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Mind the Gap was a community expedition organized by the Xbox One player group Deep Recon X. Its goal was to follow the final message transmitted by CMDR Salomé on August 23, 3304 as she was abducted by unidentified assailants in the Cemiess system, and search Hawking's Gap for sites related to Project Dynasty.[1]


In August 3302, a distress call was intercepted from Kahina Tijani Loren - a message for the legendary Children of Raxxla:

"Heavy fire...mayday! Imperial markings! Traitors... Shields are down, we're taking damage...it's... I thought I sensed his arrogance! How dare... We're being boarded. I only have moments. Please get word to the Children of Raxxla, tell them I have new information. The Rift, Hawkin's Gap and the Conflux are connected with strange happenings in the Pleiades. They must find out before..."

The repercussions of the message are sending ripples throughout occupied space, all at a time when alien objects and structures are being found with increasing regularity. Even unregistered beacons have been located in all three areas mentioned! These three areas of space are: The Formidine Rift, The Conflux and Hawking’s Gap – and it is the latter to which we must turn our attention.

This exploration mission launched just as the first Dynasty bases were being discovered. At the time of launch the Dynasty / Exodus storyline was unfolding and DRX attempted to be at the front of the search. In the event, they were pipped to the post, and continued a search of the wider Hawking's Gap area in case there were other items of interest.

The expedition was of note due to its unique search method where the group were split into two squadrons which went around the gap before meeting at the western end and returning through the centre.


Waypoint Timings:

  • Launch: Saturday 14 January 3303,  2100 - 2200UTC  Omicron Ursae Majoris, Asimov Dock

Photo ops & wing-ups. Staggered departure. Squadron leaders ensure your pilots know what they are doing….

  • Science and stuff at the Ancient Ruins :SYNUEFE XR-H D11-102, Planet 1 B

-31.7877, -128.9711 : 16 January 3303, 2130UTC for those who haven’t been before or want to collect certain items.

  • Muster Point 1:CPD-65 2513 : 28 January 3303

AB 3 a  Surface coordinates : -7.29 / -117.50

  • Optional waypoint search area: Plaa Aec IZ-N C20-1 : 1 February 3303
  • Red WP1:  Praea Aec YA-F d11-37: 4 Februaryy 3303
  • Blue WP1: Prungoa EF-A e5: 4 Februaryy 3303
  • Red WP2: Circinus Pulsar: 18 February 3303
  • Blue WP2: Grie Hypai DL-Y g2: 18 February 3303
  • Muster Point 2: Pueliae IT-H d10-1: 4 March 3303

Return via Plaa Aec IZ-N C20-1 - continue search if nothing else has been found

  • Mission end: 25 March 3303