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The Maverick suit is designed for those who prefer to keep their options open with a greater carrying capacity. It comes equipped with an arc cutter for accessing hard-to-reach components.

— In-Game Description

The Maverick Suit is a suit manufactured by Remlok. It is a utility model designed for salvaging and scavenging. It features the greatest item carrying capacity of all suit models, and the widest selection of tools.


The Maverick Suit is ideal for retrieving valuable Goods and Components from settlements and Points of Interest. Its Arc Cutter can be used to bypass maglocks and sealed doors to open lockers, containers, and rooms that may have additional items to take.


Grade Modification Cost Shield Regen
Shield Health Engineer
Mod Slots
1 N/A 0.99 13.5 0
2 1x Suit Schematic
1x Health Monitor
1x Power Regulator
1x Manufacturing Instructions
5x Carbon Fibre Plating
5x Graphene
600,000 CR
1.21 16.5 1
3 5x Suit Schematic
5x Health Monitor
5x Power Regulator
5x Manufacturing Instructions
15x Carbon Fibre Plating
15x Graphene
2,250,000 CR
1.49 20.3 2
4 10x Suit Schematic
10x Health Monitor
10x Power Regulator
10x Manufacturing Instructions
25x Carbon Fibre Plating
25x Graphene
4,500,000 CR
1.82 24.9 3
5 15x Suit Schematic
15x Health Monitor
15x Power Regulator
15x Manufacturing Instructions
35x Carbon Fibre Plating
35x Graphene
7,500,000 CR
2.23 30.4 4


This suit can be modified by Engineers to enhance its abilities. Pioneer Supplies may also occasionally offer this suit with a modification pre-installed. Modifications include: