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Nova Paresa, originally known as Nova Imperium, is a radical Imperial organisation based in the Paresa system that espouses traditionalist and isolationist ideals. It was formed by Duke Kaeso Mordanticus, also called the Imperator, in 3304 amidst the Second Thargoid War in reaction to the Empire's cooperation with the Federation and the Alliance against the Thargoids, and supported replacing Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval with Hadrian Augustus Duval, a long-lost grandson of the late Emperor Hengist Duval.

By December 3304, Nova Imperium had gained the support of multiple Senators and several million Imperial citizens, but tensions with the Empire erupted into open conflict the following month when Nova Imperium began assembling its fleet. The Battle of Paresa concluded with a decisive victory for the Empire and the capture of Imperator Mordanticus. The Imperator's subsequent public execution on January 25, 3305 marked the start of a coordinated, Empire-wide purge of Nova Imperium and its sympathizers, by the end of which the organisation was left too weak to mount any further challenge to the Imperial throne.

Nova Imperium regrouped and continued to maintain a presence in Paresa under the leadership of Mordanticus' self-appointed successor, Imperator Hadrian Duval. On November 16, 3306, after Hadrian survived an attempt on his life by the Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army and sought reconciliation with Emperor Arissa at the urging of Princess Aisling Duval, he and his followers were granted royal pardons. In addition, the Imperial Senate ratified the Treaty of Paresa, which decriminalized Nova Imperium in exchange for its cooperation against the NMLA and acknowledgement of Emperor Arissa's rule. Nova Imperium underwent a second restructuring on November 2, 3307 and was renamed Nova Paresa after Hadrian relinquished his position and discontinued the title of Imperator in order to enter the protection of the Imperial Senate for the sake of ensuring the survival of the Duval bloodline, which continued to be threatened by the NMLA. Praetor Leo Magnus, the head of the Imperator's personal security force, the Praetorian Guard, subsequently assumed leadership of Nova Paresa with Hadrian's endorsement.


Campaign for the Imperial Throne

Militant beginnings

Nova Imperium was originally brought to the public's attention by exotheologian Dr. Alfred Ulyanov in a Rewired newsfeed broadcast that aired on July 12, 3304. In the course of discussing the growing friction between the Church of the Eternal Void and the Far God cult, Ulyanov mentioned Nova Imperium as being one of several "doomsayer cults" that had recently formed in response to the Second Thargoid War.[1] Cassia Carvalho of the Imperial Herald published the first in-depth report on Nova Imperium on November 1, 3304, describing it as a radical group that had been gaining influence throughout the Empire in recent months. Nova Imperium's ideology asserted that the Empire could only survive the conflict with the Thargoids by severing contact with all non-Imperial systems and devoting its resources to its own protection. The organisation was led by a charismatic figure then known only as the Imperator, and its doctrine had already been embraced by traditionalist Imperial citizens on multiple worlds who were disaffected by the Empire's continued cooperation with the Federation and Alliance.[2]

The Imperator broadcast a speech to the Imperial people on November 9, 3304, reiterating Nova Imperium's core message and calling Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval a weak ruler who has endangered the Empire. Senator Denton Patreus responded, calling Nova Imperium an extremist, seditious group and warning the Imperator against crossing any more lines.[3]

On November 14, a report compiled on Nova Imperium by the Imperial Internal Security Service was leaked and broadcast in full on Rewired. Among other details, the report revealed that the Imperator's true identity was Duke Kaeso Mordanticus, a former Imperial Navy admiral from a prestigious military family. Mordanticus apparently still had contacts in the Imperial Navy, and most of Nova Imperium's ships were run by ex-naval crews who remained loyal to him.[4]

A new Emperor?

Mordanticus escalated his rhetoric on November 24, 3304 by proclaiming that Nova Imperium would achieve its goal of restoring glory to the Empire by installing a new Emperor. Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval ignored this development, but Cassia Carvalho noted that Nova Imperium was rapidly increasing its support as uneasy Imperial citizens coalesced around its cause.[5] A number of Imperial Senators also began voicing their support for Nova Imperium, and on December 1, Senator Pal Vespasian stated his intention to invite Imperator Mordanticus to address the Imperial Senate and detail his policies. Vespasian also firmly endorsed Mordanticus's proposal to install a new Emperor.[6]

Nova Imperium shocked the Empire on December 7 by revealing the existence of Hadrian Augustus Duval, a grandson of the late Emperor Hengist Duval. Imperator Mordanticus claimed that Hadrian had been genetically verified as the son of an illegitimate son sired by Hengist and an Imperial slave during the reign of Hesketh Duval, and announced that Nova Imperium would seek to remove Arissa Lavigny-Duval from the Imperial throne and replace her with Hadrian. Cassia Carvalho observed that this surprising development had done much to enhance Nova Imperium's credibility and rally more traditionalists who preferred a male Emperor to the organisation's cause.[7] Hadrian Duval related the experiences of his early life and his sympathy for the hardships suffered by Imperial citizens in a message broadcast across the Empire. He had been brought up as an independent trader alongside his father, who never mentioned his heritage and died in 3302. Hadrian inherited his ship and became a Commander himself. When Imperator Mordanticus informed Hadrian of his lineage, he decided to accept his identity as a Duval for the sake of restoring an Empire he believed had been diminished.[8]

By December 21, 3304, Senator Pal Vespasian declared that Nova Imperium had the backing of multiple Senators who were ready to declare Hadrian Duval "Emperor-in-waiting", as well as several million Imperial citizens, and had developed into a legitimate political force that could not be ignored without splintering the Empire. Meanwhile, Princess Aisling Duval and Senator Zemina Torval issued rare concurring statements that criticized Hadrian Duval as unsuited for the Imperial throne due to his inexperience, and urged Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval to rebuke Nova Imperium.[9]

Cracks in the Empire

On December 27, 3304, Imperial senators who supported Nova Imperium demanded that Hadrian Augustus Duval be acknowledged by Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval, with Senator Eloise Winterstone proclaiming to the Imperial Senate that Hadrian must be officially accepted as a member of the Imperial Family. As Emperor Arissa had no children or heir apparent, recognizing Hadrian would secure the future of the Duval bloodline. Chancellor Anders Blaine responded in no uncertain terms: "Our official position is that Nova Imperium is a fringe organisation with no right to determine policy. We have no more to say on the matter." Political journalist Cassia Carvalho commented that Arissa may have no other choice but to accept Hadrian as an heir, since a civil war within the Empire was becoming an increasingly likely possibility and Arissa's lack of public response to Nova Imperium was being viewed as a sign of weakness. The implication was that if Hadrian was not accepted as an heir to the Imperial throne, Arissa might face an ouster and Hadrian would be crowned Emperor anyway.[10]

Both Federal President Zachary Hudson and Alliance Prime Minister Edmund Mahon spoke out against the rise of Nova Imperium before their respective legislatures on December 29. Mahon expressed concern about the possible cessation of inter-superpower cooperation, but Hudson took a bolder stance and asserted that the Federation would be forced to intervene for the sake of the war effort against the Thargoids should Nova Imperium come to power and halt the Empire's contributions to Aegis. Independent sources confirmed that Federal Navy resupplies had increased in frequency, and Federal fleets were conducting exercises in regions bordering Imperial territory.[11]

On January 5, 3305, Nova Imperium began assembling an armada in its home system of Paresa, pushing tensions within the Empire near the breaking point. Senator Denton Patreus, in his capacity as Admiral of the Fleet of the Imperial Navy, demanded that Nova Imperium disperse its militia at once or face the consequences. The Imperial Herald's Cassia Carvalho observed that support for Hadrian Duval had greatly bolstered Nova Imperium and allowed them to form a large fleet in a short time, and the Imperial Navy would risk provoking further rebellion if it was too heavy-handed in dealing with Nova Imperium's supporters.[12] Meanwhile, from January 3 to January 10, the Imperial Navy and the Federal Navy held simultaneous supply campaigns.[13] Retired Imperial military strategist Marquis Felix Novantico suggested that the Empire's supply campaign was in response to tensions with Nova Imperium, while the Federation was likely preparing for the possibility of Hadrian Duval gaining the throne and the Empire abruptly turning hostile.[14]

The Battle of Paresa

On January 10, Nova Imperium and the Empire finally fell into conflict. Senator Denton Patreus announced that the Imperial loyalist faction Yupini Limited had engaged Nova Imperium in Paresa, and called on Imperial auxiliaries to help destroy "the isolationists' illegal armada". Imperator Mordanticus turned to the galactic community and supporters of Hadrian Duval for aid, warning that Nova Imperium's survival hinged on the outcome of this battle.[15] Cassia Carvalho commented that whatever the outcome of the Battle of Paresa, it would have far-reaching effects on the Empire's future.[16]

On January 17, Senator Patreus announced that Imperial auxiliaries working with Yupini Limited had succeeded in defeating Nova Imperium. The senator stated, "With the aid of our loyal Imperial auxiliaries, the isolationists' forces have been significantly depleted. Let this be a warning to others – the Empire will not tolerate insurrection."[17]

It was announced the following day that Imperator Kaeso Mordanticus had been captured by the Empire during the battle. Speaking on behalf of Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval, Chancellor Anders Blaine proclaimed, "With its fleet destroyed, Nova Imperium's seditious agenda has been halted. The so-called Imperator, Duke Kaeso Mordanticus, will be brought before the Senate on Friday the 25th of January to answer charges of treason against the Empire." Cassia Carvalho speculated that the Emperor intended to make an example of Mordanticus through a public trial, and observed that while remnants of Nova Imperium lingered in Paresa, the organisation no longer had a fleet or a military leader to hold it together.[18]


On January 25, 3305, Imperator Kaeso Mordanticus was brought before the Imperial Senate and Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval. In a surprise to observers such as Cassia Carvalho, Senator Denton Patreus immediately executed Mordanticus with his personal sidearm. The Imperial Guard then began gunning down any senators who had previously expressed support for Nova Imperium, including Pal Vespasian and Eloise Winterstone. Following these events, the Emperor proclaimed, "There is no Nova Imperium. There is only the Empire." Carvalho reported that mass arrests and further public executions were taking place across Capitol, and Nova Imperium strongholds throughout the Empire were being eliminated from within by infiltrators placed by Senator Patreus, marking the start of an apparent purge of Nova Imperium and its sympathizers.[19]

The purge was reportedly completed by the following day. According to Cassia Carvalho, the isolationist cause had been thoroughly crushed, leaving Nova Imperium in control of nothing outside of Paresa and ensuring they could never again threaten the Imperial throne. Emperor Arissa's weeks of inaction had apparently been stalling for time while Senator Patreus deployed his agents for a simultaneous strike; the success of the resulting purge greatly undermined the Emperor's most vocal critics. Alliance and Federal leaders issued no statements despite the brutality of the purge, likely assuaged that the Emperor had set her house in order and inter-superpower cooperation against the Thargoids would continue unabated.[20]

Memento Mordanticus

Hadrian Augustus Duval finally broke his silence on January 31, 3305 in a message broadcast to the Empire: "Arissa Lavigny-Duval has revealed the true face of her regime – one based on brutality and terror. The callous execution of Imperator Mordanticus, in conjunction with thousands of Imperial citizens, shows her desperation to cling onto power at any cost. Nova Imperium survives in the Paresa system, a single light in the darkness. We stand for an Empire that respects everyone, from slaves to senators. I truly hope that any who value honour and tradition will help keep our spark alive. Our martyred leader will never be forgotten. In his honour, I have taken the title of Imperator Duval, until such time as the people choose me as their rightful emperor. Memento Mordanticus!"[21]

In the aftermath of the Nova Imperium conflict, Alliance President Gibson Kincaid highlighted Nova Imperium while discussing potential threats to the Alliance with the Alliance Tribune on February 7: "The rise of such radical beliefs demonstrates how quickly the other superpowers might turn against us. Had the recent military conflict ended differently, the Empire would have callously abandoned humanity's united struggle against the Thargoid threat. All other leaders are looking elsewhere, pretending Nova Imperium never happened. But I have the courage to give a voice to our people's fears. The Alliance must prepare to stand alone against any aggressor, whether human or alien!" Following Kincaid's comments, Prime Minister Edmund Mahon chided Kincaid for straying from his diplomatic duties, and reaffirmed that the Empire's internal politics were of no concern to the Alliance.[22]

Aisling reaches out

On April 5, 3305, Princess Aisling Duval revealed to the Imperial Herald that she had reached out to Hadrian Duval and visited him in Paresa. She explained that she had been dismayed by Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval's brutal purge of Nova Imperium supporters, and wanted to open a dialogue in order to heal the divisions within the Empire. During Aisling's visit, Hadrian was re-confirmed via genetic testing to be the grandson of the late Emperor Hengist Duval and therefore Aisling's cousin.[23] Aisling's visit spurred a fresh wave a controversy throughout the Empire, with observers noting that her progressive views did not align with Hadrian's traditionalism and isolation, and Senator Zemina Torval going so far as to brand Aisling "an ideological traitor" for merely associating with the Imperator. Cassia Carvalho speculated that Aisling intended to persuade the younger, inexperienced Hadrian into softening his hardliner stances.[24]

Hadrian Augustus Duval issued a statement on April 19 confirming that he agreed to a non-aggression pact with Princess Aisling, in which both leaders and their respective supporters pledged not to interfere with or oppose each other. Hadrian expressed his gratitude to Aisling for making contact, and promised at her request to personally review Nova Imperium's policies. The Imperator was careful to note that the new pact was not an alliance, and that for the time being he remained a member of the Imperial family in exile.[25]

Reconciliation and the NMLA

NMLA assassination attempt

On October 27, 3306, Imperator Hadrian Augustus Duval was severely wounded in an assassination attempt by members of the Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army, who had successfully killed his uncle, Prince Harold Duval, the month before. The attack occurred at the headquarters of Nova Imperium, Dyson City in Paresa, and involved a small team of armed NMLA members who infiltrated the station and bypassed security checks. The gunmen broke into Dyson City's command deck and opened fire, wounding four, including Hadrian, and killing three before being eliminated by the Imperator's Praetorian Guard. Nova Imperium's head of security, Praetor Leo Magnus, confirmed to Vox Galactica that Hadrian had been hospitalized in critical condition.[26]

Unbidden, Princess Aisling Duval arrived in Paresa aboard the Majestic-Class Interdictor INV Achenar's Courage on October 28 to offer her cousin protection and medical assistance. Hadrian was transferred to the ship and underwent treatment using Vitadyne Labs nanomedicines, and by November 2 he was out of danger. Aisling defended her actions to the public by stating that she was ignoring politics for the sake of helping a family member.[27]

Return to the fold

The Imperator fully recovered by November 10, when he announced that after a discussion with Princess Aisling, he had decided to pursue the birthright entitled to him by his royal heritage. Aisling separately confirmed that she had formally requested Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval's consent to reintegrate Hadrian into the Imperial Family and grant him the title of prince. Imperator Hadrian further asked Imperial authorities to reconsider their stance against the Marlinists in light of the parallels between the crusade against them and the purge of Nova Imperium's followers in 3305, and argued that the Empire and Nova Imperium should focus on uniting to confront their common enemy, the NMLA.[28]

Emperor Arissa's response was delivered before the Imperial Senate by Chancellor Anders Blaine on November 16. While Hadrian was denied the royal title of prince, as well as any formal position within the Imperial Family, he was recognized as a Duval by blood, and he and his followers were granted royal pardons for their crimes against the Empire. While both Hadrian and Aisling expressed disappointment at the denial of Hadrian's royal title, they accepted the decree. In addition, the Senate ratified the Treaty of Paresa, which decriminalized Nova Imperium in exchange for the group contributing in operations against the NMLA and acknowledging Emperor Arissa as the Empire's rightful ruler. Commentators such as the Imperial Herald's Cassia Carvalho observed that Arissa's judgement was surprisingly even-handed and likely intended to recoup goodwill in the Senate that had been lost by the Emperor's purge of Nova Imperium and execution of several sympathetic senators. It also signalled that the alliance between Hadrian and Aisling was on its way to becoming a formidable force in Imperial politics.[29]

Accusations of NMLA ties

In early April 3307, Nova Imperium forces led by Praetor Leo Magnus participated in the Imperial Internal Security Service-led campaign to suppress the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid, a faction based in the Mudhrid system that had helped the NMLA carry out the Nine Martyrs attack weeks earlier and then openly declared its intent to overthrow the Imperial Family.[30]

On April 26, 3307, independent journalist Flint "Firemaker" Lafosse published a sensational leak on the Rewired network alleging that Imperator Hadrian was the head of the NMLA. The leak, provided by an anonymous source and containing apparent classified information from the Affiliated Counter-Terrorism unit, included statements from Landgrave Arastin Delacroix of the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid that identified Hadrian as the mastermind of the NMLA's bombing and assassination campaigns. Hadrian had purportedly been converted to Neo-Marlinism and recruited into the NMLA in early 3306 by his consort, Lady Astrid Minerva-Duval, a top NMLA agent who convinced the Imperator that eliminating the Imperial Family would hasten his ascent to the Imperial throne. To gain the trust of the other Duvals, Hadrian had staged the attempt on his life that occurred in October 3306.[31]

ACT confirmed that the leak was genuine on April 28, but cautioned that it needed more time to investigate the Landgrave's claims. Imperator Hadrian and Lady Astrid denied the allegations against them, explaining that Nova Imperium's manifesto of restoring Imperial traditions was the polar opposite of Marlinism, and noting that Nova Imperium was providing military support to defeat the NMLA as required by the terms of the Treaty of Paresa. Princess Aisling Duval also criticised the allegations and offered the Imperator her support, but Senator Zemina Torval signalled she believed the claims in a statement before the Imperial Senate in which she called for Hadrian to be punished for rebellion.[32] The situation became even more volatile on May 3 with the arrival in Paresa of Harmony's Shield, a megaship bearing the vanguard of the Federation-aligned League of Mandu, which believed the accusations against Nova Imperium and sought to eradicate the "terrorists". The Empire-aligned Peraesii Empire Consulate warned the League of Mandu to withdraw, but also pledged to purge the NMLA from Paresa. The Imperator protested his innocence and argued that the NMLA had faked his identity in its dealings with the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid, and further affirmed that Nova Imperium would defend itself if necessary. Meanwhile, ACT's investigation into the Landgrave's claims continued, and Praetor Leo Magnus was reportedly cooperating. Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval chose to withhold her judgment until the investigation concluded.[33]

The Empire's inaction frustrated the League of Mandu, which launched military operations against Nova Imperium on May 6 to bring the alleged terrorists to justice. The Imperator called on the Empire to honour the terms of the Treaty of Paresa and come to Nova Imperium's defence.[34] Media outlets across the Core Systems warned on May 11 that the conflict in Paresa could pull the Federation and Empire into a full-scale war, as the potential death of Hadrian Duval at the hands of Federal forces would demand retribution from the Emperor even if Hadrian is proven to be a terrorist.[35] Fortunately, the Paresa conflict ended on May 13 without escalating further. Nova Imperium achieved a decisive victory over the invaders, and Federal Ambassador Catherine Carlisle informed the public that the League of Mandu had acted rashly and would soon leave Imperial territory.[36]

The saga was seemingly put to rest on May 21 when Inspector Mara Klatt of ACT delivered her report on the Landgrave's allegations and confirmed that they could not be authenticated. ACT had also come to believe that it was highly plausible that the NMLA had falsified Imperator Hadrian Duval's identity when giving directives to the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid. Vindicated, the Imperator thanked his supporters, including the Nova Navy pilot group, for defending the honour of himself and Lady Astrid, and protecting Paresa from a Federal takeover. It was also announced that Praetor Leo Magnus had been seconded to ACT to serve as the replacement for the late Captain Niamh Seutonia.[37]

Nova Paresa

The NMLA bombed Dyson City on October 14, 3307 in an attempt to assassinate Hadrian and his pregnant wife. ACT intercepted a transmission discussing the planned attack and the Praetorian Guard managed to evacuate the Imperator's family only minutes before the bombing occurred, but the other residents of the starport were less fortunate. It was estimated that over 15,000 perished in the explosions, and a similar number were injured. Nova Imperium declared a system-wide state of emergency, and the Empire confirmed it would provide assistance in accordance with the Treaty of Paresa.[38]

The attack prompted the Imperial Senate to offer Hadrian and Astrid its protection on October 25. In the formal pronouncement of the offer delivered by Senator Caspian Leopold, the Senate made clear that it considered the survival of the Duval bloodline to be vital to the Empire's interests. However, political observers believed that the Senate would require that Hadrian sever all ties with Nova Imperium as a condition of any security agreement, leaving it in doubt whether or not the Imperator would accept.[39] Hadrian announced his acceptance of the Senate's protection on November 2, 3307, alongside significant changes for Nova Imperium. In a speech made shortly before he and Lady Astrid departed Paresa for a secure location, Hadrian formally abdicated his position as leader of Nova Imperium, discontinued the title of Imperator, and renamed the organisation Nova Paresa. Hadrian explained that he had chosen to leave his home and followers only with great reluctance, but he considered it paramount to ensure the survival of the Duval bloodline. Praetor Leo Magnus received Hadrian's personal endorsement to become Nova Paresa's new leader, and subsequently resigned from ACT to accept the mantle.[40][41]

On December 2, 3307, Praetor Magnus declared an initiative to collect various delicacies to present to Hadrian Duval to celebrate the birth of his son, Hector Mordanticus Duval. The initiative was organised in Dyson City, where the donated goods would be screened by security before being delivered to Hadrian and his family, who remained in sequestration at an undisclosed location.[41] The donation drive concluded successfully on December 9, and Praetor Magnus thanked participants for delivering an abundance of luxury gifts.[42]



29 DEC 3307

  • Continuing a series of articles by historian Sima Kalhana that look at the most newsworthy events during the past year.
    "April 3307 saw the creation of the Federation's Proactive Detection Bureau in reaction to the Nine Martyrs bombings. This organisation monitored all public and private communications for evidence of terrorists, to prevent similar attacks in future. But its highly controversial nature would soon present the Federation with new challenges. ACT's investigation led them to the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid, which had helped deliver the caustic enzyme bombs to their nine targets. The faction's defeat was an early victory against the NMLA, but much of the organisation remained a mystery. When the 'ghost ship' Adamastor began receiving an encoded signal, this began an entire saga of mysteries. Its long-lost sister ship, the Hesperus, was soon located by pilots who had been recruited by an anonymous figure named Salvation. His interest in Azimuth Biochemicals, the 200 year old corporation that owned both vessels, would bring a strange twist to the ongoing Thargoid conflict. In May, Hadrian Duval was targeted by Federal forces after accusations that he was the mastermind behind the NMLA. The spectre of Empire-Federation war rose once again as Nova Imperium successfully defended itself, but ACT concluded that evidence had been falsified to implicate Hadrian and his new wife Lady Astrid. Aegis came under intense scrutiny when the megaship Alexandria, laden with newly collected Guardian artefacts, began attracting Thargoids in every system it jumped to. The Alexandria later vanished completely in hyperspace, and to this day remains missing presumed destroyed. The Alliance election finally took place at the end of May, having been delayed by three months due to the Galactic Summit. Councillor Nakato Kaine fought a spirited campaign, but Edmund Mahon was re-elected to serve a second term as prime minister. Supporters of Neo-Marlinism gained a voice in June, when Minister Aaron Whyte offered a peace deal with the Empire to prevent further terrorism. The idea of a political wing of the NMLA gained support from those fearing further bombings, but opened major rifts within the Marlinist Colonies. Salvation once again contacted pilots to track down survivors from the Hesperus. This led to the discovery of an ancient Guardian-Thargoid battleground, where Azimuth scientists had built a research base around their vessel Proteus. All were killed by unusual experiments into weaponising Guardian crystals. The Proactive Detection Bureau had been generally accepted by Federal citizens, but many claimed it was a violation of civil liberties. Halfway through the year, the Azaladshu Free faction took the bold step of seceding from the Federation, thus triggering the possibility of mass rebellion."[43]

09 DEC 3307

  • *Pilots' Federation ALERT*
    The birth of Hadrian Duval's son has been celebrated in grand fashion in the Paresa system. Praetor Leo Magnus, the new leader of Nova Paresa, publicly thanked pilots for delivering Chateau De Aegaeon, HR 7221 Wheat, Indi Bourbon and Yaso Kondi Leaf to support these highly exclusive proceedings. Payment is now available from Dyson City starport. Political journalist Cassia Carvalho discussed the arrival of Hector Mordanticus Duval in The Imperial Herald: "As Emperor Hengist's illegitimate grandson and former enemy of the state, Hadrian Duval has always been the outsider. Indeed, his newborn son's middle name seems deliberately chosen to remind the Emperor that she ordered Hadrian's mentor, Imperator Mordanticus, to be shot in cold blood. But over the last two years, Hadrian's position has gradually shifted from isolationist rebel to legitimised ally. He appeals to citizens who are unhappy with a female monarch, even more so now that he has a male heir. And he remains closest to the Imperial bloodline, with most other Duval family members having been assassinated by the NMLA. Therefore, unless Arissa Lavigny-Duval or Aisling Duval produce children, it's entirely possible that Hadrian's child might inherit the throne. Despite only being a few days old, Hector Duval's impact upon the Empire could be measured in centuries."[42]

02 DEC 3307

02 NOV 3307

  • The Empire has officially proclaimed Hadrian Augustus Duval and his wife Lady Astrid Minerva-Duval to be wards of the Senate. The offer of senatorial protection was made following an NMLA attempt to assassinate them and their unborn child by bombing Dyson City starport. Prior to being transported from the Paresa system to a secure location, Hadrian Duval sent this message: "Lady Astrid and I accepted this offer with enormous reluctance. Neither of us wish to abandon our home or loyal followers. Yet we feel it is a matter of duty to protect our family and ensure future generations of the Duval bloodline. Nova Imperium will henceforth be known as Nova Paresa. It will continue to serve as a staunch ally of the Empire, as per the Treaty of Paresa. To all those who fought for our cause over the years, I assure you that history will never forget us. Memento Mordanticus!" There has been public support for Praetor Leo Magnus to assume leadership of Nova Paresa. Hadrian Duval has endorsed his former head of security taking his place, but confirmed that the title of Imperator is now defunct. In related news, ACT stated that its investigation into the Dyson City attack has yielded results. Although details remain embargoed for security reasons, a significant breakthrough is expected to be announced soon.[40]

25 OCT 3307

  • The recent NMLA attack in the Paresa system has encouraged the Imperial Senate to reach out to Imperator Hadrian Duval. An official pronouncement was made by Senator Caspian Leopold: "A majority of us believe that preserving the Duval bloodline is paramount for the future of the Empire. Hadrian Duval is not officially a member of the Imperial Family but he is the grandson of Emperor Hengist, meaning his as-yet unborn child is also of royal lineage. The NMLA has already murdered many Duvals, including Prince Harold. Indeed, Hadrian himself barely survived an assassination attempt last year. It's clear that the Empire can provide greater security than he currently has, and it is our duty to do so. Therefore, we propose making both Hadrian and Lady Astrid wards of the Senate. They will be placed under the highest level of protection, at least until this grave threat has abated." Imperator Hadrian Duval is currently holding discussions with a delegation from the Senate. Political observers believe that their proposal may be conditional on him severing ties with Nova Imperium, an isolationist organisation that was once outlawed in the Empire. Independent newsfeeds have speculated that since the NMLA's terror campaign began, Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval has been under similar senatorial protection and performing her duties from a secure location.[39]

15 OCT 3307

  • The Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army has taken responsibility for the attack on Dyson City starport in the Paresa system. The primary targets were Imperator Hadrian Duval and his wife Lady Astrid Minerva-Duval, who is pregnant with his child. Although they survived, the bombing left many thousands dead and injured. The following message was sent across NMLA propaganda channels: "As long as a single Duval is left alive, the Republic of Achenar cannot be rebuilt. It is our duty to extinguish that entire line and free our people from Imperial oppression." Praetor Leo Magnus gave a statement on behalf of ACT: "It is significant that this latest broadcast is not from Theta Seven, the NMLA's mouthpiece and de facto leader. We believe that Theta Group – the team of weaponsmiths that built the caustic enzyme bombs – has split in two. According to the communications we intercepted, Theta Seven and half of his followers went into hiding after the attacks against the Marlinist Colonies in July. The others continued their terror campaign and were responsible for this latest atrocity. ACT is currently pursuing leads and hopes to learn more soon." Nova Imperium has repeated a call for pilots to help rescue survivors from Dyson City in the Paresa system.[44]

14 OCT 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    Explosions have struck Dyson City starport in the Paresa system, home of Hadrian Duval's organisation Nova Imperium. The starport suffered severe structural damage plus the corrosive effects of caustic enzymes, characteristic of the customised weapons used by the NMLA. Initial reports state that over fifteen thousand people have been killed and a similar number injured. The following statement was issued by Praetor Leo Magnus, the former head of security for Nova Imperium who was seconded to ACT: "Shortly before this attack, my team intercepted a communication between suspected Neo-Marlinist supporters. This referred to an imminent attempt to kill Imperator Hadrian Duval, Lady Astrid Minerva-Duval and their unborn child. I immediately ordered the Praetorian Guard to move the Imperator's family off-station, which was achieved minutes before the bombs detonated. I am pleased to report that they survived this brutal attack, but unfortunately the remaining population could not have been evacuated in time." A state of emergency has been declared in the Paresa system, with an urgent request for independent pilots to assist with rescuing survivors from Dyson City starport. The Empire confirmed that as per the Treaty of Paresa, it will provide military and medical support to Nova Imperium. ACT is performing investigations to learn more about the attack.[38]

21 SEP 3307

  • Lady Astrid Minerva-Duval, wife of Hadrian Augustus Duval, has confirmed that she is expecting a child in December. The story was broken by the Paresa News Network: "Lady Astrid was visibly overjoyed as she told us of her pregnancy, and of Hadrian's excitement at being a father. Her only complaint was that she's no longer allowed to fly support missions for Nova Imperium. Once a Commander, always a Commander!" Mainstream media channels also commented on the news.
    The Imperial Herald: "This has caused tangible ripples of unease in the Senate. Since neither Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval nor Princess Aisling Duval have heirs, Hadrian's claim to the throne will be strengthened if he alone ensures that the Duval bloodline continues."
    Eye on Achenar: "Who cares about the spawn of Emperor Hengist's illegitimate grandson? The NMLA may have assassinated much of the Imperial Family, but this outcast boy is still a footnote in their noble history."
    Vox Galactica: "Despite his unofficial status, Hadrian Duval has many silent supporters within the Empire. His isolationist stance appeals to nostalgic citizens, as does returning to the tradition of male Emperors. Should Hadrian have a son, he may feel empowered to seek his birthright more forcefully."[45]

10 SEP 3307

  • A day of mourning has been declared across the Empire to mark the first anniversary of the NMLA's Imperial starport bombings. On Thursday the 10th of September 3306, Imperial stations in the Cemiess, Gabjaujis, LHS 4031 and Rabh systems were attacked without warning. Over sixty thousand people were killed and twice as many wounded by powerful explosives that delivered a caustic enzyme payload. The Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army is an extremist paramilitary group that is dedicated to reforming Marlin Duval's original republican government. Prior to these bombings, it had only performed minor strikes with low casualties. The NMLA's terror campaign grew to encompass all three superpowers with the Nine Martyrs attacks in March 3307. It also led to supporters of Marlinism fleeing from the Empire as refugees, eventually resettling in the Marlinist Colonies. Princess Aisling Duval paid respects to the victims during a memorial ceremony at her palace on Emerald. She also spoke of her father Prince Harold Duval, who was assassinated by the NMLA shortly after the bombings. Messages of condolence have been sent by President Zachary Hudson, Prime Minister Edmund Mahon, Imperator Hadrian Augustus Duval and First Minister Octavia Volkov. All vowed to continue contributing resources to ACT, which recently shut down many terrorist cells. Coupled with the loss of its political wing, the NMLA threat may finally be diminishing.[46]

21 MAY 3307

  • Evidence that Imperator Hadrian Augustus Duval masterminded the NMLA terror campaign cannot be authenticated, according to ACT. Inspector Mara Klatt, one of ACT’s joint leaders, delivered this report: "We have rigorously analysed data provided by the Landgrave of Mudhrid that contains detailed instructions from Hadrian Duval. The content undoubtedly arranges the starport bombings, but its source is inconclusive. It now seems highly plausible that his identity was faked by the NMLA." Hadrian Duval made an announcement via the Paresa News Network: "There can no longer be any doubt that the NMLA planted a false trail in order to incriminate us. They aim to slay every Duval and demolish Imperial traditions, a goal that the Federation is clearly happy to support. Lady Astrid and I are deeply grateful to the Nova Navy, and all the other pilots who helped to defend our honour." The Federal Diplomatic Corps confirmed that the League of Mandu, which was defeated by Nova Imperium, will withdraw from the Paresa system but made no reference to ACT's report. Praetor Leo Magnus, head of security for Nova Imperium and a former IISS officer, has been seconded to ACT. He will serve as a replacement for the deceased Captain Niamh Seutonia.[37]

13 MAY 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    The conflict in the Paresa system has ended with Nova Imperium defeating the Federal-backed League of Mandu faction. Imperator Hadrian Augustus Duval had been targeted following accusations that he controlled the NMLA paramilitary group. He delivered a public address: "Our hard-earned victory brings great honour to all who fought against the Federation's invasion. Their arrogance justifies our long-held belief that the Empire must stand apart from other superpowers, but Nova Imperium will continue to serve in the fight against terrorism. Memento Mordanticus!" Ambassador Catherine Carlisle of the Federal Diplomatic Corps made this statement: "Although we are grateful for their zeal in combatting the NMLA, our intermediaries at the League of Mandu have acted hastily and will soon depart from Imperial space." Pilots who fought for Nova Imperium can now collect their rewards from Dyson City in the Paresa system. Pilots who fought for the League of Mandu can now collect their rewards from Harmony's Shield in the Paresa system.[36]

11 MAY 3307

  • There are widespread fears that current hostilities in the Paresa system may force the Empire and Federation to declare full-scale war. The situation has been covered by mainstream media.
    The Imperial Herald: "Hadrian might be the black sheep of the Duval family, but should he die by Federation hands, honour would demand retribution. Already the Imperial Navy is mobilising in anticipation of the Emperor's reaction."
    The Federal Times: "The evidence that Nova Imperium orchestrated the starport bombings is credible, but the possibility of subterfuge remains. Could the NMLA really fake so many orders from Hadrian Duval to such a believable standard?"
    Eye on Achenar: "An attack against a Duval is an attack against us all, even if he does turn out to be a terrorist. How dare those Fednecks try to judge our criminals for us!"
    Sol Today: "Hundreds of thousands dead, half a million wounded… our people deserve retribution. But as usual, all the Imposers care about is pandering to their monarchy."
    Paresa News Network: "The death toll is soaring as full-blown battles rage through our system. Paresans are terrified at facing conquest by the Federation. Can we rely on the Empire to save us?"[35]

06 MAY 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    Open warfare has begun in the Paresa system between Nova Imperium and the League of Mandu, a Federal faction. Imperator Hadrian Augustus Duval has been accused of masterminding the NMLA starport bombings, according to evidence provided to ACT. Admiral Natalia Lee, commanding the Harmony's Shield megaship, declared: "The Empire refuses to arrest a Duval, even when he and his organisation are brutal terrorists. In the name of the hundreds of thousands of Federal citizens they murdered, we will enact justice." Hadrian Duval made an announcement from Dyson City, the home station of Nova Imperium: "This invasion of Imperial space is based on false information. The Federation does not have the right to act as our judge, jury and executioner. I call upon the Empire to come to our defence, as stipulated in the Treaty of Paresa." Nova Imperium is an isolationist group that believes in retaining Imperial traditions and severing all ties with other superpowers. Hadrian Duval is the illegitimate grandson of Emperor Hengist, whose heritage was officially acknowledged last November. ACT is currently working to verify claims that the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid aided the NMLA on Imperator Duval's instructions.[34]

03 MAY 3307

  • The isolationist group faces attack by both Federal and Imperial factions, after accusations that Imperator Hadrian Duval is the NMLA mastermind. The League of Mandu arrived in the Paresa system last week and quickly established a foothold. Admiral Natalia Lee, commanding the Harmony's Shield megaship, announced: "Our purpose is to eliminate the terrorists who slaughtered so many Federal citizens. We advise the Empire to stand aside and allow us to deliver justice." Magister Julius Halstrom of the Peraesii Empire Consulate declared: "In the name of the Emperor, we stand ready to purge the NMLA from the Paresa system – and the Federation too, unless they withdraw." Hadrian Duval has broadcast a message via Paresa News Network: "The NMLA faked my identity when dealing with the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid, knowing the superpowers would do their work for them by killing another Duval. Nova Imperium will defend itself if necessary, but we are not responsible for any terrorist attacks." ACT is still attempting to corroborate evidence provided by the Landgrave of Mudhrid. Praetor Leo Magnus, Nova Imperium's security chief, is reportedly aiding their enquiries. The Senate has urgently requested direction from the Emperor, but Chancellor Blaine declared "Her Majesty cannot pass judgement upon a live investigation."[33]

28 APR 3307

  • ACT has confirmed receiving evidence that NMLA attacks were orchestrated by Imperator Hadrian Augustus Duval, who immediately denied the claim. Landgrave Delacroix of the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid provided details to ACT that the isolationist group Nova Imperium is at the heart of the NMLA. In response, Hadrian Duval made this statement: "These accusations are completely false. Our political stance is the exact opposite of Marlinism, since we believe in restoring the Empire's traditions. Nova Imperium forces even fought against the terrorists in Mudhrid, as required by the Treaty of Paresa. As for Lady Astrid being a 'top NMLA agent', my wife has been a loyal Imperial Commander since she first piloted a ship." Princess Aisling Duval has publicly decried the allegation and offered support to Hadrian Duval. However, Senator Zemina Torval told the Senate: "Should we be surprised that an extremist organisation performs extreme acts? That this arrogant boy who declares himself 'Imperator' should turn to violent rebellion once again? Enemies of the Empire must be punished, even those with Duval blood. ACT is fully investigating the Landgrave's evidence and has asked for patience, despite urgent demands for action from the Alliance, Empire and Federation.[32]

26 APR 3307

  • Imperator Hadrian Augustus Duval of Nova Imperium is the mastermind behind the NMLA, according to classified information leaked from within ACT. Independent journalist Flint 'Firemaker' Lafosse published the details on the Rewired network: "Hadrian Duval: the illegitimate embarrassment of the Imperial Family, or their secret terrorist nemesis? That's the story being told by survivors from the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid, who gave up their secrets to save their own skins. According to my source, Landgrave Delacroix confessed to ACT that his faction transported enzyme bombs and Nova Imperium assassins to their targets on the direct orders of Hadrian Duval, who promised rewards and political power in return. Delacroix also revealed that Hadrian was converted to Neo-Marlinism a year ago by his consort Astrid Minerva, a top NMLA agent. She convinced him that becoming Emperor would be much easier if all the other Duvals were dead! As for the NMLA's attempt on Hadrian's life last October, that was faked in order to gain the Imperial Family's trust. Just another false flag operation – which, as we truth-seekers know, can be found everywhere." As yet this information has not been verified, and its source remains anonymous. There has been no comment from either ACT or Nova Imperium.[31]

05 APR 3307

  • Imperator Hadrian Augustus Duval, leader of the isolationist group Nova Imperium, has married his consort Astrid Minerva in a closed ceremony. Commander Minerva was a young Imperial pilot who aided Nova Imperium at the Battle of Paresa in 3305 and became a loyal supporter. Her official title is now Lady Astrid Minerva-Duval. Princess Aisling Duval personally attended her cousin's wedding at a secure location. She referred to it as "a precious moment of joy in these bleak times". The Imperial Palace and the Senate have sent congratulatory messages, and the event was covered by mainstream media.
    Paresa News Network: "Astrid's well-deserved rise to nobility has made her fellow Paresans very proud. Everyone at PNN is overjoyed for the happy couple!"
    Eye on Achenar: "It's an insult to the noble Duval bloodline when some trigger-jockey from a gutter system can sink her claws into the Emperor's own nephew."
    The Imperial Herald: "Hadrian taking a bride at the age of 20 has surprised many. If he becomes the only Duval to produce heirs, it will place pressure on Emperor Arissa and Princess Aisling, neither of whom have consorts."
    In related news, Nova Imperium vessels are participating in the current conflict against the Neo-Marlinists of Mudhrid. Praetor Leo Magnus, head of security, is liaising with the IISS on anti-terrorism intelligence.[30]

16 NOV 3306

  • Princess Aisling Duval's request for her cousin, Imperator Hadrian Augustus Duval, to be accepted into the Imperial Family has been denied. Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval's decision was delivered to the Senate by Chancellor Anders Blaine: "Her Majesty acknowledges that Hadrian is a Duval by blood, and offers royal pardons to him and his followers for previous crimes against the Empire. However, she does not bestow upon him the title of prince, nor offer any formal position within the Imperial Family." Aisling Duval and Hadrian Duval both expressed disappointment, but agreed to accept the decree. The Senate has now ratified the Treaty of Paresa, which removes Nova Imperium's outlaw status in return for accepting Emperor Arissa's rule and contributing to operations against the NMLA. The Imperial Herald's political journalist Cassia Carvalho commented: "This surprisingly even-handed judgement is widely seen as bowing to pressure from the Senate, where there is much loyalty to Aisling Duval. Some interpret it as atonement – or regaining political goodwill – for the purge of Nova Imperium in 3305, which included the execution of several senators. The image this projects is of an Empire coming together against the greater threat posed by Neo-Marlinists. But there is speculation that an alliance between the two youngest Duvals may one day challenge the Emperor for the throne."[29]

10 NOV 3306

  • Imperator Hadrian Augustus Duval has recovered from an assassination attempt and signalled a new direction for Nova Imperium. Princess Aisling Duval provided advanced medical care for Imperator Duval after a near-fatal attack by NMLA assassins. Following a period of discussion, she told the media: "At this time of crisis we need allies more than ever, and my cousin's royal heritage should not be denied. I have therefore formally requested sovereign consent for him to be accepted into the Imperial Family as Prince Hadrian." Hadrian Duval broadcast this message from Dyson City: "I owe my life to Aisling, but life without purpose means nothing, and the Duvals' purpose has always been to protect the Empire. I seek to adopt my birthright and help defend our traditional ways of life. However, many of us see disturbing parallels between the brutal purge of Nova Imperium's followers in 3305 and the current crusade against the Marlinists. I call upon those in power not to repeat this mistake – the NMLA is the common enemy we must unite against." Many senators publicly agreed that the Empire must heal past divisions to focus on the Neo-Marlinist threat. Others have voiced concerns at the repercussions of Emperor Hengist's illegitimate grandson becoming an heir to the throne. As yet, Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval has not responded.[28]

02 NOV 3306

  • Princess Aisling Duval has provided lifesaving aid to Imperator Hadrian Augustus Duval, who was severely wounded by NMLA terrorists. The INV Achenar's Courage, transported her to the Paresa system where she offered protection against further assassination attempts. Hadrian Duval was transferred to the Majestic-class Interdictor's medical bay, surrounded by both his Praetorian Guard and Imperial troops. He received advanced treatment including Vitadyne nanomeds, and is no longer in critical condition. This unorthodox intervention has drawn both criticism and praise from senators and public alike. Nova Imperium is outlawed for sedition due to its isolationist policies, and its leader is not recognised by the Imperial Family. However, a non-aggression pact was agreed between Aisling and Hadrian in 3305. A defiant Aisling Duval told The Imperial Herald: "I recently lost one member of my family to these extremists. I am not about to lose another. Regardless of politics, Hadrian is my cousin, and there are precious few Duvals left alive." Nova Imperium's head of security, Praetor Leo Magnus, commented: "I am confident that our Imperator would have survived, but we do appreciate Her Highness's assistance. It remains a mystery how the NMLA could come so close to succeeding, but my investigations continue."[27]

27 OCT 3306

  • Imperator Hadrian Augustus Duval has been severely wounded in an assassination attempt by Neo-Marlinist extremists. The attack took place at Dyson City in the Paresa system, headquarters of the isolationist organisation Nova Imperium. A small team of armed intruders broke into the command deck and opened fire. Three people were killed and four injured, including Hadrian Duval, before his Praetorian Guard eliminated the assassins. The NMLA has claimed responsibility. On propaganda channels, the paramilitary group vows to "sever every head of the Duval hydra", and calls for all citizens to rise up and demand democracy. Praetor Leo Magnus, Nova Imperium's head of security, gave this statement to Vox Galactica: "The Imperator is in a critical condition but receiving our finest medical care. I am personally overseeing an investigation into how the NMLA infiltrated our starport and bypassed security checks. Such attacks are as sickening as they are cowardly, and Nova Imperium stands firmly against these terrorists." Hadrian Duval is the illegitimate grandson of Emperor Hengist. His father, the late Commander Hector Jansen, was the result of a secret liaison with a household slave. Although disowned by the Imperial Family, Hadrian claims to be a rightful heir to the throne.[26]

24 SEP 3306

19 APR 3305

  • Hadrian Augustus Duval has provided a statement regarding his recent communications with Princess Aisling Duval. The following announcement was broadcast on all Imperial media channels: "After much discussion, Princess Aisling and I have formally agreed to a non-aggression pact. While it would be premature for either side to consider the other an ally, we have pledged not to oppose each other or interfere with the activities of our respective supporters. I am grateful to my cousin for her courage in establishing contact. Although I stand firm on my previously stated beliefs, at Aisling's request I will review Nova Imperium's policies with an open mind. For now, I must remain a member of the Imperial family in exile."[25]

13 APR 3305

  • News of a meeting between Princess Aisling Duval and Imperator Hadrian Augustus Duval has caused controversy throughout the Empire. Political journalist Cassia Carvalho reviewed the situation: "Princess Aisling is surely aware that contacting Hadrian Duval was a politically risky move. Senator Zemina Torval has wasted no time in branding the princess 'an ideological traitor' for associating with isolationists. Family connections aside, Hadrian's traditionalist views do not align with Aisling's progressive approach. But he is young and inexperienced, with policies inherited from the extremist Imperator Mordanticus. Perhaps Aisling hopes that, by learning to adapt, this long-lost member of the Duval family may yet play a part on the galactic stage."[24]

05 APR 3305

  • Princess Aisling Duval has revealed that she recently visited Imperator Hadrian Augustus Duval, leader of the isolationist group Nova Imperium. The Imperial Herald published her statement: "For some time, I have regretted my initial dismissal of Hadrian. Had I known that Arissa intended to carry out such a brutal purge of his followers, my approach would have been different. Although he has been labelled an enemy of the Empire, I found myself unable to ignore this new member of the Duval family, and so requested a meeting in the Paresa system. Another reason to make contact was to verify his claim to be Emperor Hengist's grandson. All the genetic tests were conclusive – Hadrian is indeed my cousin by blood. We have now opened a dialogue to see if there can ever be common ground between us. Perhaps together we can heal divisions within the Empire."[23]

07 FEB 3305

  • President Gibson Kincaid has sought to illustrate potential threats to the Alliance, highlighting isolationist group Nova Imperium as an example. Speaking to the Alliance Tribune, President Kincaid said: "The rise of such radical beliefs demonstrates how quickly the other superpowers might turn against us. Had the recent military conflict ended differently, the Empire would have callously abandoned humanity's united struggle against the Thargoid threat. All other leaders are looking elsewhere, pretending Nova Imperium never happened. But I have the courage to give a voice to our people's fears. The Alliance must prepare to stand alone against any aggressor, whether human or alien!" Prime Minister Edmund Mahon later released a brief response: "I remind President Kincaid that his focus should be on diplomatic duties, as agreed by the Assembly. Inter-superpower cooperation against the Thargoids remains unchanged, and the Empire's internal politics do not concern the Alliance."[22]

31 JAN 3305

  • Hadrian Augustus Duval has broadcast a message following the purge of isolationist group Nova Imperium: "Arissa Lavigny-Duval has revealed the true face of her regime – one based on brutality and terror. The callous execution of Imperator Mordanticus, in conjunction with thousands of Imperial citizens, shows her desperation to cling onto power at any cost. Nova Imperium survives in the Paresa system, a single light in the darkness. We stand for an Empire that respects everyone, from slaves to senators. I truly hope that any who value honour and tradition will help keep our spark alive. Our martyred leader will never be forgotten. In his honour, I have taken the title of Imperator Duval, until such time as the people choose me as their rightful emperor. Memento Mordanticus!"[21]

26 JAN 3305

  • Security forces across the Empire have carried out a coordinated purge of the isolationist group Nova Imperium. Political journalist Cassia Carvalho reported: "Yesterday's executions in the Senate were apparently only the beginning of a coordinated massacre. Nova Imperium members are being put to death, and citizens who supported them are being arrested for treason. In a single day, the isolationist cause has been crushed. It seems that Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval – while being accused of weakness – has simply been playing for time, allowing Senator Patreus to position his agents for a simultaneous strike. With this show of strength, the Emperor has done much to silence her detractors. Despite reactions of horror from some newsfeeds, Alliance and Federal leaders have made no official comment, perhaps relieved that inter-superpower cooperation against the Thargoids will continue. Nova Imperium remains in control of the Paresa system, but with the organisation's power base destroyed, it no longer poses a threat to the Imperial throne."[20]

25 JAN 3305

  • Kaeso Mordanticus, the captured leader of isolationist group Nova Imperium, has been brought before the Imperial Senate, with unexpected results. Political journalist Cassia Carvalho was at the scene: "Imperator Mordanticus was led into Senate House in shackles but still defiant. All rose as Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval entered, attended by Senator Denton Patreus. The Emperor and Patreus approached Mordanticus silently, whereupon Patreus executed the Imperator with his personal sidearm. Suddenly, the Imperial Guard opened fire, gunning down senators Pal Vespasian and Eloise Winterstone, and others who had supported the isolationist cause. Once the initial shock had subsided, the Emperor stood over the Imperator's body. In a clear voice she announced: 'There is no Nova Imperium. There is only the Empire.' I have since heard reports of mass arrests and further public executions across Capitol. The rumour is that Patreus placed agents among Nova Imperium strongholds, which are now being eliminated from within. This may be the start of an Empire-wide purge."[19]

18 JAN 3305

  • Imperator Mordanticus, the leader of isolationist group Nova Imperium, has been captured by the Empire. His arrest was made during the conflict between Nova Imperium and the Empire in the Paresa system. Chancellor Anders Blaine made a pronouncement on behalf of Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval: "With its fleet destroyed, Nova Imperium's seditious agenda has been halted. The so-called Imperator, Duke Kaeso Mordanticus, will be brought before the Senate on Friday the 25th of January to answer charges of treason against the Empire." Political journalist Cassia Carvalho commented in The Imperial Herald: "For the emperor to assemble the entire Senate is a rare occurrence. It seems likely that she will make an example of Mordanticus, perhaps with a public trial. Although Nova Imperium survives in the Paresa system, the loss of both its fleet and military commander may have delivered a mortal blow to the isolationist cause."[18]

17 JAN 3305

  • The conflict in the Paresa system has ended with Nova Imperium being defeated by Imperial organisation Yupini Limited. As the conflict drew to a close, Senator Denton Patreus made the following statement: "With the aid of our loyal Imperial auxiliaries, the isolationists' forces have been significantly depleted. Let this be a warning to others – the Empire will not tolerate insurrection." Pilots who participated in the conflict can now collect their rewards from Dyson City in the Paresa system.[17]

11 JAN 3305

  • Political journalist Cassia Carvalho has reported on the current conflict with isolationist group Nova Imperium: "In recent weeks, Nova Imperium has become a genuine political force. Tensions have now erupted into open conflict in the Paresa system, with Imperial Navy auxiliaries attempting to destroy Nova Imperium's fleet. In return, Imperator Mordanticus has called on the galactic community to fight for Emperor Hengist's long-lost grandson Hadrian Duval to be recognised as an heir to the throne. Whether this is a one-off battle or the beginning of an Imperial civil war, the outcome of the Battle of Paresa will influence the future of the Empire."[16]

10 JAN 3305

  • The Empire has entered a state of conflict with the isolationist group Nova Imperium in the Paresa system. Senator Denton Patreus announced: "The loyal Imperials of Yupini Limited have engaged the isolationists' illegal armada. We call upon Imperial auxiliaries to support our allies and destroy the Nova Imperium fleet." Imperator Mordanticus, leader of Nova Imperium, has requested the support of the galactic community: "Nova Imperium's survival depends upon winning this battle. I urge all those who believe that Hadrian Duval should be the Emperor to support us." The two factions have set out week-long campaigns to overcome their foes, which will begin on the 10th of January 3305.[15]

10 JAN 3305

  • Supply campaigns for the Federal and Imperial navies have concluded successfully, with traders delivering large amounts of military provisions. The League of Zearla, acting on behalf of the Federal Navy, stated: "Many thanks to all the pilots who came through for the Federation. You can now collect your rewards at Payson Hub in the Zearla system." An announcement was also made by the Sirsir Co, which coordinated a similar supply campaign for the Imperial Navy: "You have performed a great service for the Empire. Payments have been authorised at Mitchell Hangar in the Sirsir system." Marquis Felix Novantico, a retired military strategist, commented: "Tensions caused by Nova Imperium have triggered much activity of this kind. But for the Federation to do the same suggests concern about a potentially hostile Empire, should Hadrian Duval claim the throne."[14]

05 JAN 3305

  • The isolationist group Nova Imperium is reported to be assembling its forces in the Paresa system. Senator Denton Patreus made this statement: "We have evidence that this seditious organisation is amassing an armada in its home system. It consists of ships crewed by Imperator Mordanticus's ex-Navy followers, as well as the private vessels of many misguided citizens. As Admiral of the Fleet, I order Nova Imperium to disperse its forces immediately or face the consequences." The Imperial Herald's Cassia Carvalho commented: "Widespread support for Hadrian Duval has led to Nova Imperium amassing its fleet in a very short time. The challenge for the Imperial Navy is to quash this threat without it being seen as a massacre of Imperial citizens, which can only fuel further rebellion."[12]

03 JAN 3305

  • An open order for military supplies has been placed on behalf of the Federal Navy by the League of Zearla. A spokesperson for the organisation gave the following statement: "The Federal Navy urgently requires shipments of Battle Weapons, Landmines and Performance Enhancers to be delivered to Payson Hub in the Zearla system." A parallel operation is being run by Imperial faction the Sirsir Co, which announced: "The Imperial Navy's logistics division has authorised us to process deliveries of Battle Weapons, Reactive Armour and Imperial Slaves. The drop-off point is Mitchell Hangar in the Sirsir system." Both initiatives begin on the 3rd of January 3305 and will run for one week. If either initiative meets its targets earlier than planned, that campaign will end immediately.[13]

29 DEC 3304

  • The leaders of the Alliance and the Federation have commented on the rise of the isolationist group Nova Imperium. Prime Minister Edmund Mahon told the Alliance Assembly: "The civil unrest in the Empire is an internal matter, but it would be a major concern if it resulted in a policy change regarding inter-superpower cooperation. We are therefore watching the situation closely." In Congress, President Zachary Hudson said: "If Nova Imperium comes to power and the Empire ceases contributions to Aegis, our combined defences against the Thargoid threat will be jeopardised. In such a case, the Federation would be forced to intervene in order to safeguard humanity's future." Independent sources have confirmed that Federal Navy resupplies have increased in frequency. Fleet manoeuvres have also taken place in regions bordering Imperial territory.[11]

27 DEC 3304

  • Imperial senators supporting the isolationist group Nova Imperium have demanded that Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval acknowledge its figurehead, Hadrian Augustus Duval. Senator Eloise Winterstone proclaimed to the Senate: "The Imperial family must officially recognise Hadrian Duval as one of its own. Given that the Emperor has no children, such an act would secure the future of the Duval bloodline." Chancellor Anders Blaine replied: "Our official position is that Nova Imperium is a fringe organisation with no right to determine policy. We have no more to say on the matter." Political journalist Cassia Carvalho wrote in The Imperial Herald: "With the possibility of civil war increasing, the suggestion that Arissa accept Hengist Duval's grandson as an heir feels like a reasonable compromise. Her lack of response so far has led to accusations of weakness, with many calling on her to step down and for Hadrian Duval to be instated as sovereign ruler."[10]

21 DEC 3304

  • Princess Aisling Duval has publicly rejected the isolationist group Nova Imperium and its figurehead, Hadrian Duval: "These extremists cause only division. Hadrian may well be the grandson of Hengist Duval, but that hardly makes him suited to the throne. Arissa has been silent for too long – she must act quickly to resolve this volatile situation." Senator Zemina Torval responded: "Much to my surprise, I find myself in agreement with Princess Duval. The notion of an independent pilot becoming ruler of the Empire is preposterous. I am confident that the Emperor will respond accordingly." Despite this united front, Senator Pal Vespasian stated: "Many senators are willing to recognise Hadrian Duval as Emperor-in-waiting. Nova Imperium is now a legitimate political movement with several million supporters. The only way the Empire will survive is by accepting the Imperator's proposals."[9]

13 DEC 3304

  • Hadrian Augustus Duval, the long-lost grandson of Emperor Hengist Duval, has broadcast a message to the Empire: "I am no wealthy senator from an entitled family, but someone who has lived an ordinary life. Someone who understands the hardships faced by many Imperial citizens. As Hadrian Jansen, I was a poor child with no family other than my father. Together we scraped a living as independent traders. He never spoke of his past – not even when he died two years ago. That was when I inherited his ship and became a Commander myself. When Imperator Mordanticus informed me of my heritage, I knew I had to accept my identity as a Duval. I've seen how diminished the Empire has become, and I know that new leadership is sorely needed. I ask you to honour the legacy of the Duval bloodline. With Nova Imperium, let's save the Empire we love."[8]

07 DEC 3304

  • Isolationist group Nova Imperium has revealed its choice for Emperor – an eighteen year old man named Hadrian Augustus Duval. The group's leader, Imperator Mordanticus, broadcast this message: "It is incumbent upon me to reveal that Hengist Duval fathered not one but two illegitimate children in his younger days. A few years before meeting Florence Lavigny, he had a brief affair with a slave in the Imperial household. When Hengist's father discovered this, the matter was hushed up and the slave dismissed. The slave's son went on to sire a child of his own: Hadrian Duval, grandson of Emperor Hengist Duval. Hadrian was unaware of this until we located him and genetically confirmed his lineage. Arissa Lavigny-Duval is a weak Emperor who must be removed. We call for Hadrian Duval to be recognised as the true heir to the throne!" The Imperial Herald's political journalist Cassia Carvalho observed: "This announcement has shaken the Empire to its very foundations. Having Hadrian as a figurehead has rallied those hardliners more comfortable with the idea of a male Emperor. With a single stroke, Nova Imperium has gained considerable credibility and massively increased its support."[7]

01 DEC 3304

  • Several Imperial senators have spoken in support of isolationist group Nova Imperium. Senator Pal Vespasian made the following statement: "Many of us see Nova Imperium not as extremists, but as realists. The citizenry is afraid of both Thargoid invasion and of being weakened by collaboration with foreign systems. They look to the Emperor for salvation...and she offers them none. We intend to invite Imperator Mordanticus to address the Senate and detail his policies. This is a historic opportunity to restore the Empire's honour and integrity. Furthermore, Nova Imperium's proposal to install a new Emperor has my full backing."[6]

24 NOV 3304

  • Isolationist group Nova Imperium has declared its intention to install a new Emperor. The group's leader, recently identified as ex-navy admiral Duke Kaeso Mordanticus and known as the Imperator, said: "The Empire has been weakened by collaborating with its enemies. Aegis drains our resources to protect foreign systems from the Thargoids, our security forces are stretched thin defending non-Imperial systems, and Princess Duval sullies her honourable name by dallying with a Federal libertine. Our people demand stronger leadership. We will achieve this by installing a new Emperor – one who will restore the glory of the Empire!" Political journalist Cassia Carvalho commented in The Imperial Herald: "Naturally there has been no response from Arissa Lavigny-Duval. But for many citizens, Mordanticus has articulated their unease about inter-superpower cooperation. With support for Nova Imperium increasing rapidly, a silent minority may now have found a voice."[5]

14 NOV 3304

  • A report compiled by the Imperial Internal Security Service on isolationist group Nova Imperium has been leaked. The Rewired news service broadcast the report in full: "This document compiles our latest intelligence on Nova Imperium, as requested. Although the group has not yet committed any crimes, its threat potential should not be underestimated. Its isolationist message resonates with those fearful of Thargoid invasion, and its rallying cry of 'Empire for the Imperials' aligns with the more conservative citizenry. We have identified the group's leader, the Imperator, as Duke Kaeso Mordanticus, a former naval admiral from a long line of decorated veterans. Evidence suggests that Mordanticus still has contacts and influence in the Imperial Navy. Nova Imperium's ships are mostly run by ex-naval crews, bound by loyalty to their former commanding officer. We will continue to monitor Nova Imperium and report on any developments."[4]

09 NOV 3304

  • The isolationist group Nova Imperium has broadcast a message to Imperial citizens via public media. The organisation's leader, known only as the Imperator, said: "Imperial citizens, your ruler's weakness has put you in great danger. If we are to survive the Thargoid onslaught, we must sever ties with the Federation and other, inferior powers, and concentrate on protecting our own systems. I call upon those who care about their Imperial birthright to support Nova Imperium. We vow to restore the Empire's purity and strength, and to lead it into a glorious future." Senator Denton Patreus responded with the following comment: "These extremists and their seditious agenda are not worthy of attention. So far we have been lenient with them, but this so-called Imperator would be wise not to test our patience any further."[3]

01 NOV 3304

  • A radical group called Nova Imperium is gaining influence throughout the Empire. Imperial Herald journalist Cassia Carvalho highlighted the situation: "Nova Imperium claims that to survive the Thargoid conflict, the Empire must sever contact with all other systems and concentrate on protecting itself. In recent months, the organisation has become a genuine political force. The group's leader is known only as the Imperator. Dressed in an Imperial Navy uniform, he is a charismatic presence who speaks of 'a return to the honour of the old days' and 'the glory of Achenar'. Many traditionalist citizens, unhappy with recent cross-superpower cooperation, have embraced the Imperator's rhetoric. On several worlds, Nova Imperium's followers hold rallies with a distinctly martial feel. So far there has been little response from Imperial authorities, but it is clear that Nova Imperium will soon become impossible to ignore."[2]

12 JUL 3304

  • The Church of Eternal Void has denounced the so-called Far God cult, which worships the Thargoids. A spokesperson identified as Cardinal Hieronymous made this statement: "As disciples of the Guardians, we hereby declare war on those who have sold their souls to the Thargoid demons. We vow to expunge their poisonous creed and purge them from the galaxy." Since this statement was made, the Church has seen a dramatic upswing in support from local communities. Juanita Bishop, who has been campaigning against the Far God sect, commented: "It's about time somebody did something! The public need to get behind the Church and help them get these alien-lovers off our streets." Security forces in many systems have issued reminders that the Far God sect is legally recognised as a religion, and that any hostility against its members will be considered a criminal act. Dr Alfred Ulyanov, a leading exotheologian, discussed the situation on the Rewired news feed: "A number of doomsayer cults have emerged recently, including Homo Terminus, Nova Imperium and the Order of Extinction. But of all those I've studied, the Church of Eternal Void differs in one key respect – it offers hope. They claim that veneration of the Guardians will prevent Thargoid Armageddon, which is probably why they're the most popular, being based on a classic binary theology of good versus evil. It's apparent that the Church is taking advantage of animosity towards the Far God sect to promote itself. The idea of Thargoid spies in human form, although baseless, has caused much anxiety. By declaring the Cult a holy adversary, the Church validates its own existence."[1]


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