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Mount Neverest on Nervi 3 A

Mountains are a natural rise of a planet's surface with a summit or top. They're steeper than hills and usually over 600 metres tall (about 2,000 feet).

Mountains on low gravity planets and moons can be much taller than on Earth. Such as Jupiter's volcanic moon Io, which has 17 kilometer high mountain peaks (11 miles). That's much taller than the highest mountain on Earth, Mount Everest (8.8 kilometers).

From space, many mountain ranges may appear as tiny mole hills, but closer inspection can often reveal immense mountain ranges with complex feature variations. Planets without atmosphere make it more difficult to perceive height and distance.

Base Jumping[]

The SRV provides adventurous Commanders with an opportunity to base jump from any mountain range. Popular destinations for base jumping include Mount Neverest, Pomeche, and Mount Wesley, which are among the tallest known mountains in the Elite Dangerous galaxy.

Mount Neverest[]

Mount Neverest is located inside The Bubble on the planet Nervi 3 A. Prior to version 2.2, the mountain extended over 50 km (31 miles) off the surface, which meant that pilots could fly through the central peak in supercruise. Gravitational effects were so distorted by the mountain's extreme height that Commanders could drive an SRV to the mountaintop where gravity would cease to function and an SRV could easily be launched into planetary orbit.[1]

Notable Locations[]

System Planet Coordinates Notes
Pomeche 2 C Has a surface tourist beacon called "Epic Mountain Range".[2]
Sol Charon (moon of Pluto) Has mountains with only 0.03g.[3]
Deciat 4 Mountain with 2.1% arsenic and an SRV.[4]
Nervi 3 A Mount Neverest. One of the tallest mountains in the known galaxy. Suitable for base jumping. Coordinates not needed, the mountain is so huge you'll see it from orbit easily.[5]
Smojai IT-P d6-2 A 2 A Mount Wesley. 30 km high peak sticking out of a small green moon orbiting a blue gas giant.[6]
Qeajo CZ-N c20-15 AB 1 D Goliath. A rocky ice world covered in epic mountain ranges. Many of these mountains are approximately 30 km in height.
Eol Prou UJ-Q d5-633 AB 7 A Solomon's Key. A rocky ice world covered in epic mountain ranges similar to Pomeche and Goliath. One particular mountain range appears to push the boundaries of the stellar forge terrain generation.