MissileRack Ingame

Missile rack

Missile battery capable of launching [...] missiles.

— In-Game Description

The Missile Rack is currently the only way to launch missiles.

Like all other weapons missiles must be assigned to a fire group in order to shoot. There are two types of missiles: dumbfire and seeker. Dumbfire missiles will shoot similar to other fixed weapons - straight and towards the crosshair. Seeker missiles will continuously lock onto targets, but will only launch when given the order to fire and once launched will attempt to intercept their target. No only do seeker missiles do slightly less damage, they also require several seconds for a lock to be established on the target before they can be fired.

An alert sound will go off when a seeker missile has been fired at the player and can be seen on the radar. Outmaneuvering seeker missiles can be very tricky. The Point Defence Turret and Electronic Countermeasure utility modules counter seeker missiles by shooting them down or causing them to lose lock. Point Defence can still shoot down incoming dumbfire missiles, but ECM has no effect.

As of patch 1.6 or 2.1 for Horizons owners, explosive damage against shields was significantly buffed, making missiles significantly more useful despite their limited ammunition. Certain special effects like overload munitions increased its damage against shields even further. As of 3.2 Beyond Chapter 3 however, shields have a base 50% explosive damage resistance, meaning unmodified missiles do much less damage when striking shielded targets.

The main strength of missiles is against un-shielded hull. The armour piercing value of missiles is decent, while hull has a large base -40% penalty to explosion damage resistance, significantly increasing the damage a missile can do against it. Reactive armour Bulkheads and the the Blast Resistant Armour modification greatly increase explosive damage resistance, while the Heavy Duty Armour modification gives a minor increase.

The class of the rack increases the maximum number of missiles that can be stored in the weapon, but has no effect on any of the attributes of a single missile.



Medium caliber missiles

Spent ammunition must be replenished once used. Any station that is equipped with a "Re-arm" service will be able to replenish ammunition. Once docked at the station, ammunition can be purchased from the Munitions menu in the Starport Services. Missiles cost 500 CR per unit. In this case one missile is one unit. It will cost 12,000 CR to reload all 24 rounds in an empty missile rack. Seeker Missile Racks can only contain 12 Missiles total (6 in launcher, 6 reserve). They cost the exact same amount to reload (12,000 CR)


Missile speed is 750 m/s for dumbfire missiles, and 625 m/s for seeker missiles.

Class Rating Mass
Integrity Power
Damage Armour
ROF DPS Thermal
Clip Size
1 B 2.00 40 0.400 Fixed Explosive 50 60 0.5 /s 25 3.6 8 16 Dumbfire 32,175
1 B 2.00 40 0.600 Fixed Explosive 40 60 0.3 /s 13.3 3.6 6 12 Seeker 72,600
2 B 4.00 51 1.200 Fixed Explosive 50 60 0.5 /s 25 3.6 12 24 Dumbfire 240,400
2 B 4.00 51 1.200 Fixed Explosive 40 60 0.3 /s 13.3 3.6 6 18 Seeker 512,400
3 A 8.00 64 1.620 Fixed Explosive 50 60 0.5 /s 25 3.6 12 96 Dumbfire 919,350
3 A 8.00 64 1.620 Fixed Explosive 40 60 0.3 /s 13.3 3.6 6 36 Seeker 1,323,927

Engineers Edit

This weapon can be modified by Engineers to enhance its abilities.

Modifications Edit

The following modifications can be applied to this module:

Possible Experimental Effects Edit

Modifying this module can sometimes result in any one of the following special effects also being applied:

Purchase LocationsEdit

Class Rating System Station Weapon Mode Value
2 B LHS 3447 Larson Orbital Fixed 512,400
2 B LHS 3447 Larson Orbital Fixed 240,400
1 B LHS 3447 Larson Orbital Fixed 72,600
1 B LHS 3447 Larson Orbital Fixed 32,175
1 B Witchhaul

Hornby Terminal

1 B Altair Solo Orbiter Fixed
1 B Finteno Kolmogorov Fixed
2 B Finteno Kolmogorov Fixed
1 B Parens Thompson Orbital Fixed
1 B Kuk Perga City Fixed 32,180
2 B Kuk Perga City Fixed 512,400
1 B Kuk Perga City Fixed 72,600
3 A G 141-21 Scithers Hub Fixed 919,350
3 A G 141-21 Scithers Hub Fixed 1,323,927
  • This list requires expansion


  • Keep in mind that Missiles do explosive damage and as such anything in the explosion area (including your own ship) will take damage.
  • Seeker missiles are not affected by chaff, as they lock onto the heat signature of your target. Instead, they are countered by Electronic Countermeasures or Point Defence Turrets.

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