Operates as both a standard mining laser with increased range and a reduced strength beam laser for added protection.

— In-Game Description

The Mining Lance is a Mining Laser variant capable of inflicting increased combat damage in addition to performing a mining tool. It is a Power-specific loyalty reward for Zemina Torval supporters.

Usage Edit

The Mining Lance's combat performance is comparable to a Class 1 fixed Beam Laser, against which it has 67% of the maximum range, 113% of the power draw, 82% of the DPS, 171% the thermal load, and 90% of the distributor draw. Its mining performance is identical to a Class 1 Mining Laser, although it has a 2000m range instead of 500m.

Specifications Edit

Class 1
Rating D
Mass (T) 2.00
Integrity 40
Power Draw (MW) 0.700
Weapon Mode Fixed
Damage Type Thermic
Damage 3.00
DPS 8.00
Thermal Load/s 6.00
Distributor Draw (MW) 1.75
Armour Pierce Rating 18
Damage Falloff Range (m) 600
Range (m) 2000
Price(CR) 13,600


  • The Mining Lance's beam is bright blue.[1]


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