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For information about weaponized Mass Lock, see Mass Lock Munitions.

A lit mass lock indicator

Mass Lock refers to both a ship characteristic and a status effect caused by that characteristic that can inhibit the Frame Shift Drive function of other ships.

Mass Locked

While within close proximity to large objects, such as Stations and planets, ships are Mass Locked and unable to engage or charge their Frame Shift Drives for jumps to either Supercruise ("Low-Waking") or through Hyperspace ("High-Waking"). This status has its own indicator at the bottom-right of the HUD, directly under the fuel gauge. After entering or exiting one of the following spaces, in which Mass Lock is applied to all ships, its activation or deactivation is delayed by about two seconds.

Mass Lock Range Object
2 km Above planetary surfaces
2.5 km Near Outposts, Surface Ports, and Settlements
5 km Near Starports, Asteroid Bases, and Megaships

Below a certain altitude above a planet, Mass Lock also applies only to Hyperspace jumps when Supercruise or Glide is active. It is also possible to engage the Frame Shift Drive at the far end of Orbis and Ocellus Starports.

Mass Lock Factor

Being affected by Mass Lock Factor (MLF) drastically increases the charging time of a ship's FSD when jumping to Supercruise. This status is only indicated as a warning in the Infolog at the top-right of the HUD if the player engages their FSD while in proximity to another ship with a higher or equal Mass Lock Factor. Depending on how large the difference between the two MLFs is, the charging duration rises from the standard 5 seconds to between 30s and more than 80s, until the affected ship can escape the other ships MLF influence. Distance between the ships has no notable impact. MLF does not impede jumps through Hyperspace in any way, however, and jumping to another system may be a preferrable escape option in combat.

Mass Lock Factors are not directly related to actual mass, but are set values for each ship model:

Ship Mass Lock Factor Hull Mass (T)
Drake-Class Carrier Unknown Unknown
Farragut-Class Battle Cruiser 100 Unknown
Majestic-Class Interdictor 100 Unknown
Thargoid Interceptor 40 Unknown
Type-10 Defender 26 1200
Imperial Cutter 26 1100
Federal Corvette 24 900
Anaconda 23 400
Beluga Liner 18 950
Python 17 350
Krait MkII 17 320
Krait Phantom 17 280
Type-9 Heavy 16 1000
Federal Gunship 14 580
Federal Dropship 14 580
Federal Assault Ship 14 480
Alliance Crusader 13 500
Alliance Challenger 13 450
Alliance Chieftain 13 400
Orca 13 290
Imperial Clipper 12 400
Mamba 12 280
Fer-de-Lance 12 250
Asp Explorer 11 280
Type-7 Transporter 10 420
Diamondback Explorer 10 260
Vulture 10 230
Thargoid Scout 9 Unknown
Dolphin 9 140
Cobra MkIV 8 210
Cobra MkIII 8 180
Keelback 8 180
Diamondback Scout 8 160
Type-6 Transporter 8 155
Asp Scout 8 150
Viper MkIV 7 190
Viper MkIII 7 50
Adder 7 35
Imperial Courier 7 35
Imperial Eagle 6 50
Eagle MkII 6 40
Sidewinder MkI 6 25
Hauler 6 14