Mitterand Hollow moon

Mitterand Hollow is a tiny, special moon not far away from Sol and reachable with a low-budget ship. It's in the system Epsilon Indi and orbits the planet New Africa. It's really fast, weighs 0.0010 Earth masses and has a radius of 684 km. This makes it slightly bigger than a huge asteroid.

The moon does a 360 degree orbit around its planet in just 1 minute and 26 seconds with an approximate speed of 876 kilometers per second. Once you're mass locked it'll be regular landing, because you orbit the planet with the moon. A day is 1 minute 26 seconds long on the moon. There's a total solar eclipse each day for 10 seconds.[1]

In 3302 the Crab Nebula Expedition departed from there, the largest coordinated flight of explorers since the Distant Worlds Expedition. This place has attracted a wide variety of pilots from veterans to beginners. It's a must-have experience. If you have the Horizons season pass you can land on the moon too.

On 1st December 3302, members of the Distant Worlds Expedition had a reunion waypoint (Waypoint 24) on its surface at Barcelo Colony. The base camp was designated: Reunion Landing.

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