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Not to be confused with Non-Human Signal Source.

A Nonhuman Signature[sic] is a type of Point of Interest that can be detected from orbit and accessed while On Foot or in a SRV.


At present, Nonhuman Signatures contain only one notable feature: a single damaged Thargoid Sensor resting on a planet's surface. This can be retrieved with a SRV's Cargo Scoop and safely transported with a Corrosion Resistant Cargo Rack for sale at a port.

Spawn Locations

In contrast with Non-Human Signal Sources and other Thargoid-related sites which are confined mainly to the Pleiades Nebula, Witch Head Nebula, and Coalsack Nebula, Nonhuman Signatures have been reported in those areas as well as in systems that are thousands of light years away from regions of known Thargoid activity.