WARNING: PLAGUE SYSTEM. The only life-bearing body has been cordoned off due to native pathogens. Any ship passing into the moon's atmosphere will be automatically designated a plague ship, refused docking in all systems and destroyed on-sight by all faction and system security forces. System trade consists of rumoured alien artefacts found in deep space, along with moderate mineral deposits in the system's inner asteroid belt.

— In-Game Description

Peregrina is a permit-locked system. The permit can be obtained by becoming Allied with the Peregrina Aristocrats minor faction in any system where it has a presence. The moon Undine, orbiting the gas giant Eurynomus, is a terraformed Earth-like world that has been classified as a prohibited plague world under international law.

System Layout

  • Peregrina
    • Peregrina A Belt
    • Peregrina 1
    • Eurynomus
    • Peregrina 3
      • Peregrina 3 A
      • Peregrina 3 B
      • Peregrina 3 C
      • Peregrina 3 D
    • Peregrina 4
      • Peregrina 4 A
      • Peregrina 4 B
      • Peregrina 4 C
      • Peregrina 4 D

Minor Factions

  • Co-Operative of Peregrina (Cooperative, Independent)
  • Independents of HIP 18843 (Democracy, Independent)
  • Peregrina Aristocrats (Feudal, Independent)
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