Mount Neverest on Nervi 3 A

Mountains are a natural rise of a planet's surface with a summit or top. They're steeper than hills and usually over 600 metres tall (about 2,000 feet).

Mountains on low gravity planets and moons can be much taller than on Earth. Such as Jupiter's volcanic moon Io has 17 kilometers high mountain peaks (11 miles). That's a lot taller than the highest mountain on Earth, Mount Everest (8.8 kilometers).

From space it may appear like a tiny mole hill, but when you get close it turns out to be a huge mountain range. Planets without atmosphere make it more difficult to perceive distance.

Base-jumping Edit

It is possible to do base-jumping from mountains in the SRV. For example Mt. Neverest. Is the tallest known mountain in the galaxy of Elite Dangerous.

Mt. Neverest Edit

Mt. Neverest is located on the planet Nervi 3A, in the Nervi system. It's located right inside The Bubble.

Pre ED 2.2, the mountain extended over 50km (31 miles) off the surface, meaning you could fly through the top of it in supercruise, use it as a hole to enter the planet, or drive up it in an SRV until you reach the boundary where gravity stops affecting you and your SRV careens off into space.[1]

Locations Edit

These are notable mountainous locations.

System Planet Coordinates Notes
Pomeche 2 C Has a surface tourist beacon called "Epic Mountain Range"[2]
Sol Charon (moon of Pluto) Has mountains with only 0.03g[3]
Deciat 4 Mountain with 2.1% arsenic and an SRV[4]
Nervi 3 A Mt. Neverest. It's the tallest known mountain in the galaxy. Suitable for base jumping. Coordinates not needed, the mountain is so huge you'll see it from orbit easily.[5]

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