Nagivation Beacon (1)

A Nav Beacon close to a Class-M star

Nav Beacons are located close to the primary star of every inhabited star system, and act as endpoints of hyperspace jumps for some NPC ships. Scanning a Nav Beacon will reveal and fully-identify any unexplored destinations within the local system. Nav Beacons spawn a variety of NPCs and are one of the simplest places to bounty hunt (the other being Resource Extraction Sites). The most common NPC types are traders, freighter convoys, smugglers, pirates, other wanted vessels, bounty hunters, and security vessels.

Nav Beacons can also be used to identify the location of various mission objectives; simply scan the beacon and your employer should send you an update on target locations. On occasion, simply arriving at a system's Nav Beacon can be enough to draw an Assassination target out of hiding. This is dangerous as it may give the target the chance to strike first, but on the other hand any security forces that are already on site will likely move against the target for attacking.

Compromised Nav BeaconsEdit

There are systems where the Nav Beacon close to the primary star has been compromised. This causes the info panel to display the message "System Link Error: Security response unavailable." upon entering the location, meaning there is no backup available for vessels who report crimes. Many wanted vessels with high bounties can be found around Compromised Nav Beacons, but no security forces are present.


  • Nav Beacons transmit the name of the system they are in to nearby ships, in Morse code.
  • If close to a Nav Beacon in normal space, it will appear in the Contacts panel and can be targeted. Destroying a Nav Beacon is not possible.
  • Crashed Nav Beacons appear in some Points of Interest, and can be scanned with a Data Link Scanner to retrieve a Data Point Intel Package. They may also occasionally generate a random mission offer when scanned, and are sometimes guarded by Skimmers.

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