Mic Turner was a talented pilot and explorer with a passion for long-distance flight. He graduated with honors from the civilian pilot's school on the frontier world of Jones Colony (Essafa). Turner was one of the few to discover a habitable (and later terraformed) world before passing the full explorer's grade exams.

Turner and his life-long partner Meredith Argent were the first to propose a safe political unit for those who wished to exist outside the protection of the Federation or the constraints of the Empire. They were the main driving force behind the creation of the Alliance of Independent Systems.[1]

The engineer Bill Turner claims to be his son.


This is the official lore of Tourist Spot 0121 in Alioth.

Born in 3205, Mic Turner grew up in Jones Colony in the Essafa system. After graduating with honours from the civilian Pilots school, he moved to New California in Alioth, just before the rebellion started.[2]

In 3228, when the Federal corporations supplying New California attempted to raise their prices again, the citizens revolted, taking over the ships berthed in the space station and riding out to the gas mining stations to assault the corporate workers. Federal and Imperial forces arrived within days, but fighters from Alioth and several neighbouring independent systems joined forces to repel them.[2]

Turner's pilot skills saw him amongst the first to fly out to the orbital platforms and he won a great deal of respect from his peers for his efforts. It was here he met Meredith Argent, a scientist who led one of the Caker cells on the gas platforms and was the direct descendent of Walter Argent, a wealthy industrialist from Ayethi in the 27th century.[2]

Argent and Turner were to become partners for life.[2]


  • His name is likely a reference to the musician Nik Turner.


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