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Pallaeni is an independent system in the Core Systems within the Inner Orion Spur. A quiet, backwater mining colony, Pallaeni achieved fame as a hub for explorers due to it being used as the starting point for three significant expeditions to Beagle Point: CMDR Erimus Kamzel's first of its kind expedition across the galaxy in 3300, Distant Worlds in 3302, and Distant Worlds II in 3305. In late 3302, Pallaeni also briefly served as the headquarters of the Colonial Marines, a minor faction established to provide armed escorts for pilots making the trip to the then-fledgling colony of Colonia.[1]

System Layout[]

  • Pallaeni (Class M star)
    • Pallaeni A A Belt
    • Pallaeni A 1
    • Pallaeni A 2
      • Eyharts Depot (Outpost)
    • Pallaeni A 3
    • Pallaeni A 4
  • Pallaeni AB barycentre
    • Pallaeni AB 1
    • Pallaeni AB 2
      • Pallaeni AB 2 a
    • Pallaeni AB 3
      • Pallaeni AB 3 a
    • Pallaeni AB 4
    • Pallaeni AB 5
    • Pallaeni AB 6
    • Pallaeni AB 7
      • Pallaeni AB 7 a
  • Pallaeni B (Class T star)
    • Pallaeni B A Belt
    • Pallaeni B 1

Minor Factions[]

  • Colonial Marines (Cooperative, Independent)
  • Pallaeni Co-operative (Cooperative, Independent)
  • Pallaeni Dynasty (Feudal, Independent)
  • Pallaeni General Co (Corporate, Federation)
  • Pallaeni Partnership (Anarchy, Independent)