Module priority control 2

Once the power limit of a ship is exceeded, certain modules are disabled

Module priority control is a feature that allows pilots to prioritize power for specific modules, so that in the event of a power shortage due to an insufficient or damaged Power Plant, modules that the pilot deems vital can remain activated. It is accessible in the right panel of the HUD. Careful module priority control can allow pilots to carry more modules than their Power Plant can support and activate/deactivate them as necessary, as well as allow their ship to continue fighting to a degree even if they lose their Power Plant in combat.


Module priority control

By setting module priorities this Vulture is kept completely operational at a total power usage of 121%

To set up a hierarchy for power usage, the priority number in the Modules tab on the right-side panel can be changed for each individual module. Priority ranges from numbers "1" (highest priority) through "5" (lowest priority). For instance, a module with "5" has the lowest possible priority and will shut down first in the case of power draw excess.

The idea is to set the highest number ("5") for modules which are expendable in combat. This includes Cargo Hatch, Frame Shift Drive, Fuel Scoop, and so forth.

Once module priority control is employed, the modules concerned are disabled and re-enabled automatically whenever hardpoints are deployed and retracted.

The following table lists a rather power-consuming bounty hunter loadout for the Vulture including assigned module priorities and the power usages between deployed and retracted hardpoints. Without setting module priorities, this particular loadout would render the ship entirely inoperational due to power draw excess.

Vulture Power (MW)
Component Module
A4 Power Plant +15.60 +15.60
C3/G Beam Laser 1 -1.78 off
C3/G Beam Laser 1 -1.78 off
A0 Shield Booster 1 -1.20 -1.20
I0 Chaff Launcher 1 -0.20 off
E0 Kill Warrant Scanner 1 -0.20 off
I1 Lightweight Alloy
D5 Thrusters 1 -4.59 -4.59
A4 Frame Shift Drive 5 off -0.45
E3 Life Support 1 -0.42 -0.42
A5 Power Distributor 1 -0.74 -0.74
A4 Sensors 1 -1.02 -1.02
A5 Shield Generator 1 -3.64 -3.64
A4 Shield Cell Bank 5 off -1.72
B2 Auto Field-Maintenance Unit 5 off -1.29
B1 Fuel Scoop 5 off -0.28
H1 Cargo Hatch disabled off off
Total power remaining 0.03 0.25
Total power usage 15.57 (100%) 15.35 (99%)


  • Irrespective of module priority control, the player will still receive the mandatory cockpit warning whenever hardpoints are getting deployed that the power limit was exceeded and modules have been disabled.
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