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Osseus Pumice

The Osseus species grows a single thick stalk from which emerges a wide, broadly circular, pitted endoskeleton. This structure is designed to dramatically increase the surface area of the organism, facilitating chemical capture and chemosynthesis on its catalytically active surface.

— In-Game Description

Osseus is a genome of alien organism found on planets and moons with thin atmospheres across the galaxy. They can be sampled with the Genetic Sampler and scanned with the Short Range Composition Scanner.


There are six known types of Osseus:

  • Osseus Cornibus
  • Osseus Discus
  • Osseus Fractus
  • Osseus Pellebantus
  • Osseus Pumice
  • Osseus Spiralis


System Planet Coordinates Type Reported By
Blae Eork WH-D c28-0 B 2 A -14.3765, -165.5567 Fractus CMDR Methan Disery
QQ Pegasi 1 C -25.0897, 77.8420
22.8682 47.1968
Pumice CMDR R0ss
Manissyet 6 A 5.6067, -160.8237 Pumice CMDR R0ss
Kadaren 6 B -67.4296, 83.4881 Pumice CMDR R0ss
Nervi 2 D 60.0957, 9.8736 Spiralis CMDR R0ss
Plua Aewsy XS-S c4-9 B 2 -8.5853, 80.7811 Discus CMDR Methan Disery