Master Chefs are selected based on genetic markers that tend to favour an aptitude for the gourmet. Little is known about them except that they are kidnapped as children and then trained under mysterious conditions to bring out their genetic cooking potential. The use of Master Chefs is illegal in most Federal and Alliance systems, but is regarded as a sign of high status in many Imperial systems. Many anti-slavery protest groups have tried to free Master Chefs from their life of culinary bondage, yet due to their training, most return of their own free will to serve. Theirs is a life of servitude - they know nothing but to cook.

— In-Game Description

Master Chefs is a specific item of Slaves in the world of Elite Dangerous.

Rare goods increase in value the further you travel from their point of purchase.

The name 'Master Chef' might be a reference to a misspelling of Master Chief, the protagonist of the Halo game series. The description is close to the story of how Spartans are described as being raised from birth into a life of military servitude in the Halo universe.

Master Chefs were originally available from Weber Gateway, Noti. But they have recently relocated to Pataarchy Corporate station in the Viracocha system.

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