Orbital Cruise HUD adds artificial horizon, altimeter, vertical speed indicator and coordinates

Orbital Cruise (OC) is a speed less than Supercruise but faster than Normal Speed. It is included Elite Dangerous: Horizons expansion. As players approach a planet in supercruise, they will drop into orbital cruise. This will allow the player to fly around the planet at a speed suited to covering vast distances, to locate interesting places to land, crashed ships, surface installations, and other points of interest. To maximize their speed in Orbital Cruise player should keep their pitch angle in the blue zone (-5 to +5 degrees).

Transition between Orbital Cruise and Normal Speed is done through gliding, if certain criteria (speed and angle of approach) met. The lowest altitude at which Orbital Cruise is possible is 25 km. Note that when leaving the planet the Orbital Cruise can be started below 25 kilometers, however pitching below the horizon while under the minimal attitude will result in an immediate drop.