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A Niveum Octahedral Pod and an Anaconda

These seed pods are produced by void hearts, space-based organisms with some of the qualities of a terrestrial plant.

— In-Game Description

Octahedral Pods are seed pods that are produced by Void Hearts and found in Notable Stellar Phenomena.

Octahedral Pods have been observed to release clouds of spores that can inflict caustic damage to unshielded ships that venture into them, with a small amount of damage being applied to ship's shields if they are active.[1][2][3]


There are four known types of Octahedral Pods:

  • Caeruleum Octahedral Pod
  • Niveum Octahedral Pod
  • Rubeum Octahedral Pod
  • Viride Octahedral Pod


Оctahedral Pods have been found at the following locations.

System Type Reported By
Shrogaae KK-A d983 Niveum CMDR Ellerimkirli
Shrogaae KK-A d90 Viride CMDR Bob48
Shrogaae KK-A d2672 Rubeum CMDR Panhyper
Shrogaae KK-A d1791 Caeruleum CMDR Panhyper