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Owen McKenna is the CEO of Federal shipbuilder Core Dynamics. He ascended to the position in early 3307 in the wake of the abrupt departure of Jupiter Rochester, who absconded with several Core Dynamics departments to create the short-lived corporate republic Jupiter Division. While overseeing the restructuring of Core Dynamics after it was thrown into disarray by the incident, McKenna vowed to purge the corporation of all of Rochester's loyalists and subjugate Jupiter Division's remnant. He launched a decisive campaign to permanently disband the rogue department and reclaim Core Dynamics' remaining assets with the help of Silver Legal Group in June 3307, resulting in Jupiter Division being folded into the Core Dynamics subsidiary Core Enterprises. In December 3307, McKenna attended the launch event for Core Dynamics subsidiary Vodel's new SRV, the Scorpion.


09 DEC 3307

  • SRV manufacturer Vodel today announced the official release of its new vehicle, the Scorpion. The first new mass-production model offered by the company in many years, the Scorpion is designed for combat operations and troop support. It is widely understood that Vodel's acquisition by Core Dynamics in 3305 triggered the development of the new model, with the parent company's considerable financial resources made available to Vodel's engineering teams. Vodel's chief of design, Frank Endis, gave a speech at the company's launch event at Levinson Orbital in Bhattra: "We are delighted to bring the Scorpion SRV to the market and are excited at its potential. Our marketing team anticipates huge interest from independent operatives and military forces alike, thanks to the Scorpion's impressive specifications. A focus on survivability provides the Scorpion's two-crew cabin with additional protection from harm. The plasma surge repeater and the proprietary Aculeus missile launcher work in perfect harmony when engaging shielded, armoured targets. Meanwhile, the Scorpion's raw power offers exceptional torque, capable of handling harsh terrain and steep climbs." Core Dynamics CEO Owen McKenna also attended the event and was approached for comment: "I'm really happy with how hard the Vodel team has worked on this new vehicle. They had clear goals in mind from the start, took Core Dynamics' feedback on board and kept us updated regularly through the process. I think the acquisition of Vodel was one of the last good decisions Jupiter Rochester made as head of the company." The Scorpion SRV is now available to purchase from military economy ports.[1]

10 JUN 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    The corporate faction Jupiter Division has been defeated by the Silver Legal Group in the Ts'ao Tach system. The breakaway faction from Core Dynamics was unable to resist efforts by its parent company to recover ships and resources. Jupiter Division will soon be subsumed by Core Enterprises, a subsidiary of Core Dynamics. Owen McKenna, the CEO of Core Dynamics, declared: "Thanks to the Silver Legal Group and other loyal allies of the Federation, we have finally crushed this criminal enterprise. Let this be an end to the delusions of Jupiter Rochester." Many newsfeeds believe that Jupiter Division's defeat will have a negative impact on the corporatist movement that has recently emerged within some Federal systems. Director Theodore Sullivan of the Silver Legal Group confirmed that those who fought on their side can now collect payments from the Iron Wings of Justice megaship in the Ts'ao Tach system.[2]

03 JUN 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    The corporate faction Jupiter Division is fighting for survival against the Silver Legal Group in the Ts'ao Tach system. Jupiter Division was formed by rogue Core Dynamics departments loyal to ex-CEO Jupiter Rochester. Although it was defeated in February, a growing corporatist movement within the Federation has helped rebuild its strength. A call to arms was made by Owen McKenna, the new CEO of Core Dynamics: "Rochester's deranged cult must be wiped out once and for all. We are supporting our ally, the Silver Legal Group, to destroy Jupiter Division's fleet and allow us to retake our stolen resources." Vice-Executive Blanca Carbonell, a senior leader of Jupiter Division, broadcast this message: "To all those seeking a better Federation – stand up and make your voice heard! Only direct corporate rule can end government corruption. Jupiter Division must survive to lead that change!" Two megaships, Victory's Forge and Iron Wings of Justice, are once again serving as the centres of operation for Jupiter Division and the Silver Legal Group. Political commentators believe that this second conflict will be a decisive one, determining whether or not Jupiter Division can survive without its founder.[3]

02 JUN 3307

  • The Core Dynamics breakaway faction created by ex-CEO Jupiter Rochester has survived, by gathering believers in the corporate rule of the Federation. Conrad Sterling, political journalist for Vox Galactica, published this report: "With its military forces defeated in February, and its leader found guilty of mass murder and imprisoned for life, Jupiter Division should now be a footnote in the Federation's history. Yet in recent months it has steadily grown, retaking control of HIP 54530 and several neighbouring systems. Its megaship, Victory's Forge, even managed to repel Federal troops and remains under Jupiter Division's command. There is much speculation about the underlying reasons for this. Alongside general unrest with the Federation's current policies, there is a rising interest in Rochester's grand vision – replacing democracy with corporatocracy – among those wishing to see change. Many have flocked to Jupiter Division's banner, preventing its collapse. Core Dynamics, its parent company, has also continued to see defections within its ranks. However, new CEO Owen McKenna has vowed to destroy his predecessor's rogue department. It is possible that Jupiter Division's survival was only a brief reprieve, unless the corporatists can gather in sufficient numbers to sustain it."[4]

05 MAR 3307

  • Former Core Dynamics CEO Jupiter Rochester has received a summary judgement for multiple crimes against the Federation. The Federal Justice Department gave this statement: "The facts in the case of Jupiter Rochester are self-evident. His principal role regarding Starship One and Jupiter Division make him guilty of treason, mass murder and many other crimes. He will serve a solitary life sentence in a maximum security prison." Milandu Okoro of the Federal Attorney's Office expressed surprise: "It is highly unusual for the FJD not to litigate such a major case, considering we don't know the full extent of Rochester and Fleet Admiral Vincent's conspiracies. Unfortunately, our request to open a full investigation has been denied." Shadow Vice President Isolde Rochester has reiterated that her family were not involved with her eldest son's clandestine activities. Core Dynamics is continuing to rebuild after several departments separated to form Jupiter Division. Owen McKenna, the new CEO, has vowed to purge the company of all his predecessor's loyalists. Despite Rochester's failure to build a powerbase in the HIP 54530 system, his manifesto of placing the Federation under direct corporate rule has received praise in some regions. A corporatist movement, founded by commercial networks and civil groups, is gradually gaining popularity.[5]