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This system is a dull place.

— In-Game Description

Orerve is a Federal system in the Core Systems within the Inner Orion Spur. It is one of the Old Worlds. As Orerve's primary export is narcotics, specifically Orervan stimweed, outbound cargo ships are frequently targeted by pirates.[1] As of 3305, the system's Federal governor is Nadeem Clayton.[2]

System Layout

  • Orerve (Class K star)
    • Simpson's Eden (Earth-like world)
    • Orerve 2
      • Orerve 2 a
    • Orerve 3
      • Orerve 3 a
    • Orerve 4
    • Orerve 5

Minor Factions

  • Alliance Rapid-reaction Corps (Cooperative, Alliance)
  • Amijangal Future (Democracy, Federation)
  • New Orerve Liberals (Democracy, Independent)
  • Noblemen of Orerve (Feudal, Independent)
  • Orerve Blue Council (Anarchy, Independent)
  • Orerve Crimson Travel Inc (Corporate, Independent)
  • Orerve Universal Limited (Corporate, Federation)