Money Matters is a business-focused news feed. It covers things such as business, investing, stock markets, finance, banks, hedge funds, private equity and stock indexes. Some of their articles are cited by GalNet.

Individuals Edit

  • Roberta Unwin - correspondent and economist

Timeline Edit

15 OCT 3301

  • Sirius Corporation Announces New Programme. Roberta Unwin, an economist who regularly contributes to the Money Matters news feed, commented on the announcement: "Wealthy organisations often expand into new areas without any immediate plans in mind. Sometimes it's because they think the area will become profitable – other times it's done to undercut a rival. It's called speculative expansion. It's actually rather common, although it usually takes place on a much smaller scale."[1]

16 NOV 3301

  • Market Value of Unknown Artefacts Increases. According to Money Matters correspondent Roberta Unwin: "The market value of a commodity can increase over time, of course, but dramatic spikes of this sort tend not to happen without a catalyst. Evidently, someone is paying a great deal for these objects. The question is: who?"[2]

References Edit

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