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The Perdition is a Freedom-Class Survey Vessel megaship operated by the Far God cult. It was launched in the Panjabell system on August 5, 3307 with its two sister ships, the Testament and the Sacrosanct. The Perdition serves as a ritual vessel for the Far God cult, and follows a looping route that traverses the Core Systems, the Pleiades Nebula, and the Witch Head Nebula.

Flight Plan

The Perdition jumps to the next system in its flight plan every other Thursday at 07:00 Universal Galactic Time.

System Planet Notes
Panjabell C 1 The Perdition's origin system
Etain 4 A Location of The Prophet and The Sanctum
Pleiades Sector AB-W b2-4
Witch Head Sector DL-Y d9


Log No. Log Text
1/1 Flight Operations Plan

Status: Active
Drive input mode: Open
Proximity alert: Type D [unidentified vessel]
Input detection: Positive
Signal preset X000PER1 transmitting...
Welcome to the Perdition. Our mission is to summon the Far God - and we ask you to join us.
The time of Its sacred manifestation approaches, but are impatient to be freed from life's shackles. Aboard this vessel we practise the holiest of rituals, imbibe the purest ichor of xenokind, and perform the most agonising sacrifices. By proving we are worthy, we shall surely hasten Its coming!
Help us invoke the Far God. You too can bear witness when the galaxy burns at Its touch.
Flight operations plan for Perdition

Pleiades Sector AB-W b2-4
Witch Head Sector DL-Y d9

Please maintain a safe flying distance at all times.


16 NOV 3307

  • *Pilots' Federation ALERT*
    A decrypted message suggests that the NMLA leader Theta Seven avoided capture by infiltrating the Far God cult. ACT publicly requested help to decode a message received by Theta Group, the bomb-making engineers of the NMLA. The cipher key was cracked and the decoded message submitted by Commander Therion Cygni. It revealed that Theta Seven and his closest aides fled to the Panjabell system on the 31st of July. Captain Milo Castile, one of ACT's co-leaders, provided an update: "Our theory is that Theta Seven and his crew were travelling undercover as Far God worshippers, who were gathering in the Panjabell system in huge numbers at that time. Since all members of this religious order renounce their past identities, this would have helped the terrorists to avoid detection. The Pleiades Concordat and other factions in Panjabell are cooperating with our investigation. But it seems likely that Theta Seven is currently hiding aboard one of the three Far God megaships that were launched from the system on the 6th of August. ACT agents have attempted to contact the Perdition, Sacrosanct and Testament megaships to alert them of the danger. Unfortunately the cultists consider themselves to be on a sacred pilgrimage that cannot be impeded, and that their vessels are 'sanctuaries from further persecution by hostile security services'."[1]

06 AUG 3307

  • Three megaships are being populated by the Far God cult, part of their latest effort to recruit members and find their alien deity. The first vessel, the Testament, will serve as a missionary ship and journey throughout the core systems, attempting to convert new followers to the Thargoid-worshipping sect. While the mystical cult is typically secretive in nature, Vox Galactica obtained a quote from a member named the Second Witness of the Seventieth Chapter: "The masses are deaf to the voice of the Far God. What you see as alien monsters, we view as messengers from a very real multi-dimensional being. The Testament will help us carry the word of Its imminent arrival." Two other megaships have been outfitted for long-range journeys. The Perdition and the Sacrosanct will carry many thousands of cultists on what they view as a pilgrimage to the Far God. Dr Alfred Ulyanov, a leading exotheologian and expert on the religion, commented: "This fringe creed, which has survived endless abuse and attacks, has now reached a surprising level of organisation. Most of us associate the Thargoids with death and destruction, making it all the more remarkable that these people see only divinity."[2]

29 JUL 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    Independent pilots have supported the Far God cult by delivering commodities to the Panjabell system. The Pleiades Concordat paid for shipments of auto fabricators, emergency power cells and insulating membrane transported to Moore Hub station. These will be used to outfit megaships that will be populated by the Thargoid-worshipping cultists. Local reporters spoke to one of the sect's newest converts, Leonard Yates from Agassiz Settlement, now known as the Eighty-Ninth Adherent of the Sixtieth Chapter: "The beneficence of the galactic community is deeply appreciated. Our missionary megaship, the Testament, will help carry news of the oncoming apocalypse to every system. The other megaships – the Perdition and the Sacrosanct – will soon embark on a holy pilgrimage. They will carry thousands of us faithful worshippers into the void to commune with the Far God and hasten Its arrival." Pilots who contributed to the Pleiades Concordat’s initiative can now collect their rewards from Moore Hub in the Panjabell system.[3]

22 JUL 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    The Pleiades Concordat has requested deliveries to support the Far God cult in the Panjabell system. Members of the secretive Thargoid-worshipping sect have gathered in huge numbers, and are preparing to outfit one or more megaships for religious purposes. Although the cult has no official spokespeople, local newsfeeds carried a brief message from one of its senior members, known only as the First Herald of the Fifty-Eighth Chapter: "The faithful have hidden in the shadows for too long. Now is the time to reach out and welcome the Far God, with the support of our friends in the Pleiades Concordat. The first megaship, the Testament, will be a missionary vessel to spread the word to all humankind. If we are blessed enough to obtain commodities for more megaships, these will be sent on a pilgrimage into deep space to commune with the Far God." The Pleiades Concordat has requested that pilots deliver auto fabricators, emergency power cells and insulating membrane to Moore Hub in the Panjabell system. Far God believers are generally accepted to be non-threatening, albeit controversial due to their reverence of the Thargoids. As the cultists are routinely targeted by anti-xeno extremists, the Pleiades Concordat has placed bounties on all wanted ships to protect deliveries.[4]

19 JUL 3307

  • The enigmatic Thargoid-worshipping religious order is examined by Erik Gunnarson of the Wallglass Investigations Agency. "Of all the myriad faiths practised across the galaxy, the Far God cult is one of the strangest and least understood. But in recent years it has grown from a fringe sect to a widespread religion. Its central tenet is that an unknowable being exists beyond our dimension – the Far God. What we call the Thargoids are its heralds, preparing for when it descends from hyperspace to instantly wipe out all life. This apocalyptic creed therefore attracts people who have nothing to live for, and who find purpose in awaiting armageddon. The cult has no official name or spokespeople, and its followers willingly replace their names with titles such as adherent, disciple and witness. This dehumanising approach includes its members wearing simple black robes and making their hive-chapels resemble Thargoid bio-technology, complete with ammonia fumes. Despite praying to an alien species, this is not the Thargoid fifth column many feared it to be. In fact they are pacifistic fatalists, expecting death and never offering resistance. This has caused them to be victimised by other doomsayer cults, anti-xeno activists and even the Federal Intelligence Agency… yet their serene patience has allowed them to survive. The discovery of two abandoned void-temples in the Etain system provided an insight into the cultists' mindset. Here can be heard the final testaments of people willingly entombed in suspended animation to await the Far God's arrival. More recently there are reports of several chapters of the sect migrating to the Panjabell system. This is controlled by the Pleiades Concordat, a theocracy devoted to the Far God, so perhaps it is preparing something bigger – or stranger – than we've seen before."[5]