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The Panther Clipper LX is one of the largest ships likely to be owned by a private individual. It is also the largest ship that will fit in the internal docking bays of space stations. Piloting one requires real skill. Its cargo carrying capacity is massive, although like most transport ships it is lightly armed and poorly armoured.

— Datamined files from the Elite Dangerous: Odyssey alpha[1]

The Panther Clipper LX (aka Panther Clipper), is a large freighter ship. A 2021 leaked image showed it was manufactured by Gutamaya.[2] It has been described as a "heavy cargo clipper" and the Type-9 Heavy's "big brother".[3]


The Panther Clipper LX was first shown in ED Newsletter #7 as a render of the model's blockout mesh and a grey-box animation on a landing pad. The earliest concept art (a paintover of the mesh) was shown in Newsletter #13. It was called "a trading workhorse".

The Panther Clipper LX was announced as planned content for ED: Horizons, but was never implemented despite appearing in Horizons concept art. Mentions of the Panther have been datamined from the game for years, and were most recently seen in the files of the ED: Odyssey alpha.[1]

Elite II[]

The Panther Clipper first appeared in Frontier: Elite II. It was the largest ship in the game, being extremely slow as a consequence, and was described as capable of buying entire planets out of their cargo. Due to its immense size, it was capable of being equipped with planetary bombardment-class weaponry and powerful shields that shrugged off attacks from small pirate craft.