ManufacturerSaud Kruger
Years Produced3300-Present
TypePassenger Liner
Cost48,539,887 CR
Insurance2,426,994 CR
Default Specifications
Landing Pad SizeLarge
Dimensions130.4m x 50.8m x 22.7m
Pilot Seats2
Fighter HangarNo
Hull Mass290 t
Mass Lock Factor13
Armour Hardness55
Shields233 MJ
Top Speed308 m/s
Boost Speed390 m/s
Unladen Jump Range10.52 ly
Cargo Capacity72 t
Fuel Capacity32 t
Hardpoints4x Utility Mounts
2x Medium Hardpoints
1x Large Hardpoint
Internals1x Size 1 Compartment
2x Size 2 Compartments
1x Size 3 Compartment
1x Size 4 Compartment
3x Size 5 Compartments
1x Size 6 Compartment
Maximum Non-Engineered Specs
Top Speed348 m/s
Boost Speed441 m/s
Unladen Jump Range36.17 ly
Cargo Capacity194 t

The Orca is a high-end passenger ship manufactured by Saud Kruger, the market leader in civilian-transport vessels. Like Saud Kruger's other ships, the Orca can accommodate a luxury-tier passenger cabin, allowing it to transport passengers in comfort and style. The Orca has not been designed for combat or exploration, however, and its internal compartments cannot accommodate military modules.

— In-Game Description

The Orca is a ship manufactured by Saud Kruger. One of the galaxy's most popular passenger liners, the Orca combines Saud Kruger's signature sleek aesthetics and luxury accommodations into a relatively affordable package in the large-size ship range. As with other Saud Kruger vessels, it is capable of equipping Luxury-class Passenger Cabins, a manufacturer-exclusive feature. Although the Orca's initial specifications are not especially impressive given its heavy focus on passenger transport, with the right modules and engineering it can be transformed into a surprisingly manoeuvrable ship with above-average jump range. In most roles other than combat, the Orca can get the job done in style.


The Orca is essentially a passenger carrier version of the Type-7 Transporter, sacrificing many of the latter's advantages to focus almost entirely on passenger accommodation, similar to how the Dolphin matches up to the Type-6 Transporter.

Where officially its maneuverability is slightly better than an Anaconda and worse than a Beluga Liner, in practice the Orca handles far better than this rating suggests. It has a remarkably high turn rate, high acceleration and max speed, and it is very good at strafing. However, its relatively small power plant and limited hardpoint capacity prevent it from becoming a great combat ship. Its large size makes it an easy target, and its shield and armor are mediocre at best for a ship of this size and class. One of the biggest downsides to the ship is the hardpoint placement; all of which are on the underside of the ship making it easy for ships to stay out of the Orca's firing range. This hasn't stopped a handful of Commanders setting up groups dedicated to combat in Orcas, and like any ship, it is still formidable with engineering and skilled pilots.

The Jump range can reach a rather impressive average of 36lys making it a very good explorer at a fraction of the price of the Anaconda. This makes the Orca a better ship for long distance passenger hauling than most others and contributes heavily to its role as a cruise ship, allowing Commanders to take high-paying VIPs many light-years. Its range is still less than that of a Diamondback/Asp Explorer, which are both a fraction of the price and much better at self-defense.

As a trader or miner the Orca is a very bad option. In both aspects, the Type-7 is a far better option especially due to the Orca's huge pricetag. At a maximum 194T of possible cargo it has the lowest of any large ship, even lower when shielded.

The biggest downside the Orca has is its pricetag; it is only slightly better at its roles than the Dolphin or Type-7 but at more than ten times the cost. It is also worse than the Beluga Liner at everything but jump range; Commanders looking for passenger missions may choose it instead. The Orca is very good at carrying passengers long range, however because of the weight it is ill-advised to bring bulk passengers long range; at which point the Dolphin outclasses the Orca.

Convergence orca

Orca hardpoints convergence

The Orca's hardpoints are placed as follows: all 3 hardpoints are located on the underside of the ship, with the single Class 3 hardpoint positioned in front of the front landing gear, and the two Class 2 hardpoints behind it and side by side. The cockput is located on the bottom of massive window in the front of the ship, with the pilot seat on the left side. From there the pilot enjoys excellent viewing angles in all directions but down. The Orca also has a second pilot seat and is compatible with Multicrew.

The Orca's heat dispersion capabilities are relatively poor, so caution must be taken when adding or engineering modules with a high thermal load. The ship is especially prone to overheat when scooping fuel.

Purchase Locations

System Station Date Seen Discount
Shinrarta Dezhra Jameson Memorial Always available 10% discount
Brestla i Sola Prospect Always available 20% surcharge
Lalande 4268 Lowry Ring Mar. 3, 2019 15% discount
Momus Reach Ralphus Mar. 3, 2019 15% discount
Lembava Goldstein Port Mar. 3, 2019 15% discount
Ix Scully-Power Station Mar. 3, 2019 15% discount
Kruger 60 Kepler Gateway Mar. 3, 2019
Atagat Glashow City Mar. 3, 2019
Cemiess Shoemaker City Mar. 3, 2019
Exioce Macmillan Depot Mar. 3, 2019
Mizar Judson Station Mar. 3, 2019
Alkaid Camus Orbiter Mar. 3, 2019


Main article: Outfitting

All ships are highly customisable through the Outfitting menu of Station Services. Listed below is the default load-out for the Orca.

Category Default System Default Rating Default Class Max Class
Medium Hardpoint Pulse Laser (L) F 1 2
Pulse Laser (L) F 1 2
Large Hardpoint Empty -- -- 3
Utility Mount Empty -- -- 0
Empty -- -- 0
Empty -- -- 0
Empty -- -- 0
Bulkheads Lightweight Alloys I 1 8
Reactor Bay Power Plant E 5 5
Thruster Mounting Thrusters E 6 6
Frame Shift Drive Housing Frame Shift Drive E 5 5
Environment Control Life Support E 6 6
Power Coupling Power Distributor E 5 5
Sensor Suite Sensors E 4 4
Fuel Store Fuel Tank [x32] C 5 5
Internal Compartments Cargo Rack [x32] E 5 6
Cargo Rack [x16] E 4 5
Cargo Rack [x16] E 4 5
Shield Generator E 5 5
Cargo Rack [x8] E 3 4
Empty -- -- 3
Empty -- -- 2
Empty -- -- 2
Supercruise Assist E 1 1
Planetary Approach Suite (H) I 1 1


  • Initially decals could not be fitted. Now they can and even some basic paint jobs are available (Vibrant pack, Tactical pack, and Military pack)
  • A 'fasten seatbelt' tone will sound in the cabin when using this ship's boost.
  • According to the Newsletter #84, with 0.016% of players piloting it the Orca is the least popular ship in the game.
  • Beyond Chapter Four removes restrictions from the restricted module slots on the Beluga LinerDolphin and Orca. This allows them to equip modules other than Passenger Cabins in those slots.[1]




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