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Meene is an independent system in the Core Systems within the Inner Orion Spur. It hosts the workshop of the Engineer Ram Tah.


In November 3302, Meene became a major hub for the study of the Guardians after United Meene Labour agreed to fund Ram Tah's Guardian research programme at Felice Dock.[1] On December 2, the Felice Dock research centre was irreparably damaged by vandals, forcing Ram Tah to relocate the programmer to his workshop, Phoenix Base, which could more readily secured against malcontents.[2]

As Ram Tah's research grant began to run dry in February 3304, he partnered with Meene General Industries to appeal for deliveries of Guardian artefacts to Felice Dock, which would then be ferried to Phoenix Base.[3] The response from independent pilots was sufficient to continue the programme.[4] This allowed the engineer to identify new Guardian Structure sites, data and materials from which resulted in the production of new technologies based on Guardian designs that were distributed through Technology Brokers beginning on April 6, 3304.[5][6][7]

In October 3304, a group of Sirius Navy officers conspired to hire mercenaries to infiltrate Phoenix Base in the hope of stealing Ram Tah's Guardian research.[8] Sirius Corporation CEO Li Yong-Rui used the initial attack to try and bring Ram Tah into the fold, offering greater resources and security that the engineer had on his own.[9] After Ram Tah refused the offer, Pheonix Base was threatened again by a mercenary force that was intercepted by the Meene Defence Force.[10][11] After an initiative was launched to investigate and capture the mercenaries, their ties to the rogue Sirius Navy officers were discovered.[12] Li Yong-Rui issued an apology to Ram Tah for the officers' actions, promising they would be severely punished, and retracted Sirius Corp's offer to partner with him.[13] On November 30, 3304, the xenological research organisation Aegis stationed a permanent security force in Meene to further protect Ram Tah's independence, which led to Ram Tah partnering with Aegis on April 17, 3305 to ramp up the manufacture of Guardian-related technology.[14][15]

System Layout

  • Meene A (Class F star)
    • Barycentre of Meene AB
      • Meene AB 1 (High metal content world)
      • Meene AB 2 (High metal content world)
      • Meene AB 3 (High metal content world)
        • Mitchell Dock (Outpost)
      • Meene AB 4 (High metal content world)
      • Meene AB 5 (Gas Giant with water-based life)
        • Meene AB 5 a (Rocky body)
          • Klink Beacon (Settlement)
        • Meene AB 5 b (Rocky body)
        • Meene AB 5 c (Rocky body)
        • Meene AB 5 d (Rocky body)
          • Phoenix Base (Workshop)
        • Meene AB 5 e (Rocky body)
        • Meene AB 5 f (Rocky body)
  • Meene B (Class K star)
  • Meene C (Class K star)
  • Meene D (Class M star)

Minor Factions

  • Brazilian League of Pilots (Confederacy, Independent)
  • Bureau of Meene Order (Dictatorship, Independent)
  • Independent HIP 29241 Green Party (Democracy, Federation)
  • Meene General Industries (Corporate, Independent)
  • Meene Purple Drug Empire (Anarchy, Independent)
  • Meene Silver Life Partners (Corporate, Independent)
  • United Meene Labour (Democracy, Independent)