Native to the harsh desert climate, these unpleasant creatures will burrow into any soft surface, including flesh, to avoid the sun. Their resemblance of a walking human ear lead to their name. Some slavers use these grubs as a restrainer for their captives, attaching a dormant extra ear to the forehead of their slave that can be remotely triggered.

— In-Game Description

Pavonis Ear Grubs is a specific item of Legal Drugs in the world of Elite Dangerous.

Rare goods increase in value the further you travel from their point of purchase.


The description and use of these grubs is, barring their appearance as "ears", almost identical to the mind-enslaving "Ceti eels" found in the Star Trek movie Wrath of Khan. The eels buried their way into Human ears and latched to the brain internally, making the victim extremely susceptible to suggestion and more-or-less a slave. This may or may not be an intentional reference on the part of Frontier.

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