling Duval, provided an official response: "There is no extradition treaty for unconvicted citizens, and these people have claimed political asylum. I have requested that Congress grant them sanctuary within the Federation, and that we offer protection to all Marlinists seeking to escape discrimination by the Empire." Although there is no indication that Marlinist emigrants have set course for Alliance space, Prime Minister Edmund Mahon confirmed that they will be welcomed. Some independent systems are also offering assistance, while others have warned that any influx of refugees will be resisted.[6]

16 OCT 3306

  • The Empire has locked down more systems as part of an anti-terrorism operation, causing millions of Marlinists to flee from their homes. Following NMLA terror attacks, martial law was declared in regions where the political beliefs of Marlinism are prevalent. Citizens in several systems including 234 G. Carinae, Baltah'Sine, Beatis, CD-39 3269, Chana, HIP 39470, Mazahuanses and Nahuatl have evacuated en masse to avoid arrest. There are eyewitness reports of people crammed into whatever vessels they can find, often in unsafe numbers. Vox Galactica featured this statement from Dr Jenna Fairfax, a Marlinist community leader and advocate of democratic reform: "This isn't a search for terrorists – it's a crusade against anyone who shares Marlin Duval's dream of a Republic. Such brutal persecution leaves us no choice but to risk our lives by seeking sanctuary elsewhere." In the Senate, a handful of senators voiced concerns about the treatment of Imperial citizens, to which Denton Patreus responded: "The security of the Empire is paramount. These worlds harbour a ruthless enemy that has already slaughtered thousands. We will not rest until the Neo-Marlinist poison has been cleansed, even if that means tracking down everyone who may carry this infection." The Imperial Navy is searching for all ships transporting Marlinist refugees, but there is evidence that some have reached systems controlled by the Federation.[5]

14 OCT 3306

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    Conflict between Regulatory State of Ackwada and Duduseklis Empire League in the Ackwada system has concluded.
    A Marlinist faction accused for providing recruits to the NMLA terrorist group has been overwhelmed by a combination of Imperial forces and independent pilots. Several megaships were intercepted while attempting to transport large numbers of Marlinist civilians out of the Ackwada system. This report was delivered by the Imperial Internal Security Service: "We have taken many Marlinist criminals into custody, despite their efforts to shield the terrorists. Some may have temporarily evaded us, but we are confident that we can track and destroy the NMLA cells operating within this system. Our affiliate, the Regulatory State of Ackwada, will distribute rewards at Glorious Destiny to all who contributed to this victory." The Duduseklis Empire League broadcast this message to its supporters: "Thousands of political refugees attempted to flee from persecution onboard megaships. Unfortunately, the Imperial blockade was supported by too many independent pilots, and none were able to escape. Despite being unable to help our Marlinist supporters, we are still able to offer rewards at Rush's Camp for the brave few who dared to dream of democracy." Imperial scouts are currently searching for many smaller vessels that fled the system and may contain NMLA activists.[4]

08 OCT 3306

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    Conflict between Regulatory State of Ackwada and Duduseklis Empire League in the Ackwada system.
    The Empire has targeted a Marlinist faction that is suspected of supporting the Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army (NMLA). It was recently placed into lockdown for its pro-Marlinist stance, during which time suspicions were raised of it having a direct connection to the NMLA. The Imperial Internal Security Service made this statement: "The Duduseklis Empire League is one of several organisations that publicly accepted the principles of Marlinism. Our intelligence suggests it is allowing the NMLA to radicalise its citizens into becoming activists for the paramilitary group. Operations to investigate this potential nest of terrorists have been met with armed resistance. Imperial auxiliaries and independent pilots are requested to assist the Regulatory State of Ackwada in defeating all pro-Marlinist forces in the Ackwada system." The Duduseklis Empire League broadcast this message: "If NMLA members have been recruited from our people, it is certainly not with our knowledge. The Empire is using a terrorist hunt to justify persecuting millions of ordinary citizens, whose only crime is to believe in republican ideals. We remain loyal to the Emperor, but are forced to counter this unwarranted aggression to ensure these political refugees escape imprisonment. The stronger our resistance, the more megaships can flee this system. We desperately need help so we can transport thousands of innocent families to safety."[3]

30 SEP 3306

  • Senator Denton Patreus has mobilised Imperial military forces in response to terrorist acts committed by the Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army (NMLA). The Empire has declared martial law and a lockdown in Ackwada, Beatis, Chana and Nahuatl, where the republican ideals of Marlinism are known to be popular. Imperial Army troops have replaced local security forces, and potential NMLA sympathisers are being arrested for interrogation. Senator Patreus received applause in the Imperial Senate when he vowed: "There will be justice for the murder of Prince Harold Duval and justice for those citizens who perished in flames. The Marlinists will pay dearly for these atrocities!" In related news, the Imperial Internal Security Service issued a report regarding the NMLA's recent attacks on starports: "Forensic results confirm that much of the station damage was caused by Thargoid caustic enzymes. Fragments indicate that the bombs were of advanced design but definitely man-made, not Thargoid in origin. Their payloads were identical in composition to enzyme missile rack warheads. Our deduction is that the portable explosives were smuggled onto all four starports, then remotely detonated as one coordinated strike. We are interviewing station personnel and analysing recent traffic to identify any patterns."[2]


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