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Permits enable travel to permit-locked star systems. Commanders can check which permits they have in the Permits section of the Status tab on the right HUD panel.


A permit is a special access code that is downloaded to a ship's navigation computer. It allows that ship to plot and execute a hyperspace jump to the corresponding permit-locked system. Commanders who lack the appropriate permit cannot enter a permit-locked system, and are blocked from plotting a route in the Galaxy Map through that system. Furthermore, Fleet Carriers are barred from traveling to all permit-locked systems, regardless of whether the owners have the permit. Possession of a permit is granted on a permanent or temporary basis.

The Pilots Federation holds the authority to place permit restrictions on systems. It seals off systems at the request of a faction, in response to the presence of significant hazards or threats. Generally, the permit-holder faction of a restricted system decides whether to distribute their permit to the public. Permit-holder factions that allow the distribution of their permits typically set specific criteria which commanders must satisfy to earn them. Permit-locked systems may offer exclusive commodities, ship and module discounts, or simply access to unique locations.

Permit Acquisition Opportunity

Permit Acquisition Opportunity mission

In general, permits can be acquired through one of three methods:

  • Achieving the required rank in one of the professional fields tracked by the Pilots Federation, or in the Federal Navy and Imperial Navy, will unlock a permit.
  • Earning a Reputation level of Allied with the minor faction that controls the permit's distribution will cause that faction to offer an invitation mission at a station in a system in close proximity to the permit-locked system where that faction has a presence. Completing the invitation mission will unlock the permit. Most of the factions that distribute permits in this manner have a specific megaship under permanent control to ensure that pilots seeking an invitation mission have a consistent place to access it.
  • Some permits are awarded permanently or temporarily through Community Goals or participation in time-limited activities.

List of Permits[]


  • According to Drew Wagar, author of the official Elite Dangerous novels Elite: Reclamation and Elite Dangerous: Premonition, there was originally intended to be an explanation in the game's narrative for why multiple areas of the galaxy required "Unknown Permits". One such permit-locked area near Barnard's Loop was reserved for certain content that was apparently shelved or retconned out in late 2017. Subsequent narrative developments such as Aegis and Eagle Eye represented a change in direction from the original game plans.[1][2]