Pack-Hound Missile Rack

A seeking missile launcher that fires multiple specialised micro missiles that swarm and attack the target from all directions. As such they're particular [sic] hard to defend against despite each missile being significantly weaker than a standard missile.

— In-Game Description

The Pack-Hound Missile Rack is a medium seeker Missile Rack that fires a salvo of "drunk" missiles. This weapon type is power-specific for Li Yong-Rui supporters.

It will fire 4 rounds per salvo. The missiles will launch with erratic flight paths but will eventually exhibit heat seeking behavior.

The damage per shot is weaker than both types of standard Missile Racks, however the Pack-hound Rack has a higher DPS than the equivalent seeker missile rack. Additionally, the Pack-hound rack has a lower re-arm cost per activation and the multiple missiles make it more likely that a target equipped with point defense turrets will still take damage.

Pack-hound Missiles have a minimum arming distance of 500m; if fired at a target under this distance, they will deal significantly less damage.


This weapon can be purchased once the player has pledged their allegiance to Li Yong-Rui for 4 or more weeks and the player is at a rating of rank 3 or higher. After that it can be found in every system with outfitting service, even in hostile systems. Look in faction controlled systems and usually high tech.



Pack-hound missile

Spent ammunition must be replenished once used. Any station that is equipped with a "Re-arm" service will be able to replenish ammunition. Once docked at the station, ammunition can be purchased from the Munitions menu in the Starport Services.Missiles cost 250 Cr per unit, and one unit contains 10 missiles. It will cost 3,300 CR to reload all 132 rounds in an empty missile rack.

Since one salvo fires 4 missiles, the cost of hitting the fire button once is 100 Cr.


Class Rating Mass
Integrity Power
Damage Armour
ROF DPS Thermal
Clip Size
2 B 4.00 51 1.20 Fixed Explosive 7.5 60 2.0/s 60.0/s 3.6 12 120 768,600cr


  • These Missiles do explosive damage too, so when fighting with non-wing friendlies it is recommend to keep an eye on friendly position to avoid friendly fire.
  • Sometimes the missiles will cluster together which can cause the detonation of one missile to destroy other missiles, causing little to no damage to the hull. Firing from a longer distance may help to prevent this issue, since the missiles will have more time to travel and avoid each other.
  • Pack-Hound racks have fairly high heat generation compared to regular missile launchers; emptying two launchers at once can easily cause a ship's heat to reach 100%.

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