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Logo of Sirius Corporation, the first mega corporation

Mega corporations are massive conglomerates of multiple corporations with different businesses that are part of larger corporate groups. A mega corporation can be a parent company with many subsidiaries, or a set of companies with interlocking business relationships and shareholdings.[1] In the 34th century, the planet-spanning mega corporations employ entire nations and rule unchecked over vast sections of the galaxy.[2] They are not above the law, but they hold a very wide remit as far as what they are permitted to do in the name of profit concerns.[3]

The mega corporations are super-rich and super-powerful with innumerable subsidiaries in multiple industries. They are huge, interstellar and operate in many star systems. They conduct various operations like manufacturing, farming, mining, tourism, entertainment, energy, terraforming and utilize entire planets and star systems. Entire worlds are gouged for minerals and foods. These corporations and their drive for growth are essential for providing basic goods and technology for trillions of people in the galaxy.[2] Apart from a few isolated backwater systems, the presence of mega-corporations is ubiquitous throughout civilised space.[4]

List of Mega Corporations

For a list and overview of corporations in general, see Corporation.

The following is a list of mega corporations in the galaxy. They are classified by the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS).[5]

Name Sector (GICS) Allegiance Description
Achilles Corporation Consumer Discretionary, Industrials Independent Rapacious robotics, computer, and skimmer manufacturer.
Brewer Corporation Aerospace, Industrials Independent Carrier and station manufacturer.
Caine-Massey Materials Federation Fiercely competitive mining corporation.
Mastopolos Mining Materials Empire A major mining corporation with operations in Imperial and independent space.
Neomedical Industries Health Care Alliance Pharmaceutical corporation that serves Alliance and independent systems.
Rockforth Corporation Consumer Staples, Consumer Discretionary Federation Agricultural and tourism giant.
Sirius Corporation Energy, Industrials, Utilities Independent The first mega corporation, and the most powerful.
Universal Cartographics Information Technology, Telecommunication Services Independent Focused on mapping the universe.
Vandermeer Corporation Health Care Federation Pharmaceutical corporation that serves medicine exclusively in Federal systems.
WorldCraft Consumer Discretionary, Real Estate, Industrials Independent Terraforming and tourism/entertainment corporation.
Wreaken Corporation Materials, Industrials Independent A massive mining and construction corporation spread across Federal and frontier systems.