MineLauncher Ingame

Mine launcher

Defensive weapon. Deploys proximity-triggered charges.

— In-Game Description

Mine launchers drop mines when fired. Once mines are dropped they will detonate when any hostile ship enters its proximity. Enough mines in the same location can quickly destroy small and medium sized ships, and cause severe damage to large ones. Damage is explosive and so has an area effect and is much more effective against hull than shields. It is possible to damage one's own ship if they detonate too close.

Mines do not move of their own power after being deployed. Although the classical use for mines is to drop them in front of pursuers, it is of course possible to use them in a dogfight more offensively by tempting an overconfident opponent onto them. Cleverly used, they can be highly effective. Poorly deployed, then they will do nothing. They do not detonate in the proximity of non-hostile ships, but can still damage non-hostiles (and the pilot's own ship) within their blast radius, so care is advised in crowded battle zones.

An active Point Defence Turret will automatically target and attempt to destroy any mines within range. They can also be targeted and shot at by ordinary hardpoint weapons, but their small size may make them rather difficult to hit.

Mines can be modified, and particularly noteworthy is the Reverberating Cascade experimental effect. Used with skill, a few mines can destroy any ship's shield generator and render the most impenetrable shields useless in a moment - always a nasty shock for a pilot whose A-rated, highly modified Federal Corvette has just been crippled and left defenceless by an Adder.

Mine launchers are available only for class 1 and class 2 hardpoints. The mines are identical, but the class 2 launcher can drop 3 mines before having to reload rather than just one.

Mines also have a 1 second arming time during which they deal very low damage and apply no experimental effects.


Spent ammunition must be replenished once used. Any station is equipped with a "Re-arm" service will be able to replenish ammunition. Once docked at the station, ammunition can be purchased from the Munitions menu in the Starport Services. Mines costs 209 CR per unit. In this case one mine is one unit.

Engineers Edit

This weapon can be modified by Engineers to enhance it's abilities.

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The following modifications can be applied to this module:

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Modifying this module can sometimes result in any one of the following special effects also being applied:


Class Rating Mass
Integrity Power
Clip Size
1 I 2.00 40 0.400 Fixed Explosive 60 5.00 1 36 24,260
2 I 4.00 51 0.400 Fixed Explosive 60 7.50 3 72 294,080

Purchase Locations Edit

Class Rating System Station Weapon Mode Value
1 I LHS 3447 Larson Orbital Fixed 24,260
2 I LHS 3447 Larson Orbital Fixed 294,080

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