Peduncle Trees

These organic structures are characterised by their distinctive stalk-like limbs.

— In-Game Description

Peduncle Trees are spacefaring plant-like organisms that produce Peduncle Pods and are found among Notable Stellar Phenomena. Different types of Peduncle Trees have varying numbers of limbs and different shade of cream to brown.

Types Edit

There are six known types of Peduncle Trees:

  • Albidum Peduncle Tree
  • Burrus Peduncle Tree
  • Caeruleum Peduncle Tree
  • Ostrinus Peduncle Tree
  • Rubellum Peduncle Tree
  • Viridans Peduncle Tree

Locations Edit

Peduncle Trees have been found at the following locations.

System Type Reported By
Prai Hypoo PF-I b3 Albidum

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