Obsidian Orbital
FactionThe Ant Hill Mob
Trade data
EconomiesHigh Tech, Service
ImportsLithium, Rutile, Conductive Fabrics
ExportsHydrogen Fuel, Pesticides, Synthetic Meat
ProhibitedToxic Waste, Thargoid Probe

Obsidian Orbital is an Ocellus Starport in the Maia system. It was built after the community goal Among the Stars. It has all services with the exception of Outfitting and a Shipyard.[1]

History Edit

Work on a new Ocellus starport began in the Kaushpoos system of the Pleiades Nebula on October 28, 3301. Within a day, pirates began congregating in Kaushpoos, preying on traders and contractors travelling to and from the system. A request for aid was sent out and the pirates were repelled in short order. Later the starport was named Obsidian Orbital via public vote.[2]

On December 19, 3301, it was reported that the new station had been affected by technical issues plaguing the galaxy, but personnel were determined to keep it running.[2]

On January 31, 3302, an unidentified Diamondback Explorer with the unusual designation "S6: 7" conducted a high-speed flyby and scan of Obsidian Orbital. The ship ignored all hails and departed once it completed its scan. Witnesses of the incident speculated that the ship was looking for something.[3] It is possible this incident was connected to the covert military group Black Flight.

On December 2, 3303, Obsidian Orbital joined 24 other Pleiades Nebula stations in hosting an Aegis laboratory, part of a scientific initiative to research Thargoid technology.[4] Beginning on December 14, Medusa Variant Thargoid Interceptors began launching attacks on stations participating in Aegis' initiative.[5][6] Obsidian Orbital became one of the latest victims of these attacks on January 11, 3304, suffering heavy damage to the dismay of the galactic community. A Rescue Vessel arrived on-site to assist in evacuations.[7] The station was fully repaired by March 3, 3304, making it the second station, after The Oracle in Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55, to recover from a Thargoid attack.

Notes Edit

  • With the release of update 2.4, "The Return" on September 26, 2017, Obsidian Orbital's announcer was changed. All announcements within the station's docking bay are now spoken by CMDR ObsidianAnt.

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