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Peduncle Pods

These pods contain the seeds of the peduncle tree, a space-based organism with some of the qualities of a terrestrial plant.

— In-Game Description

Peduncle Pods are spacefaring plant-like organisms produced by Peduncle Trees and found among Notable Stellar Phenomena. They move in random directions by expelling a green liquid. They are sometimes located at the same sites as Peduncle Trees, but both organisms do not necessarily share the same type; for example, Gypseeum Peduncle Pods have been reported near Caeruleum Peduncle Trees.


There are five known types of Peduncle Pods:

  • Caeruleum Peduncle Pod
  • Candidum Peduncle Pod
  • Gypseeum Peduncle Pod
  • Purpureum Peduncle Pod
  • Rufum Peduncle Pod


System Type Reported By
Eocs Aod VH-D c12-11
Prie Aod OR-N d6-33 Gypseeum CMDR Jedirogue
Prie Aod ZS-U d2-71 Caeruleum, Gypseeum CMDR Jedirogue
Prie Aod OA-A d77 Candidum, Rufum CMDR Jedirogue
Oob Chruia KW-E d11-35 Candidum CMDR Jedirogue
Zumbaa LV-L c21-18 Candidum CMDR Dapet
Dryu Chroa HT-U c2-8 Candidum CMDR Snake Man
Jooro EE-F c25-0 Caeruleum CMDR Axonteer
Jooro AM-D d12-3 Gypseeum CMDR Axonteer
Hypao Broae MH-L d8-1 Purpureum CMDR Chaon Sarat
Prie Aod YZ-P d5-23 Rufum CMDR Chaon Sarat
Eol Prou PC-K c9-221 Caeruleum Experimental Habitat
Eol Prou LW-L c8-99 Caeruleum Experimental Habitat
Eol Prou KW-L c8-301 Caeruleum Experimental Habitat
Eol Prou PC-K c9-154 Caeruleum Experimental Habitat