Passenger Carrier is a pilot role similar to Trader. Where a Trader transports commodities to lucrative markets, however, a Passenger Carrier transports paying passengers to the destinations of their choice. Passenger contracts are functionally similar to Mission Board contracts. Ships that are equipped with Passenger Cabins may accept VIP or bulk passenger contracts at Passenger Lounges found at various Starports, Outposts, and Surface Ports. Local minor factions list the passenger contracts they have available, and each contract provides all the passengers' terms and conditions.

Contract types

VIP contracts

VIP passenger icon

VIP contracts are high-paying, high-risk, round-trip transport contracts offered by individual VIPs and their retinues. Transporting VIPs usually involves taking them on a voyage to one or more destinations for activities such as sightseeing or data collection, and then returning them to same station where they were picked up. Sightseeing and long-distance VIP passenger contracts contribute to a pilot's Explorer rank, while short-distance contracts contribute to Trader rank. All VIP contracts generally have a greater effect on minor faction Reputation than on Influence.

VIP passengers will frequently request destinations hundreds or thousands of light-years away, may be high-profile individuals such as celebrities and criminals who will attract unwanted attention from assassins and bounty hunters, and may also make extra demands during the journey. Passenger satisfaction is crucial to successful completion of VIP contracts. Unhappy VIPs may eject themselves from the ship, leaving the pilot with a failed contract. The VIPs' traits are listed in their contracts, and their satisfaction level may be monitored during a voyage by checking the Transactions tab on the left HUD panel.

VIPs always occupy an entire cabin no matter the size of their group, and will not share that cabin with any other passenger groups. Some VIP contracts may request Luxury or B-rated cabins, which can only be installed on the Beluga Liner, Dolphin, and Orca.

Targeting and scanning the point-of-interest, such as a Tourist Beacon, at the destination will fulfill the contract's primary objective. Payment can be collected from the Passenger Lounge upon a successful return to the station.

Bulk contracts (non-VIP)

Non-VIP passenger icon

Bulk contracts are low-paying, low-risk, one-way transport contracts offered by anonymous groups of passengers such as tourists, business workers, refugees, and even militant rebels. All bulk passenger contracts contribute to a pilot's Trader rank. All bulk contracts generally have a greater effect on minor faction Influence than on Reputation.

All Passenger Cabin classes can be used for bulk contracts. Bulk passengers occupy individual seats or berths within their assigned cabins, and groups can be split across multiple cabins of the same class. In essence, bulk passengers are loaded in a similar manner to cargo, and total seating capacity is used instead of the total number of cabin modules. Bulk passengers are also less prone to making extra demands or ejecting if their satisfaction level falls. Payment can be collected from the Passenger Lounge at the destination station.





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