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Peduncle Trees

These organic structures are characterised by their distinctive stalk-like limbs.

— In-Game Description

Peduncle Trees are spacefaring, plant-like organisms that produce Peduncle Pods and are found among Notable Stellar Phenomena. Different types of Peduncle Trees have varying numbers of limbs and are coloured a different shade ranging from cream to brown.


There are six known types of Peduncle Trees:

  • Albidum Peduncle Tree
  • Burrus Peduncle Tree
  • Caeruleum Peduncle Tree
  • Ostrinum Peduncle Tree
  • Rubellum Peduncle Tree
  • Viride Peduncle Tree


System Type Reported By
Prai Hypoo PF-I b3 Albidum CMDR Zenbones
Prie Aod ZS-U d2-71 Caeruleum CMDR Jedirogue
Prie Aod OA-A d77 Viride, Rubellum CMDR Jedirogue
Oob Broae OC-D d12-43 Ostrinum CMDR Jedirogue
Oob Chruia KW-E d11-35 Viride CMDR Jedirogue
Pleia Aoc BP-A d1 Albidum CMDR Disorganise
Hypao Broae MH-L d8-1 Caeruleum CMDR Chaon Sarat
Wegnoe KI-A d14-1 Viride CMDR Chaon Sarat
Dryaea Broae NQ-L c21-7 Ostrinum CMDR AaronC0314
Plooe Aoc RE-P c19-3 Rubellum CMDR Axonteer
Coetz VT-O c7-0 Caeruleum, Ostrinum, Rubellum, Viride CMDR Methan Disery