Elite Dangerous Wiki
Permits to these systems are controlled by the Empire or Empire-aligned minor factions.
System Permit Holder Permit Requisites Benefits and Notes Distance from Sol
Career Rank Permits
Achenar Achenar Empire League Imperial Navy Rank: Squire Capital of the Empire.
Tiana Fortune (Engineer) at Fortune's Loss.
Summerland Summerland Patron's Party Imperial Navy Rank: Baron Headquarters of private military corporation Darkwater Inc. 124.55
Facece Facece Empire Party Imperial Navy Rank: Earl Headquarters of the Imperial Navy. 131.09
Faction Reputation Permits
LTT 198 Torval Mining Ltd Permit mission offered at Orchestral Falcon in Tavgi Headquarters of mining corporation Torval Mining Ltd.
Technology Broker at Zetian's Recall offers the Modified Mining Laser.