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|CMDR Immortal Ghost
|CMDR Immortal Ghost
|Blu Thua AC-D d12-40
|Purpureum, Rubeum
|CMDR The Officer

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Metallic Crystals and a Type-9

These crystalline structures are noted for the metallic lustre of their outer surface.

— In-Game Description

Metallic Crystals are crystalline structures with a metallic lustre on their outer surface that are found among Notable Stellar Phenomena. They are created by huge numbers of primordial microorganisms.[1]

Types Edit

There are four known types of Metallic Crystals:

  • Prasinum Metallic Crystals
  • Purpureum Metallic Crystals
  • Rubeum Metallic Crystals
  • Flavum Metallic Crystals

Locations Edit

System Type Reported By
Plio Eurl QP-N D7-6 Purpureum, Rubeum CMDR Ewex
Praea Euq LQ-L b22-1 Flavum CMDR Jackie Silver
LBN 623 Sector MS-T c3-12 Flavum CMDR DevaKitty
Wredguia SX-L d7-92 Rubeum CMDR DRFATS900
Wredguia SX-L d7-92 Purpureum CMDR SpearA59
Wredguia SX-L d7-92 Prasinum CMDR SpearA59
Alaunus Purpureum, Rubeum CMDR Jackie Silver, CMDR Suprcel
Swoilz NN-A d1-28 CMDR Zibadian
Hamlet's Harmony CMDR S10opy
Plio Eurl LO-P b48 CMDR Idonolis
Drojeae TQ-X c17-2 CMDR LeMort
Synuefe EU-Z b42-0 CMDR sircompo
Byeia Euq IR-U c16-27 Rubeum CMDR Aldenheim
Synuefe MX-V b34-1 Purpureum, Rubeum CMDR Kaytrox
Bleia Dryiae FL-V b22-17 Rubeum CMDR bwc153
Flyiedge TN-P b11-6 Flavum, Purpureum CMDR R4B1dG04t
Flyiedge BN-G b42-0 Flavum, Purpureum, Rubeum CMDR Cyzair
Flyiedgou JA-F b31-4 Rubeum, Prasinum CMDR LocrianDM
M21 Sector CW-D b12-3 Prasinum, Flavum CMDR LocrianDM
Droju DH-F c14-14 Prasinum, Flavum CMDR kiestaking
Bleia Eohn EY-F d12-6 CMDR ArmadilloToast
Praea Euq GN-D b53-5 Flavum, Purpureum CMDR cgore
Col 359 Sector QP-G b27-0 All Types CMDR TheForkinator
Bleia Eohn CR-T d4-31 Purpureum, Rubeum CMDR Langrisser
Oochoss FS-Q b52-0 Prasinum CMDR Armstrong
Oort Prasinum CMDR Opal VI
HIP 15310 Flavum, Rubeum
Blanco 1 Sector DG-L b9-0 Rubeum CMDR Enish
IC 2602 Sector FB-X d1-170 Rubeum
Plaa Aescs LA-O c7-6 Flavum, Prasinum CMDR Aelethreda
Blu Thua FZ-E c25-3 Flavum, Prasinum CMDR Nuik
Colonia Prasinum, Rubeum CMDR Pakrat
Col 285 Sector GG-N c7-34 CMDR QuantumTommy
Aucopp BO-N b9-0 Flavum, Purpureum CMDR Rhye
Bleia Eohn SB-N b26-3 Rubeum CMDR Crabcakes
M17 Sector WE-Z d75 Prasinum, Flavum, Purpureum CMDR Darmstadt
BD-12 1172 Flavum, Rubeum CMDR Nytrox
Col 175 Sector XS-D c14-7 Prasinum, Flavum, Rubeum CMDR irrel
Col 173 Sector GS-J b25-4 Prasinum, Purpureum, Rubeum
Synuefe GU-Q c21-15 Purpureum CMDR Floyd 09
Sifi UG-K b23-1 Flavum, Rubeum, Prasnium CMDR Dark-Star
Plaa Eurk HK-B b0 Purpureum CMDR Shadowswift
Wregoe QX-L d7-8 Flavum CMDR Mesjano
Praea Euq VG-Z b16-0 Purpereum CMDR Madd Muffin
Hind Sector FB-X c1-7 Prasinum, Purpureum CMDR DKCHEWY
NGC 6124 Sector ZL-L b8-3 Prasinum, Flavum CMDR Евграф
Byoi Eurk JI-M b7-3 Prasnium, Rubeum CMDR Compander
Byoi Eurk MT-P b39-0 Prasnium, Purpureum CMDR Compander
Pyraleau UH-B c14-2 Flavum CMDR Compander
Aurora Astrum Purpureum, Rubeum CMDR Compander
Col 132 Sector QM-V b31-1 Purpureum CMDR RazerTX
Wregoe VJ-I d9-90 Flavum CMDR GuitarsyGuy
Nyeajee RV-M b50-0 Flavum, Rubeum CMDR Pitulek
Messier 78 Sector FG-Y e5 Flavum CMDR Juliet_Kilo
Hind Sector ZU-Y c1 Purpureum CMDR Ludwegg
Nyeakio YQ-B d14-45 Purpureum, Rubeum, Flavum CMDR Nuno F
Nyeakio SJ-I c25-9 Purpureum, Rubeum CMDR Victor Davion
Praea Euq YN-U b31-2 Prasinum CMDR Victor Davion
Blu Thua HL-Z b42-1 Purpureum CMDR Arnice
Oob Broae OC-D d12-43 Purpureum CMDR Jedirogue
Phylur IJ-K b8-4 Flavum CMDR xarmir
Pru Eurk OO-H b24-1 Rubeum CMDR Flambello
Smojeia NL-K b52-1 Rubeum, Purpureum CMDR Flambello
Thailae AV-A b6-5 Rubeum, Prasinum CMDR SK Mantle
Praea Euq ES-J d9-11 Rubeum, Purpureum CMDR Johib
Lysoof SP-Z b42-0 Rubeum, Purpureum, Prasinum
Nyeajaae WG-S d5-161 Rubeum
Phylur DE-B b2 Rubeum, Purpureum, Prasinum CMDR Jacob Martin
Thailae ZV-P c21-15 Rubeum CMDR xarmir
Lysoorb QP-F b25-1 Rubeum CMDR Immortal Ghost
Blu Thua AC-D d12-40 Purpureum, Rubeum CMDR The Officer

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References Edit

  1. Codex in-game description
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