Not to be confused with Onion Head, Onionhead Alpha Strain, or Lucan Onion Head.

An adapted strain of the Onionhead narcotic favourable to local conditions.

— In-Game Description

Onionhead Beta Strain is a Legal Drug in the world of Elite Dangerous.

It is a rare commodity, so increases in value the further it is taken from point of purchase.

ALERT: Onionhead Beta Strain is illegal in most or all Federation systems.


Jan 3302

  • Onionhead Beta Strain went on sale for the first time.

26 Jan 3302

  • The Green Party of HIP 112974's appeal for Onion Head was successful.

16 JAN 3302

  • Last year, a faction known as the Drug Empire of Xelabara established an onionhead-trading operation in the Xelabara system. The initiative proved to be a shot in the arm for the onionhead trade, which suffered a setback in 3300 when former Federal President Jasmina Halsey outlawed the drug in Federal space. Now the Green Party of HIP 112974 faction has decided build on the success of the Drug Empire of Xelabara by establishing its own onionhead operation in the independent system of HIP 112974. A spokesperson for the faction released a brief statement: “Thanks to our investors, we are in a position to generously reward pilots who deliver onionhead to our HQ in HIP 112974 We’ve also set aside some privateer bonds for anyone who helps to take down the agitators operating in our system, to make things safer for the traders. So if you’re a combat pilot or a trader, we have work for you! To claim these credits, please find us at Tanaka Gateway in the Arawere system.”

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