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Mbooni is an independent system in the Core Systems within the Inner Orion Spur. Access to Mbooni is restricted, and requires a permit that can only be obtained by assisting Salvation and Taurus Mining Ventures with their anti-Thargoid projects.

At some point, Taurus Mining Ventures gained control of Mbooni's permit rights and deployed a megaship named the Bright Sentinel there. On September 23, 3307, independent pilots who assisted Salvation's efforts to build and test a prototype anti-xeno weapon in the Cornsar system were granted the Mbooni permit in order to receive their rewards at Bright Sentinel. On October 28, 3307, Bright Sentinel departed for a three-week tour in Merope, but left behind a new permanent colony, Prospect's Deep, on the surface of Mbooni 3 A. The Guardian Technology Brokers at Prospect's Deep and Bright Sentinel offer the Modified Gauss Cannon, Modified Plasma Charger, and Modified Shard Cannon.

System Layout

  • Mbooni (Class K star)
    • Mbooni A Belt
    • Mbooni 1 (Metal-rich body)
    • Mbooni B Belt
    • Mbooni 2 (Class III gas giant)
    • Mbooni 3 (Gas giant with water-based life)
      • Bright Sentinel (Megaship)
      • Mbooni 3 A (Icy body)
      • Mbooni 3 B (Icy body)
      • Mbooni 3 C (Icy body)
      • Mbooni 3 D (Icy body)
    • Mbooni 4 (Class I gas giant)
      • Mbooni 4 A (Icy body)
      • Mbooni 4 B (Icy body)
      • Mbooni 4 C (Icy body)
      • Mbooni 4 D (Icy body)
      • Mbooni 4 E (Icy body)
      • Mbooni 4 F (Icy body)
    • Mbooni 5 (Class I gas giant)
      • Mbooni 5 A (Icy body)
      • Mbooni 5 B (Icy body)
      • Mbooni 5 C (Icy body)
      • Mbooni 5 D (Icy body)
      • Mbooni 5 E (Icy body)
      • Mbooni 5 F (Icy body)

Minor Factions