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Naomi Landseer is the chairperson of the board of directors of the Allied ship manufacturer Lakon Spaceways. She and several other Lakon directors were voted off the board in an emergency shareholder meeting on December 22, 3306 due to their opposition to a buyout bid for Lakon from Core Dynamics. Landseer was replaced by Trent Delaney. On February 10, 3307, after the Independent Commission for Market Equality declared the takeover of Lakon illegal and Core Dynamics terminated the process, Delaney resigned and Landseer was reinstated in another emergency shareholder meeting.


19 FEB 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    The capital system of the Alliance now hosts Lakon's administrative hub and offers a 5% discount on its ships. The company's main offices have been relocated to the Lakon Spaceways Central planetary port on Alioth 1 a. All shipyards within the Alioth system are offering a permanent 5% discount on sales of vessels manufactured by Lakon. Pilots will need to obtain a permit for Alioth to take advantage of this reduction. Both the move and the discount reflect the Alliance's recent purchase of a majority sharehold in the company. This was primarily to retain it as a key defence contractor for the Alliance Defence Force. Naomi Landseer, chairperson of the board of directors, announced: "We are extremely pleased to be partnered with the Alliance, especially after recent tumultuous events. Lakon's highly regarded ships will remain available across the galaxy." The attempted takeover of Lakon Spaceways by Core Dynamics was revoked due to revelations of illegal practices by its former CEO, Jupiter Rochester. Federal news sources have reported that a rapid restructure is taking place within Core Dynamics, alongside investigations by the Federal Intelligence Agency.[1]

16 FEB 3307

  • The Alliance Assembly has approved purchasing a majority sharehold in Lakon Spaceways, gaining partial ownership of the shipbuilding company. An acquisition attempt by Federal corporation Core Dynamics was recently revoked due to illegal practices by its former CEO Jupiter Rochester. The Alliance has now rescued Lakon from possible insolvency, using government funding to buy shares and increase investment. Naomi Landseer, the reinstated chairperson of Lakon's board of directors, announced: "We welcome becoming closer partners with the Alliance, which we see as a natural progression following successful collaboration on past projects. I'm pleased to inform customers that the manufacture of Lakon vessels will continue uninterrupted." Although some Assembly members voted against the decision, including election candidate Nakato Kaine, there is broad public and industry approval. The Council of Admirals has expressed gratitude that a key defence contractor will not be controlled by another superpower or corporation. Much of Lakon's personnel and resources will migrate to Alliance space, although its range of ships will remain available for purchase across the galaxy. Plans to construct a new headquarters for Lakon Spaceways within the Alioth system are well underway.[2]

10 FEB 3307

  • The acquisition of Lakon Spaceways by Core Dynamics has been revoked following revelations of illegal activity. An inquiry by the Independent Commission for Market Equality stated that former Core Dynamics CEO Jupiter Rochester "exerted unduly influence on Lakon shareholders, including bribery and blackmail". This led to new appointees to the board of directors, who were paid to approve the hostile takeover. The inquiry also factored in the recent Federal High Court trial, which proved that Jupiter Rochester was directly responsible for the destruction of Starship One in 3301. In both cases, he set up shell companies to move enormous funds via unregistered banking systems. Core Dynamics refused to comment on the allegations, but its legal team has terminated the transfer process. The entire corporation is currently in disarray due to several departments becoming an independent faction under the name Jupiter Division. At Lakon Spaceways, Trent Delaney and several other directors have resigned. During an emergency meeting, a majority of stakeholders approved reinstating Naomi Landseer as chairperson. With stock values plummeting and industry confidence low, the future of the company remains uncertain. However, Sirius Corporation confirmed that it has made preliminary offers with regards to acquiring Lakon as a subsidiary.[3]

13 JAN 3307

  • An anonymous source within the shipbuilding corporation Core Dynamics has revealed details behind its hostile takeover of Lakon Spaceways. The nameless insider had previously stated that the acquisition of Lakon was the personal project of Core Dynamics CEO Jupiter Rochester. These additional claims were broadcast via Vox Galactica: "In the last few years, Rochester has purchased many companies based outside the Federation, such as Vodel. Lakon Spaceways is just the latest. It seems legal, but he manages these subsidiaries directly and installs his own people there. Some say he's diversifying his family's private holdings, rather than expanding the business. It's well known that several departments only follow Rochester's directives, and operate in silos unconnected with the rest of Core Dynamics. Staff refer to them as 'Jupiter Division'. Some offices even started using that name, like they're a separate company within a company. I've heard that some directors are unhappy with Rochester, but he's too well-connected to ever get rid of. It's thanks to him that we have so many military contracts. As always, the rich get away with anything." Core Dynamics declined to comment on this statement. Naomi Landseer, former chairperson of the Lakon Spaceways board of directors, has asked the Independent Commission for Market Equality to investigate further.[4]

22 DEC 3306

  • A coalition of Lakon Spaceways shareholders has voted to replace several members of the company's board of directors with new management. At an emergency general meeting, investors put forward a resolution to remove selected directors, in accordance with Lakon's articles of association. The majority vote was in favour of this resolution. New appointees to the board have already stated that the rejected bid by Federal shipbuilder Core Dynamics will be reappraised. Jupiter Rochester, the corporation's CEO, has welcomed the opportunity for fresh discussions. Chairperson Naomi Landseer, who is one of the directors being replaced, told Vox Galactica: "It's no coincidence that the board members being voted out are the same ones who were against Core Dynamics owning the company. I am convinced that Rochester's people are bribing or threatening our shareholders to make sure this hostile takeover goes through." Lakon Spaceways is currently offering a 30% discount on sales of Asp Scouts, Diamondback Scouts, Keelbacks, Type-7 Transporters and Type-10 Defenders. Core Dynamics has applied a 30% markdown to sales of the Eagle MkII and the Vulture, with a 20% discount for Federal Assault Ships, Federal Dropships and Federal Gunships.[5]

07 DEC 3306

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    Temporary price reductions have been announced for several Lakon vessels, in an effort to increase short-term profits.
    Lakon Spaceways has applied a 30% discount on sales of the following ship types:
    Asp Scout
    Diamondback Scout
    Type-7 Transporter
    Type-10 Defender
    The reduced prices are expected to last until the 30th of December 3306. Some industry analysts believe this is an attempt to increase short-term payouts for Lakon's shareholders, many of whom have complained about falling dividends. Other investors have publicly pressured the company to accept a takeover bid from the Federal corporation Core Dynamics. These issues were addressed by Naomi Landseer, chairperson of Lakon's board of directors: "It is true that profit margins are not as impressive as in previous years, but we can assure all stakeholders and customers that Lakon Spaceways remains financially secure. We project an upswing in military contracts during this turbulent time, and our achievements on behalf of the Alliance position us as one of the galaxy's premiere shipbuilders."[6]

01 DEC 3306

  • A proposal by the Federal corporation Core Dynamics to purchase the construction company Lakon Spaceways has been officially rejected. Naomi Landseer, chairperson of Lakon's board of directors, made this statement: "We thank Mr Rochester and his team for their approach. However, I can confirm that Lakon Spaceways will remain an independent company." Business reporter Irfan Karim analysed the situation more closely for The Alliance Tribune: "This decision has surprised many analysts, considering the persistent rumours that Lakon is in far greater difficulty than financial statements would suggest. Although its shipbuilding partnership with the Alliance proved highly lucrative, insiders believe that the firm has overstretched itself in terms of resources and manpower. There have also been public comments from high-profile shareholders in Lakon, who are pressuring the board to accept ownership by Core Dynamics. Some complain of falling dividends, while others accuse Ms Landseer of focusing exclusively on Alliance contracts." A spokesperson for Core Dynamics confirmed that the offer to purchase Lakon Spaceways has not yet been withdrawn, and that CEO Jupiter Rochester is looking at all available options.[7]