• If I read the changes right, you're the person that deleted them. I added them to make it easier for players to find the nearest location. Why did you delete them?

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    • Crystalline Shards are extremely common (there are likely billions in the game) and easy to find with the scanners added by 3.3. There's no point in cataloging them all, or even all of the sites in a single system, especially since they are procedurally generated using the same assets. A Yttrium site on a moon in one system near Sol isn't going to be substantially different from another Yttrium site on the other side of that same moon, or one near Beagle Point. Because of this, the list should provide only a broad sampling of sites across the galaxy.

      In that vein, and to reduce the cumbersome length of the list and allow other players the chance to submit their discoveries without them being buried, I removed all entries that exceeded a limit of four per player. You are free to add new entries, but since there are already four in the list under your name, older ones will be removed.

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    • Thanks for your reply. I didn't mean the locations column, but the Region they were found. It was easier for players to find locations near the region they are, e.g colonia. The wiki is a very useful source of info and it's the first site I visit when I'm looking for info.

      To reduce the amount of info is, in my personal opinion as a plain user, a bit short-sighted. It makes no difference if there are billion locations in the galaxy, when you don't know if there's one near you. It's faster to peruse the wiki than visiting near star systems. For example I spent 15 days visiting nearby stars, creating a "bubble" of visited systems to find the locations I did, and I gave up before finding one with Polonium.

      Please reconsider re-adding the Region column in the table.

      Thanks again.

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    • I can understand that. I'll re-add the Region column.

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    • I appreciate it!

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  • Why have you removed the page for the Imperial High Conncil, a body made up of Imperial Player Groups that represent thousands of commanders, when you have pages for groups such as Canonn Research?


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    • I was unable to verify that the player group Imperial High Council met the standards set out in wiki policy for player groups to be permitted an article here. The article had no sources, and I could find nothing substantive about the IHC on Google (like a website or even an Inara squadron profile, any kind of hub with info about the player group). The IHC is also not mentioned in any GalNet reports, and I could not identify an associated player minor faction.

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    • The Imperial High Council has existed since 3301. It is not featured in GalNet news articles because FDev does not cover in game events that are connected to Powerplay. As such, here are couple of stories from Sagitarius Eye…

      Some groups with deligates and/or repesentatives at the IHC are… 9th Legion, 10th Legion, 13th Legion, Lavigney's Legion, Aisling Wing Command, Aisling's Angels, Praetorian Curiate Assembly, amoungst others along with the imperial Powerplay Groups to coordinate policy. It doesn't have a website as groups and commanders are approved access to the IHC by the Powerplay groups. It's an important functionary body of the Elite Dangerous universe. 

      Hope that helps explain things.

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    • Without in-universe proof of the IHC's impact on the game as outlined in policy, I'm afraid it can't be given an article here. In addition, since it appears the IHC is not a player group itself but an alliance of multiple player groups, I'm not sure it even falls within the scope of permitted player content.

      However, we do have articles for Lavigny's Legion and The 9th Legion that have been vetted. If you want, there's no issue with devoting a section in those articles to their membership and role within the IHC. There is also a separate Elite Factions Wiki specifically for cataloging player minor factions and their histories, and an article about the IHC may be permitted there.

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    • Fair enough. However, you might wish to look at re-evaluating the rules to include outside sources such as Sagitarius Eye as FDev no longer allow community submited news articles to GalNet & intend the service now to focus on in game content such as new ships.


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  • i suspect you will be able to source fuel from local sources in game rather than space stations.maybe nebulas or stars?what do you think??

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    • The developers did say that the fuel can be mined.

      The questions that they need to answer now are how much is needed for a Fleet Carrier to jump, and how hard it will be to find in rings (in other words, how long it will take a single person to refuel their Fleet Carrier).

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    • Clockpuncher wrote:
      The developers did say that the fuel can be mined.

      The questions that they need to answer now are how much is needed for a Fleet Carrier to jump, and how hard it will be to find in rings (in other words, how long it will take a single person to refuel their Fleet Carrier).

      lets hope from most systems.i would hate to get stuck somewhere without any mineable asteroid belts or planetary ring systems

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    • While it's an excellent piece of work, I'm generally against displaying non-official art such as this in articles since it can lead to misconceptions about the game. There's no guarantee we'll get ship interiors added to Elite Dangerous in the future, or that they'll look anything like this image if we do get them. I hope you understand.

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    • The Sidewinder page already has 2 of my youtube videos linked in it's gallery - Elite Dangerous - Sidewinder full interior - walk inside my ship concept, and Elite Dangerous - Sidewinder Interiors Boxed Edition. This cutout graphics is simply continuation of this work. Therefore there seems to be some inconsistency in your argument.

      Perhaps you could make a new section on that page for player created content. This would prevent any possible confusion.

      Also if we do ever get acutal interiors, then the gallery can be updated. Until then - this is the best we have (afaik).

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    • The inconsistency was not intentional, and for that I apologize. The wiki is a big place and there's always a lot to do, sometimes things slip through the cracks. I was not aware those videos were present and have removed them, along with other such videos in other articles, for the reasons I stated in my previous comment.

      To be clear, the wiki's scope is strictly the game and related official topics. It's simply not an appropriate place to showcase fan creations. If you wish to have your art recognized, may I suggest the game's forums or social media.

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    • Fair enough.

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  • Can you disable IP editing on this wiki through Special:ThemeDesigner atleast for short period because of ongoing vandalism

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  • Is there a way I can retrieve the text from this page so that I may use it elsewhere? 

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    • Sure, here you go:

      Hi I'm SoundlessScream and this is stuff I type a lot that would be easier to share a link for.

      A lot of new players find the controls to be a little unwieldy, so I have a few suggestions to alleviate the more delicate movements like landing and manuvering in asteroids.

      Set L3 to "Set throttle to 0%" that's your brakes now, so so helpful. L1 set to "Verticle Thrust Up" R1 "Verticle Thrust Down" Horizontal thrust isn't used by most players unless they're landing, so you can set it to something like L1+R1+directional button for thrust forward, right, left, and backwards.

      Horizontal thrust is separate from your throttle.

      The throttle is adjusted like a big boat or plane, it's not as easy for delicate small movements, and I find myself throwing it into reverse when I try to stop, it was so frustrating when I started.

      Your screens in your ship are how you navigate space, you can even travel to something with no windshield hud if you understand your dashboard.

      In the center is your hull% and shields. Above it is a crosshair. When locked onto a destination, a white dot will represent the destination. If it's hollow in the middle, your target is behind you.

      Also in the middle is your radar. Squares are ships, triangles are ships with guns deployed, hollowed out objects are player ships (squares or triangles) white squares are inanimate objects, such as resource canisters, mined rock bits and so on.

      So your square+down screen is just your available ship seats and who's sitting in them. If you have a ship with multiple seats and have an AI fighter pilot, or a player aboard you'll see that there.

      Square+Left is your missions and navigation. I use filters for navigation to make finding stations really easy.

      Square+Up is your social and chat. You can see player names in the area.

      Square+right is ship information and pilot info. You can check on your internal components health, cargo bay, engineering materials, pilot's reputation and money, your rank status, fire group keybinds for weapons, all that stuff.

      After that, you will be interested to know that when accessing station services, you can check the mission board for quests, commodities market to buy or sell things, contacts for doing things like paying off a bounty or fine as well as other activities, universal cartographics for selling your discovered system data., Rougey, and are excellent websites for finding things like ships, parts for them, mining spots, resources, trade routes, all kinds of stuff. Choose the format you are most comfortable with.

      You should get a message at some point containing 10,000 credits that you can invest into upgrading your ship. Most people get a better frame shift drive so that they can complete some data delivery missions. You could potentially buy some very minimum and cheap mining equipment, obsidian ant has a video about mining in a sidewinder that can guide you if you choose to do that. But being as your cargo space is extremely limited in a side winder, your time would be best used completing low risk missions that don't require much cargo capacity.

      Outfitting in station services is how you will edit your ship's parts.

      Oh, you should also get a message guiding you to some nearby systems for quests relevant to fighting, mining, or trading.

      So on the topic of getting around.

      Your ship has 3 modes of travel, starting with conventional engines, then you have "suipercruise" and finally frame shift drive.

      Engines are familiar to us and work in a way that makes sense, we speed up and slow down and we have inertia because we're in space.

      But super cruise is different. It speeds up and slows down slowly, and can reach very high top speeds. Your ships computer compensates this by trying to make your speed peak at the middle point of your travel to a planet or station around the star that you're orbiting around. On your throttle, there will be a little blue section as a guideline for your speed limits when super cruising to a destination.

      Go too high above the blue wedge and your ship won't slow down in time, go under too far and it'll take a long time to arrive to where you're going.

      So I suggest to adjust your throttle into the bottom 25% or 1/4 of that blue wedge there, and allow your ships computer to adjust the speed for you otherwise. All you do then is steer, and "safe disengage" supercruise when close to your target.

      Lasty you have your frame shift drive, which just teleports you to the next star in whatever course you have plotted in your galaxy map, accessed with Triangle+left. Which, by the way, you'll want to set to off of realistic. Many players also diasble white dwarf, non sequence, wolf rayet, and pulsar stars from their galaxy map star filter till they learn more about it.

      I will talk a little more about things to do, I'm copy pasting this from productive conversations I have had. So please, forgive me if there is some topic overlap.

      Figuring out a trading route can be kind of complicated without having a program do it for you, luckily we have those available. These are great for finding trade routes that are in your price range, you can quickly multiply your funds this way. You can also use these webpages to find somewhere to sell your mining work.

      Finding pirates is easy. If you open your system map (triangle+right?) and find a planet with rings, lock destination, fly somewhere nearer in proximity, you will find there are "resource site" locations available to set a destination to in your square+left screen.

      They appear as "low", I can't remember if there is a medium, "high" and "hazardous" Pirate ships are bigger and more numerous, and there are less space cops (green i.d ships) the higher the danger level is.

      Having any part in the killing of a pirate gets you a bounty. It is safest to get a shot in on a pirate the police are attacking, careful not to hit the authority, then keep your distance and let them do the fighting for you. You sell bounties at a space station, with the "authority" contact on the station services screen, contacts tab.

      And lastly, exploring. You can collect data with your discovery scanner. When you enter a solar system, you can "honk" to gather the data and go to the next one. Space stations like to buy that updated data.

      For example, the farther you go to collect data, the more it is worth at the place you started at. But you can go and sell anywhere.

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    • Wow thank you

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  • Hi Clockpuncher

    I see that you deleted my recent contribution to Dorn's page, but did not state a reason for doing so in your editing.

    Can you please let me know what you found wrong, so that I can be a better contributor in the future?


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    • We’ll have to agree to disagree, I guess.

      I maintain that your interpretation is quite a stretch and goes against the term’s common English usage. There’s lots of ways FDev could have written that sentence... putting the word “human” before “traffic” has a very specific connotation behind it in this context, as many other players have pointed out.

      But I won’t pursue it any further.

      Also for the record: I do appreciate everything you do for this wiki. It is in the top 1% of all gaming wikis out there. So thanks for that!

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    • Yes, I suppose we're set in our ways.

      I'll make one final point in my defense: searching for "human traffic" on Wikipedia takes you not to their article on human trafficking, but to a British film titled Human Traffic about a group of friends who go clubbing. The meaning of "human trafficking" is indisputable, but if "human traffic" was a commonly accepted synonym for that, then why would such a macabre term have been chosen unironically as the title for a film about partygoers? Also, in my humble opinion, Frontier doesn't have the best writers on the block; don't discount their capacity for mistakes.

      And thank you for your compliment. In turn, I appreciate you helping to keep this conversation amicable, that ability isn't the most common thing these days.

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  • Somebody vandalised the Elite Dangerous page and it should be fixed pretty quickly.

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  • Hi Clockpuncher, can you please check if there's new lore in the Codex about the galactic powers, Thargoids and Guardians and add it to the existing pages?

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  • Hi Clockpuncher, I noticed you made a page about the Knowledge Base. I think it should describe that, but don't copy all the content from the game due to potential copyright issues. We could reference to the knowledge base when adding information to articles on this wiki.

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    • Okay, you should send a message to Frontier support. They'll surely respond to that.

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    • I'll give it a try. SpyTec says there shouldn't be a problem, though, since Frontier would reach out to Wikia and Wikia would reach out to us if they wanted us to remove something.

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